5 Predictions For The Cannabis Industry In 2019

5 Predictions For The Cannabis Industry In 2019

May 11, 2019 Off By George

Cannabis industry is one of the most controversial businesses across the globe. With a lot of arguments and debates about its legalization, cannabis industry getting on trends is not easy. In spite of these issues, according to expert predictions, the cannabis industry has a bright future. Spending on legal cannabis is expected to reach 57 billion dollars in the year 2017. Hence, the cannabis industry is booming and is expected to continuously rise above other industries. Here are some of the predictions for the cannabis industry in 2019.

Higher revenue, more job opportunities

Experts are not certain how much this industry will be making in the next few years. But one thing is for sure, it will be tremendous. Some studies believe that legal cannabis sales will grow to more than 27 percent every year through 2022. This will result in more than 22 billion dollars in figures which is estimated to be four times the sales from the year 2017.

Inclusion in Education

Because of the illegal status of cannabis, further studies about cannabis and everything that is related to it have been slowly moving for years. But since some states in the US and other countries started to accept and legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, the road for educating people about this substance has been opened and introduced in some educational institutions.

Partnership with other industries

Some studies claim that cannabis has a lot of health benefits to the human body- mentally and physically. With this it is predicted that cannabis will spread to other industries such as breweries and vegetable growers. CBD oil has been considered by some corporations to be incorporated with their products. These companies believe that adding CBD oil will increase their sales as a lot of people believe that cannabis is helpful in preventing some diseases such as cancer, chronic pain and depression.

Alcohol replacement

Some people believe that alcohol will be replaced by cannabis in the future. The legalization of cannabis in some states in the United States has made this claim slightly true.

Total legalization

With numerous benefits of cannabis to the human health, effective medicine in fighting diseases and depression, it is not impossible for marijuana to be legalized in the planet. Some parts of the world have started this change already and it is not too far that sooner or later marijuana will be totally legalized. In addition, studies show that legalizing marijuana could create tremendous opportunities in the industry, more investment will be utilized, more infrastructures will be created and greater revenue will be gained resulting from a better and stable economy.

Cannabis is a complex matter to discuss. Talking about this topic will definitely bring us to complex scenarios and arguments. But there is only one sure thing, if the legalization of marijuana has been implemented across the globe, the rise of its industry will be unstoppable. If you would like to know more about cannabis, visit Https://Thecannabisradar.com