What Are Some Good Spring Break Ideas?

What Are Some Good Spring Break Ideas?

February 12, 2019 Off By elaija

With the many stresses of college, spring break is a great opportunity for college students to relax and rejuvenate. Finding the right destination for your spring break can be overwhelming because so many choices are available.

Daytona Beach, Florida
Daytona Beach, Florida, has been the epicenter of spring break for years. If you are looking for a spring break vacation filled with beaches and parties, Daytona is the right destination for you. Daytona Beach offers miles of sunny beaches, plenty of bars and clubs, and cheap hotel rooms. One of the most unusual aspects of Daytona Beach is that you can drive your car on the beach. Plus, Daytona Beach is only an hour’s drive from Disney World.

San Francisco, California
San Francisco is a beautiful spring break destination. Situated in northern California, San Francisco is filled with culture and museums that can make your spring break more intellectually stimulating than the typical spring break destination. However, San Francisco also has a vibrant club and bar scene that will allow you to let loose on your vacation. San Francisco also has a wonderful boutique and high-end retail stores in many areas, so if you want to shop during your vacation, this city would be ideal.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Spring break visitors will love partying in Las Vegas because it has so much to offer. Las Vegas is home to hot clubs such as the Ghost Bar. Vegas also has amusement parks, shows, and couture shopping venues. And let’s not forget what Vegas is most famous for–casinos. With the nonstop action of Vegas, you will not be bored on your spring break.

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans is a beautiful city that has plenty to offer every type of traveler. Bar lovers will love visiting all of the famous restaurants and bars on Bourbon Street. History lovers will enjoy the rich culture of New Orleans. Also if you’d like to do some good on vacation, you can volunteer to help the many people still affected by Hurricane Katrina by building homes. Jazz music and great food only add to the many reasons why New Orleans is a great spring break destination.

Washington, D.C.
For a milder spring break, consider heading to our nation’s capital. Washington, D.C., is a city filled with history. Spending your spring break walking in the steps of our founding fathers can be rewarding. There are literally thousands of museums and monuments to suit everyone’s interests in Washington. Washington also has a lively nightlife with great restaurants and clubs.

Cancun, Mexico
Traveling outside the United States to Cancun, Mexico, is one of the hottest spring break trends. Cancun is always warm and beautiful, making it a perfect spring break location. Since the legal drinking age in Mexico is 18, Cancun is perfect for college students who want to party but can’t drink in the United States. Cancun caters to spring breakers, offering many clubs and excursions just for college students. The city also has a variety of beachfront hotels at affordable prices.