7 Tips To Litter Train A Cat

7 Tips To Litter Train A Cat

March 12, 2019 Off By George

Adopting a pet is a lot of work and especially if it’s a cat. They can be a bit moody and hard to train at times. so it is of utmost importance to start training the cats a young age so that they get used to the habit of using a litter box. Mostly when one adopts a kitten from a good source chance are there that they are already litter trained, but if not then one needs to put in a good amount of effort and patience to get them trained.

One can find several types of litter boxes in the market whether to find the best litter box for large cats or for small ones, one can easily buy online or offline. The factors that one should keep in mind while choosing a litter box are:

  • Size of the cat
  • Number of cats who will use it
  • Easy accessibility
  • Age of the cat

Training of the cats needs discipline and patience. Some of the things one need to keep in mind while litter training their cats are:

  • The cat should be old enough

The cat should be old and mobile enough to use the litter box. The kittens become mobile and start digging at the age of 4 weeks, and this is usually the right time to start litter training them.

  • The litter box should be accessible

Pets need something that they get attracted to, same as with cats and litter boxes. Whether the cat is young or old, one needs to choose a litter box which is desirable and cats usually notice litter boxes which are well lit and attractive. Also one should keep in mind that the litter box should not be placed in a busy populated part of the home neither shall it be hidden far off in a corner.

  • Choose the right box

According to the size of the cat, one should choose the size of the litter box. Having a box with high lip means the smaller cats will not be able to access it and having a small box means a full grown cat will not be able to fit in there. Choose a box that is easy to get into and easy to get out of.

  • Find the right moment

One should find the right moment when they can start training a young cat to use a litter box. Usually, kittens use the bathroom after having their meals, so one should keep in mind to place them in their litter box so that they can remember to use the litter box. Also one should be vigilant when they see their cats squatting and should place them on their litter box.

  • Teach them to use the box

Cats are instinctive to digging to when they would want to use the bathroom. This is why small when one places a kitten or a cat in their litter box one should show them by scratching at the litter. This will tell them what the litter box is for and they will eventually learn to use it.

  • Praise the cats

One should praise the cat after they have successfully used the litter box by petting them or treating them. This will help them remember the sweet praises and they will not be frightened of it. cats tend to have a good memory so if harshly talked to or punished they might refrain from even going near to the litter box.

  • Confine them if needed

Confinement is not about punishing them, but it is too teach them. Many cats may not learn quickly for that one can confine them in a large cage or room with their bed, litter box and toys so that they learn the need for each thing properly. Also one should not abandon them even during confinement as should pet and play with them to keep the encouragement high.

the most important thing at the end of the day is patience as every cat have their individual personalities and learning capabilities hence one may take more time than the other. But before litter training, a cat is sure to find the best litter box for large cats and small cats separately.