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March 21, 2019 Off

5 Reasons Why Big Dub Is Kind Of A Big Deal

By elaija

Big Dub has always been and will always be a must-go festival for any EDM fan. The year 2019 marks a special year in the Big Dub calendar since the...


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January 14, 2019 Off

The Valentines Day Stampede

By elaija

This morning I experienced something that really made me laugh. I wouldn’t say this necessarily has to be something that has to go, but I couldn’t share it here. Valentines...


January 10, 2019 Off

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March 21, 2019 Off

5 Reasons Why Big Dub Is Kind Of A Big Deal

By elaija

Big Dub has always been and will always be a must-go festival for any EDM fan. The year 2019 marks a special year in the Big Dub calendar since the ravishing fiesta will be celebrating its first decade this time. The Big Dub 2019 is scheduled for July 24 to 28.

Hosted at the idyllic Four Quarters Farm (Pennsylvania) Big Dub explores some of the best edm songs amid a fairytale ambience- flanked by a dreamy flowing river, an awe-inspiring castle, giant mushrooms and lots of surprises. With all these, amazing music and much more, Big Dub is certainly big deal and here is a brief on the 5 reasons for it.

Stellar line-up

One of the major attractions of Big Dub is certainly its majestic roster of hot artists or performers. Much to the joy of the attendees, the festival welcomes some of the greatest artists of the world to ensure a true phenomenal experience. Artists play their best numbers over the festival weekend on 4 beautifully decorated stages. The last Big Dub had some of the amazing EDM biggies like Caspa, Modestep, Dubloadz, Kai Wachi, Dirt Monkey and so on. The 2019 line-up is yet to be announced but Big Dub team has promised an equally amazing line-up for this year as well.

Cool theme camps

Big Dub is not just about great music. In fact, it’s also about crafting an immersive experience for the whole community. And the theme camps play a huge role in bringing the attending community together through their engaging activities and interaction opportunities. These camps are usually designed around a theme and feature related props and decoration to create a visually inspiring inviting ambience. Attendees love to visit these camps where they also meet other attendees and participate in various cool activities. By getting attendees closer to one another, these camps lay the foundation of solid communal binding among the EDM fans at the festival.

Seminars & workshops

Art exhibits are common for a good lot of music festivals today. But you will rarely find a music festival that walks that extra mile to organize full seminars as well as workshops to create a truly enriching experience for the attendees. Big Dub is one such unique name. You will be able to take part in a variety of workshops here, with themes ranging from- music photography, flow arts to sustainable living.

Diverse interesting activities

As mentioned previously, Big Dub is not just about belting out some of the coolest EDM numbers. It’s also about bringing the community together and making the attendees feel special. In that light, the festival organizes some interesting events to make things more interesting for festival goers. Thus, you will be able to take part in movie nights, yoga and meditation sessions and many more.

Opportunity to be a part of the festival fam

Big Dub is bustling with a huge warm community and it’s an awesome part to be a part of it. The best part is, with Big Dub, you attend for one and you become a part of its family for lifetime.

March 12, 2019 Off

7 Tips To Litter Train A Cat

By elaija

Adopting a pet is a lot of work and especially if it’s a cat. They can be a bit moody and hard to train at times. so it is of utmost importance to start training the cats a young age so that they get used to the habit of using a litter box. Mostly when one adopts a kitten from a good source chance are there that they are already litter trained, but if not then one needs to put in a good amount of effort and patience to get them trained.

One can find several types of litter boxes in the market whether to find the best litter box for large cats or for small ones, one can easily buy online or offline. The factors that one should keep in mind while choosing a litter box are:

  • Size of the cat
  • Number of cats who will use it
  • Easy accessibility
  • Age of the cat

Training of the cats needs discipline and patience. Some of the things one need to keep in mind while litter training their cats are:

  • The cat should be old enough

The cat should be old and mobile enough to use the litter box. The kittens become mobile and start digging at the age of 4 weeks, and this is usually the right time to start litter training them.

  • The litter box should be accessible

Pets need something that they get attracted to, same as with cats and litter boxes. Whether the cat is young or old, one needs to choose a litter box which is desirable and cats usually notice litter boxes which are well lit and attractive. Also one should keep in mind that the litter box should not be placed in a busy populated part of the home neither shall it be hidden far off in a corner.

  • Choose the right box

According to the size of the cat, one should choose the size of the litter box. Having a box with high lip means the smaller cats will not be able to access it and having a small box means a full grown cat will not be able to fit in there. Choose a box that is easy to get into and easy to get out of.

  • Find the right moment

One should find the right moment when they can start training a young cat to use a litter box. Usually, kittens use the bathroom after having their meals, so one should keep in mind to place them in their litter box so that they can remember to use the litter box. Also one should be vigilant when they see their cats squatting and should place them on their litter box.

  • Teach them to use the box

Cats are instinctive to digging to when they would want to use the bathroom. This is why small when one places a kitten or a cat in their litter box one should show them by scratching at the litter. This will tell them what the litter box is for and they will eventually learn to use it.

  • Praise the cats

One should praise the cat after they have successfully used the litter box by petting them or treating them. This will help them remember the sweet praises and they will not be frightened of it. cats tend to have a good memory so if harshly talked to or punished they might refrain from even going near to the litter box.

  • Confine them if needed

Confinement is not about punishing them, but it is too teach them. Many cats may not learn quickly for that one can confine them in a large cage or room with their bed, litter box and toys so that they learn the need for each thing properly. Also one should not abandon them even during confinement as should pet and play with them to keep the encouragement high.

the most important thing at the end of the day is patience as every cat have their individual personalities and learning capabilities hence one may take more time than the other. But before litter training, a cat is sure to find the best litter box for large cats and small cats separately.

February 23, 2019 Off

Painting Trim, Windows and Doors

By elaija

General Brushwork Procedures

For painting trim work, including most doors and windows, I use a professional-quality 2 ½ inch angled sash brush. The quality of the paintbrush really determines the quality of the paint job.

When painting any trim or windows, I tend to first make a clean, straight cut-in along the edges where the trim meets flatwork with a loaded brush. Then it’s a matter of filling in the other areas of the trim with the brush. I always finish with one long stroke of the brush along the piece of trim I just painted. This will remove any brush or lap marks made when filling in.

Nylon Sash Brush

When loading the paint on your brush, try to keep the paint only about a 1 inch from the tip of the brush – you don’t want to overload it. Gently tap the brush on the inside “sides” of the can and don’t use the can’s lip to remove paint. This allows the paint to get into the bristles and prevents drips.

Paint in sections and keep the last painted area wet to prevent lap marks. Always try to paint back into the previous area/section before moving on to the next one.

Paint Trim Guard

When painting trim or baseboards, I tend to make use of a paint trim guide that can be found in most hardware and paint stores. They come in different lengths. Simply place the guard between the bottom of the baseboard and the floor surface (could be carpet). After finishing with the section, always wipe the guard off with a clean rag to prevent getting paint on the floor or carpet in the next section.

Painters Tape
Use of Masking Tape (Painter’s Tape)

“Cutting in”, simply means painting the edges of your surface up to the next adjacent flatwork or surface (i.e. trim meets wall, wall meets ceiling, etc.). When cutting into sections where the same paint won’t be continuing into the next, the use of painter’s tape is most people’s preference.

Painting Stripes

There are a few types and brands of painter’s tape on the market now-a-days. Some are intended to be used outside and have a UV protection to them. Some have less adhesion that will allow you to apply to walls, or wallpaper and can be removed easily without harming the surface.

Personally, I don’t like using painter’s tape when painting trim, except in certain situations where I might be creating stripes on walls for effects or along the top of the baseboards or chair rails to get a nice crisp edge. I put trust in a deep breath, a steady hand and of course a high quality brush.

Why? In my experience, I’ve found that some types of tape absorb some of the paint when painting trim and if not applied to the surface properly, allows the paint to seep under it and you not only end up with a crooked line, but when you try to remove the tape, you’re likely to pull off some of your new paint along with it.

If using tape, always keep a small putty knife with you. I’ve found that after applying the tape, running the putty knife along the taped edge will help make a tighter seal. Also, when you come to a corner, butt the putty knife up to the tape against the next wall/corner and rip off the tape. This creates a nice straight edge at the end of the tape line.

Painting Windows

Basically, I follow the rule of thumb when painting trim is to work horizontally first, then vertically, and to proceed from the inside toward the outside.

In the case of windows, I follow the pattern as shown in the diagrams above. Work on the vertical grills first, then move outwards and paint the sashes. Lastly, paint the outer window frame.

Don’t apply too much paint to the window frame; also open and close the window a number of times during the drying period so that it doesn’t dry shut.

To avoid getting paint on the window panes, you can mask the glass with painter’s tape or just use a razor blade scraper once the paint has dried.

Painting Doors

When painting any type of door, I always start with the edges as done when painting trim.
If the door is a different color on each side, follow this rule to determine the color of each edge: The edge that’s visible from a room should be the same color as that room.

Doors with flat surfaces (Flush Doors)

Painting Flush Doors
Flush doors are best painted with a large foam roller. Foam rollers will leave a smoother finish than a regular nylon roller.

First, remove the door handle and any locks and start with rolling the top half of the door. Dip the roller in the tray for more paint and continue to roll the bottom half of the door. Finish by rolling the full length of the door with light pressure strokes (don’t re-dip for more paint).

If needed, apply a second coat in the same manner once the first coat is dry.

Paneled Doors

Painting Paneled Doors
Start by painting at the top of the door, panels first, then rails (horizontals), and then stiles (verticals). Here, less paint is better to prevent drips; two coats lightly applied are better than one heavy coat.

Be sure to keep the paint’s leading edge wet to prevent brush marks. A final light stroke across the panel faces and along the intersections of rails and styles will remove sags and brush marks.

February 22, 2019 Off

Debt Reducing Programs

By elaija

To reduce the liabilities of those persons who put themselves under heavy load of debt there is a different kind of debt reduction programs available. These debt reduction programs are very helpful in releasing immediate mental as well as financial pressure. Another advantage of these debt reduction programs is to improve the credit ratings which eventually lead to various financial opportunities. Kinds of Debt Reduction Programs

There are different kinds of debt reduction programs are available from which thousands of common men get benefited. Those programs are offered by certified and experienced professionals. Nowadays people put tremendous stress on themselves by putting a heavy load of financial commitments each month. Due to that extra financial burden people comes under immense mental stress. Consequently, when people are unable to fulfill their financial commitments, they lower down their credit ratings.

How Consumer Choose a Debt Reduction Program?

There are different debt reduction plans are available in the market. Consumers need to evaluate those programs before going for it. Not all the programs available in the market are effective in reducing the debt.

Besides, people have a different kind of financial problems due to which it is important that one needs to investigate a few programs before finalizing a program.

The need for Debt Reducing Program

As the reliability on debt finance increased in recent years, people are more relying on credit cards and other types of credit financing such as house loan, car loan etc, and the need of debt reducing programs also increased as such. The field of debt reduction programs becomes technical and more sophisticated. The solutions become more and more creative.

How does a Debt Reducing Program help?

The basic purpose of those debt reduction programs is to provide effective solutions to reduce the debt in a way that minimum financial stress can be faced by the client. Subsequently, the mental stress reduced credit ratings also improved by the passage of time.

Those Debt reduction companies not only provide the advice to the customer but also negotiate with the creditors on behalf of their customer in order to lower the interest rates and redemption in a late fee and other charges. Keep in mind that those debt reduction programs and agencies only provide you the best way to pay your debt without any financial stress but in the end, one has to pay his debt.

Finding The Right Solution on the Internet

To find a reasonable debt reduction program, which effectively provides the solution for ever increasing debt the internet is a good option. One can search for different debt reduction programs and agencies by searching online and by carefully analyzing different programs choose the best-suited debt reduction program.

February 20, 2019 Off

Finance Management: FMS Financial Solutions

By elaija

FMS financial solutions is a leading organization which is based on the competency of staff. The company is reputable is its dealings and have been helping consumers for several years. FMS Financial Solutions have provided excellent results to consumers. FMS Financial Solutions have held this strong reputation in the financial industry since the past eighteen years.

FMS Financial Solutions provide quality service and results in loans, collections and debt acquisitions.

FMS Financial Solutions – Competent Staff

FMS financial solutions have provided help to consumers with respect to debt and its repayment. The company promises fine results. Organizations and individuals have contacted FMS financial solutions for assistance. FMS financial solutions employ the most competent staff in the finance industry. The staff is well equipped for dealing with all situations faced by consumers. Management of debt is also offered in form of debt consolidation.

Experienced Representatives – Services for Clients

All representatives of FMS financial solutions are experienced and highly professional. These company representatives are confident and act as advocates for their customer. Consumers who face any sort of financial problem may contact the organization. The customer is given several choices and all services are modified according to the needs of a consumer.

FMS Financial Solutions Motto – Help Consumers

FMS financial solutions believe in the strong company-client relationship. A strong bond between the client and the company will result in good results. Debt management can be achieved in a better way if both parties work together. FMS financial solutions claim to be the best organization for all financial management work.

Criminal Background Investigations by FMS Financial Solutions

FMS financial solutions also operate in criminal background investigations. The foundation of a strong organization lies in its employees. Before an organization hires staff, it is important that these individuals are verified.

FMS financial solutions can help consumers in making better and informed decisions while hiring staff. The company provides verification checks, education checks and history of the person.

Benefits of Background Investigation and Debt Acquisition

A criminal background investigation enables the organization to check if any staff member has a past legal record. Apart from this, debt acquisition is another field of expertise in which FMS financial solutions operate. The company purchases the debt on the consumer. In this way, the further loan can be taken to finance a commercial venture. Consumers can keep confidence and work with dedication.

Services Offered by FMS Financial Solutions

With FMS financial solutions, all consumers are assured of the best customer care service. Statistics and information are kept secure by the company. All accounts are highly protected and safeguarded. Consumers also have the ability to modify their personal profiles so the company can keep in touch. The organization also offers online repayment options. FMS financial solutions is an organization which is keen to help consumers with all effort.

February 19, 2019 Off

Understanding Your Credit Score

By elaija

The cost of living has gone up and individuals have to rely upon debts and loans. These loans are provided by lending companies on certain terms and condition and the basic criteria remain the credit history as shown by the credit scores.

Credit Score

A credit score is the translation of a person’s assets and financial status into figures. This is used by the lending agencies to gauge as to whether a person is sound to pay the loan or not. The better the credit score, the better are the chances of qualifying for a loan. In addition, better credit scores mean a lesser rate of interest. However, a number of companies have come up that offer loans to the bad credit buyers but it is on tougher terms.

Difference In Credit Scores

The most common incident in managing your credit scores is that there is a difference in data between various lending companies.

One company may be showing you a person with sound credit history and financial stability, while the other may be ranking you in the bad credit buyers. This especially happens when one is applying for bad credit car loans. The problem may be caused by a number of reasons.

Causes Of Different Credit Scores

The credit score is maintained by the Fair Issac & Company commonly called FICO and their manager of operations also accepts that the difference in credit scores is a common happening. It may be caused by a number of factors but it can be averted easily. The biggest reason for this disparity remains the incomplete data with any organization. Few of the other significant reasons are:-

1. The tradeline that is notified to one of the bureaus is not in the knowledge of the other and hence they have not updated their data.

2. The outstanding balance against any of the tradelines may not be correctly noted by the bureaus and hence they may be showing incorrect scores.

3. The delinquency status may not be correctly reported to all the bureaus and hence the credit score will be different from bureau to bureau.

4. The lenders do report the data to all three bureaus but it may be done at different times. Hence the data is not updated at all levels simultaneously.

Correcting Your Credit Scores

As the difference in credit scores mostly arises because of the difference in data between the bureaus, the lenders must try to report the data to the bureaus timely. The buyers should ensure that all their particulars are correctly entered and should keep a track of their financial standing as maintained by the bureau.

February 14, 2019 Off

Can a Candida Yeast Infection Be Serious?

By elaija

For the most part, a Candida yeast infection is not a serious condition. Is it bothersome and annoying? Yes! Is it irritating and painful Yes! But it is not usually very serious.

The Candida organisms are always present on our skin and all over our bodies. They are there to help fight infections and keep us healthy. Occasionally due to some other interference are they weakened and become outnumbered by bad bacteria which end up causing us to have a Candida yeast infection. Curing it then is simply a matter of reestablishing the good bacteria count. This is normally quite easily done by using a natural yeast control treatment or an over the counter medication or cream from the drug store.

There are some instances, however, when a Candida yeast infection can become a more serious condition. If left untreated, the Candida infection can spread to other organs such as the liver or spleen. This is a very rare occurrence and usually only happens to people who already have a very compromised immune system.

Some example might be people who have Aids or those who are undergoing cancer treatments since these medications and treatments destroy much of the good bacteria in our systems. Those who fall into this category are most likely already under the care of a doctor, and in a lot of cases are hospitalized as well so they are being monitored constantly for complications of this sort.

For most of us, Candida infections are simply irritating and disruptive to daily living. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water and staying in a positive frame of mind are preventative ways to prevent a Candida yeast infection from taking hold.

February 3, 2019 Off

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Another Form of Breast Cancer

By elaija

Here is some news that might surprise you. You don’t have to have a lump in your breast to have breast cancer! Inflammatory breast cancer is another form of breast cancer and one that we rarely hear about. This form of cancer is not a confined, solid tumor and can be found throughout the breast with no mass or tumor as a symptom. If a woman is diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, it is assumed the lymph nodes are involved.

Inflammatory breast cancer is detected by comparing current mammograms with those that were taken previously. If there is an increased density found, a biopsy should be performed. A breast cancer specialist should be seen to decide when a biopsy should be performed and to read the results. Inflammatory breast cancer strikes women earlier than breast cancers that feature lumps. The average diagnosis is 52 and the average age of diagnosis of breast cancer is 62.

Many women have their first symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer when they are pregnant. It is thought that pregnancy reduces the risks of breast cancer and young women have their cancer spread before it is diagnosed.

Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer include itching, swelling, color change in the breast; thickened skin, nipple discharge, and the breast may be warm to the touch. Another revealing sign would be if the breast suddenly swells and increases in cup size in just a few days. Pain is also a symptom and can range from a constant ache to stabbing pains in the breast. Discoloration of the nipple and a discharge, sometimes bloody, are also warning signs of this cancer.

This disease has been documented in men and young women as young as 12 who hadn’t started the menstrual cycle. Diagnoses have been made during pregnancy or when a woman is nursing. Special cases have been found in families and one special circumstance when three co-workers were diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer within ten months.

This disease can often be misdiagnosed. It has been diagnosed as shingles, spider bites, a reaction to detergent, and an allergic reaction to food. It is sometimes not diagnosed properly because the doctors are concentrating on looking for lumps. They also may not diagnose the disease because of the age or the gender of the patient showing symptoms. You do not have to have a lump to be diagnosed with breast cancer! You may have to be persistent before health care professionals will take a hard look at what you are describing to them. It is your breast health if you are experiencing persistent pain, or other signs of inflammatory breast cancer, be persistent until you find a doctor that will take the proper steps to diagnose breast cancer.

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to bring a new awareness to the public. This little-known disease is a killer but can be battled if caught early. The toll-free number for this corporation is (1-888-786-7422.)

February 1, 2019 Off

Belly Fat Diet: Surprising Facts About “Health Food” and Targeting Belly Fat

By elaija

So you want to target the extra pounds around your stomach with a specific belly fat diet? While you cannot target fat in certain areas of your body – you must lose fat all over – there are some things you can do to start melting those pounds away.

If you’ve read my other articles on this site, then you understand that “diets” and “dieting” as we know them do NOT work. Therefore, when I refer to the word “diet” on this site unless otherwise noted, I am referring to the foods that we eat on an everyday basis. Now that we’ve got that established, let’s dive into a belly fat diet that will help you lose pounds all over and create a healthier, happier you.

First, let’s discuss a couple of health foods, that while still very much nutritious, are likely causing you to GAIN weight instead. You may be surprised.


You may have heard that whole grains make up part of an impressive list of fat burning foods. This is correct. While most of us think of whole wheat bread and pasta when we imagine whole grained foods, wheat can actually work against fat loss efforts. A large percentage of the population has some degree of intolerance to the gluten in wheat. As a matter of fact, many are allergic to wheat and some other whole grains and don’t even know it. Those with celiac disease are the most sensitive to gluten.

In reality, wheat was introduced to the human diet only around 2,000 years ago, and our digestive systems have never really adapted to consuming large amounts of this food. Especially the large quantities we started consuming over the last 100 years. Considering that the human digestive system developed over several hundred thousands of years eating only meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts, we’ve introduced a foreign substance in record quantities over a very short period of time.

Mike Geary, a certified nutrition specialist and founder of the extremely popular and successful “Truth About Abs” program, has found that many of his clients who refrain from eating wheat start to see a “huge” difference in the speed of their weight loss in just a short 2-3 weeks time. In addition, many of these same clients also got rid of headaches and indigestion – and even some skin problems – that have plagued them for years. You can read more of Mike’s safe and effective belly fat diet secrets by clicking here.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice is making us fat. While still somewhat nutritious, all those glasses of orange, grape and apple juice are packing on pounds and escalating dangerous belly fat. But let me make one thing clear. Fruit is 100% healthy and beneficial as part of an effective belly fat diet and doesn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. However, fruit has always been meant to be consumed as a whole – pulp, juice and all. When you remove just the high-calorie, sugary juice and toss the rest, then all you get is lots of calories and none of the appetite suppressing goodness of the fruit’s fiber. Therefore, you just end up craving more carbs. In addition, the fiber in the fruit body not only helps keep your blood sugar in check, but it also contains most of the fruit’s vitamins and minerals.

Foods you can eat for the best belly fat diet

In my “foods that burn fat” and “fat burning food” articles, you can read in more depth how foods like skim milk, citrus, beans and more can be used as tools in your weight loss efforts. But, here’s a gem that I don’t mention on those pages – whey protein. The amino acids it contains help burn fat and build muscle. And replacing fat with muscle is your ticket to losing those unwanted pounds.

Also, spice up your meals with the little cheese that could. Sprinkle on an ounce of fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which is rich in calcium and has been shown to activate fat burning hormones. This low-cal cheese also has the highest protein content of any dairy product.

An effective belly fat diet is as much about what you should not eat as what you should. Since belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat, it makes sense that you work to get rid of it now. Click here to read our other tips on how to get a flat belly.

January 19, 2019 Off

Waiting on Good Weather to Wash Vehicles

By elaija

Waiting on Good Weather to Wash Vehicles
Apr 25th, 2007 by What’s Gotta Go

I enjoy a clean vehicle. I actually even enjoy cleaning my car for the most part because I find the time I spend cleaning is a step outside of my normal day and even someone therapeutic. There is something refreshing about completing the task and having that shiny, clean auto in front of you.

During non-summer months, though, I hate cleaning my car or truck just to have it rain the next day. There seems to be some correlation between me cleaning my car and unexpected shifts in weather patterns. I wash it rains, I don’t wash and it just stays dirty and the sun shins on. What gives? So as a result, I often have a dirty vehicle much more than I would like during these times of the year.

I guess it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but having a dirty vehicle really does bother me. I know, you may be thinking that having it rain on a clean car can’t be that bad. Well, it is. With the amount of pollution going up in the air these days when it does rain, it’s like someone threw a bucket of dirty water onto my car with all the residue that gets left behind. I could go through the $6 car washes around here or pay $4 with a gas fill up, but I hate doing that too. Money wasted and all.

So what do I do? I whine about it and just wait for sunny weather! There, I feel much better now.