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December 4, 2020 Off

Plastic Surgery – A Boon For Human Life

By George

Plastic surgery is a wonder of modern medicine. It is an umbrella term for a host of procedures that involve altering the appearance of one or more body parts. There...


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January 14, 2019 Off

The Valentines Day Stampede

By George

This morning I experienced something that really made me laugh. I wouldn’t say this necessarily has to be something that has to go, but I couldn’t share it here. Valentines...


January 10, 2019 Off


Plastic Surgery – A Boon For Human Life

Plastic surgery is a wonder of modern medicine. It is an umbrella term for a host of procedures that involve altering the appearance of one or more body parts. There is a general perception that the only reason to go for plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery is to ‘attain a better look.’ But the benefits of plastic surgery spread far beyond that.

A reconstructive procedure has the power to restore lost hope in some patients. It ensures good health. Here, health does not only refer to physical well-being. Plastic surgeons will agree that a reconstructive procedure has the power to bring back mental and emotional well-being, which is missing in most patients’ lives.

The top benefits

Discussed below are some of the valuable benefits of plastic surgery or a reconstructive procedure.

  • A boost in self-confidence

It is no secret that when you look good, you feel good. A reconstructive procedure with the right results works wonders for some people in terms of self-esteem. It gives them the confidence needed to try things that they were previously hesitant about – participate/open up in social spaces, try new styles of clothes, and so on.

For patients who were victims of acid attacks or fire accidents, plastic surgery provides a major boost of confidence. For other patients, it is quite surprising how looks are sometimes the only thing that holds them back from engaging in some activities that they are passionate about. It is equally surprising how a minor reconstructive procedure can go a long way to restore confidence.

  • Long-lasting results

In most cases, one can achieve long-lasting results from plastic surgery. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the old looks reappearing after a short period. Patients of reconstructive procedures must keep in mind that they have to put in some effort/make changes in their lifestyle to maintain the look obtained post-surgery.

The surgeon will give a few guidelines on practices to include and those to avoid. As long as the patient’s life is in tune with the guidelines, the new look will not fade away soon.

  • Psychological benefit

Several mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression, stem from a person’s looks or the way people react to it. A plastic surgery that changes a patient’s look enhances their mental well-being too.

Mental health is more than just feeling confident about one’s looks. When a reconstructive procedure produces the desired result, it makes the patient feel a lot better about themselves. They accept their body and attain a higher level of mental well-being.

  • Physical health benefits

Apart from mental and psychological benefits, certain procedures are good for one’s body’s physical well-being. For instance, consider rhinoplasty. It is a procedure that reshapes the nose. People who have certain defects, congestion in breathing, etc.… can have improved breathing after the procedure.

Another example is breast reduction surgery. It is a boon for women who have disproportionately large breasts. Large breasts can cause neck and back pains. With breast reduction surgery, those pains can be considerably reduced.

A word of caution

While plastic surgery has varied benefits, it is not something that one can jump right into. Just like any other medical procedure, there are some factors to consider.

Before going for the surgery, the potential patient must carefully select the hospital/surgeon that will be visiting. Today, all top practitioners/clinics have a wide online presence. So before visiting a hospital, one can visit the website and check the surgeons’ quality in the plastic surgery department.

Verified testimonials, the surgeon’s ratings, and reviews are a few things that can reveal the surgeon’s competence.

Potential risks

Like all other medical procedures, plastic surgeries are not devoid of risks. Procedures that alter the body’s appearance are generally expensive and may or may not be covered by insurance. Also, they carry the risk of not turning out as expected. In most cases, the looks are not reversible. Or it may be risky to try the procedure again. Therefore, one must carefully consider the hospital and the surgeon for the desired procedure.

The doctor will also evaluate the individual’s body and declare whether he or she is fit for the procedure. It is better to cooperate with the doctor’s decision instead of getting the procedure done by hook or crook.

Eliminate the risk

The risks discussed above can be eliminated to a great extent by selecting the right doctor. An experienced team of surgeons will rarely go wrong with procedures. They are highly skilled and know that they need to deal with the procedure delicately.

In reconstructive surgeries, it is better not to compromise on the cost. As it is a procedure with visible, long-lasting effects, trying to get it done at the cheapest cost available may not be the best idea.

How To Make CBD Oil At Home

CBD oil or Cannabidiol has joined the ranks of naturally derived substances which are helping the masses with its inherent therapeutic and medicinal qualities. The world is waking up to its uses in the medical field for being an anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, analgesic and even for managing neurodegenerative disorders plus diseases like diabetes.

Homemade CBD Oil Health Benefits:

Many studies have been made on the benefits of CBD oil on the human body. This can be used orally as tinctures, as food additives (to make it easier to ingest) or even on the skin. Depending on your requirements, the uses are varied and can always be customized. Homemade CBD is as good as the store-bought ones, it is only a matter of preparation.

If we look at the medicinal benefits, the list is extensive. Let’s look at a few:

  • Relief from Anxiety: Anxiety issues have become more and more prevalent with each passing year across the globe. While proper medications have been a respite, a lot of people search for more natural remedies. According to a WHO report CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety.
  • Pain Relief: CBD oil provides an “analgesic effect in patients with neuropathic pain resistance to other treatments”
  • Cardiovascular diseases: Improves cardiovascular health thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Inflammatory diseases (including acne): It inhibits inflammatory cytokines and pathways. Additionally, its overall inflammation reduction properties also help in acne management.
  • Cancer: CBD oil has “antiproliferative and anti-invasive actions in a large range of cancer types and induction of autophagy-mediated cancer cell death and has chemo preventive effects”. While the research is in early stages, it is a promising prospect for the countless cancer patients across the globe.
  • Multiple sclerosis: CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties can help in multiple sclerosis too.
  • Epilepsy: The clinical uses of CBD, according to researchers have been most advanced in epilepsy treatments. In clinical trials, CBD has performed as an effective treatment for some forms of epilepsy, with “one pure CBD product (Epidiolex®) currently in Phase III trials”.
  • Opposing a popular misconception, CBD is now also being looked into as a possible way to treat drug addiction. A few preclinical studies have been suggesting that CBD may have therapeutic properties on opioid, cocaine, and psychostimulant addiction. Likewise, the preliminary data also suggests that it may be beneficial in cannabis and tobacco addiction in humans.

CBD preparation at home

Ingredients to be used:

  • Carrier Oil of your choice (you can explore from the options we have discussed above. Coconut oil and Olive oil are some of the better-loved carrier oils for CBD)
  • Hemp flower/Cannabis
  • Double boiler
  • Cheesecloth
  • Utensils (non-reactive)

Decarboxylation Process:

The CBD present in the cannabis plant is present as acid precursors called Cannabidiolic Acid, CBDA or acidic CBDA. This is an inactive component and needs to be activated to get its benefits. That’s where the decarboxylation process comes in. Through it, we can transform the CBDA in raw cannabis to CBD which is our core component. The decarboxylation process can take place in cannabinoids when exposed to light or heat.

Unlike the professional extraction lab process, when extracting at home the decarboxylation can be done very simply. Ensure that your herbs are ground up finely before you start de-carbing as it gives better extraction.

Heat an oven at 220-225 degrees Fahrenheit, put your herbs on a cookie sheet and ‘cook’ it for about 60 minutes. Remove the sheet from the oven once the timer is done and let it cool.

Extraction Process:

The extraction process requires concentration and the best of ingredients so one must be careful with both. Once the decarboxylation process is done put your choice of carrier oil (we suggest coconut/MCT or olive) with the flowers on top of a double boiler.

A double boiler process is a cooking technique that uses controlled heat to melt ingredients without the fear of burning it. While it sounds complex, one can easily make a double boiler for oneself using the utensils at home. You need two boiling pots (preferably glass or pyrex), a larger one for water and a smaller one for the ingredients. The mixing bowl and the saucepan should fit tightly together without any gaps in between. Then add water to the pan and bring it to a simmer. Place the bowl on top and fill it with the de-carbed flower and the carrier oil. Keep the heat low.

Give it about 2 to 3 hours for the CBD to completely dissolve in the carrier oil. Make sure you measure the amount of the carrier oil depending on the potency you require. When the oil is completely mixed and the color turns an earthy brown-green, your oil is ready.

Once the mixture is done pour it through the cheesecloth that will help strain the pure extract of CBD. Store the extracted oil in a glass jar/bottle and keep it in a cool dry place. Keep it away from the sun and light sources.

While this is a more generalized extraction process, there are more focused ways to get it done. On an industrial level CBD extraction can be done in various manners, some of which are Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction, Steam Distillation, Solvent Extraction (using hydrocarbons and natural solvents), Winterization and Water Extraction. However, when it comes to making CBD oil at home, there are two primary methods and you can choose either depending on your comfort.

With CBD oil extraction, it’s important to use only the best quality strain if you want an end product that delivers. While extracting at home, it is not possible to remove other cannabinoids like THC from the end result. A flower containing high amounts of THC will produce an oil high in THC content. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of the 110-113 cannabinoids found in cannabis. THC has psychoactive properties and is responsible for the ‘high’ which some users of cannabis seek. However, this is not our requirement in medicinal/therapeutic essence thus it would be better for you to invest in good quality cannabinoid content from the start.

Oil Method:

Get a high-quality strain of cannabis.

Use the decarboxylation process as explained above on the plant. Bake the plant extracts at 220°F for around 100 minutes. This will activate the inactive components of the raw ingredients.

Take a mason jar and put the ground-up plant (which is to be done once the baking is over and the extracts are cooled off) along with your choice of carrier oil in it. Adjust the quantity of oil according to your requirement as that would decide the potency of the CBD oil. Let it saturate.

Once the saturation is done the mixture is to be boiled. To do so, shut the mason jar lid tightly so that no steam or water is able to enter and spoil the oil mixture inside.

Take a saucepan and place a towel at its bottom. Put the mason jar on top and fill the pan with water. Heat it to at least 200°F. Keep checking the pot to ensure the water doesn’t evaporate completely. Take the mixture off the heat after three hours and let it rest for another three.

Re-heat the oil mixture for three hours, take it off the heat and then leave it standing for the night.

Strain the oil mix through a cheesecloth the next morning and store the end product in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Alcohol Method:

Also known as the ethanol method, it is quite popular as one of the easier methods known for CBD oil extraction. It is also beginner-friendly as this does not require any special skills or equipment. Additionally, alcohol does not impart any extra flavor or smell to the final product.

Place the plant extracts in a glass or ceramic bowl. Cover the ingredients with alcohol and stir for 6 minutes.

After 6 minutes use a wooden spoon to extract the resin produced at the end of the process.

Take a bowl and use a sieve or a straining bag to filter out the product squeezing out as much as possible. Repeat until all of the oil is extracted from the plant extracts.

Pour the extracted oil in a double boiler and heat it until bubbles start forming. Double boilers are used for controlled heat and that is the purpose here as we want to evaporate the alcohol without raising the mixture’s temperature. This should be done in about half an hour on a very low flame. Once the alcohol has evaporated take the mix off the flame.

Once the oil has cooled down transfer it into a storage bottle and keep it in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Whether you mix it in your creams and gels, take it orally as capsules or apply it on your skin, CBD has found its way in our lives and we are all the better for it. While its preparation is easy enough, be cautious in its use. Consult a doctor before starting with CBD in your daily life in any form. Understand your condition and its requirements, and only then decide what form of CBD will best suit you. Like all things, this also comes with its bags of caution and its advised that we pay attention to it. The therapeutic potential in CBD oils is vast, and the field is being played well by medical professionals. After all, when it comes to better medicines the world could use all the help it can get!

Learn Few Pros and Cons of Vaping

There are lots of discussion and debates going on regarding vaping and many mix opinions have surfaced online. There are blogs that confirm multiple health benefits of vaping, while other sites report that vaping is quite dangerous for your health. All these things make it quite confusing for the people who are planning to start vaping and withdraw cigarette smoking. To avoid such confusion here is the list of pros and cons of vaping which is worth considering, especially if you want to know more about this habit and want to Buy the Best Tobacco E-Liquid for vaping.      

Pros of Vaping

  • Safe Than Smoking

There are many reputed organizations that are promoting vaping as it is believed that vaping is 95% safe than cigarette smoking. There is no tar, combustion or ash associated with vaping and switching to vaping from smoking can give the users with multiple health benefits. 

  • No Toxic Odor

The biggest benefit of vaping is that you and the environment around you won’t get polluted by the smell of smoke. Vaping has different aroma from flavours you vape and it is released in the air, but not in the form of smoke like dead tobacco leaves. 

  • Controls Nicotine Intake

Another benefit of vaping is that it gives you complete control over your nicotine doses. The E-Liquid juice used for vaping comes in varied strengths ranging from high-strength nicotine to nicotine free liquid. You can choose from different strengths depending upon your vaping needs. 

Cons of Vaping

  • Treated as Smoking

Vaping looks just similar to cigarette smoking as both offers nicotine doses in varying strengths. But, smoking is more dangerous than vaping as proved in the research. With vaping you only use the second hand vapour which is non-toxic in nature.

  • FDA Regulations and Rules

FDA has imposed a regulatory authority over cigarette and the tobacco product in 2009 Tobacco Control Act. Based on the new law, vaping and vaping products have been deemed in many states, regardless of the actual content of vaping. The Deeming Rule allows the agency to approve to disapprove the products that can be sold to people. 

  • Stigma of Nicotine

Nicotine is very light in weight as drugs go. It is the moderate stimulant that relaxes the users paradoxically. Because of its dangerous delivery mechanism it has been deemed and banned in many states. But, many people are still unaware about the facts about nicotine and it is advisable that you equip yourself with truth before vaping.               

Final Thought

Now as you have the better understanding about pros and cons of vaping, you can easily make the decision and Buy the Best Tobacco E-Liquid online. Vaping has its own pros and cons, but it is still considered as the best alternative to smoking. Vaping is the best way to combat against the cravings for cigarette, but again the selection must be done carefully after evaluating the pros and cons and learning the truth about smoking and vaping properly.   

Increase Your Chance to Catch the Rare Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Pokemon is the unique Pokemon in the game with alternative, rare colouration. It is like the other Pokemon in the game, but comes with different colour scheme. T has more subtle colour changes with slightly lighter blue scheme, while some of the Pokemon have stark differences. The usually chance of catching these unique and shiny Pokemon in the game is 1/4096 and this means that they are super rare in the game. But, there are some ways to increase your chance to catch these shiny Pokemon and Super Shiny Pokemon in the Sword and Shield. 

Encounter Streak

If you have already played the game like Ley’s Go Eevee or Let’s Go Pikachu, you might know about the catch combos. It means that you have to fight with the same Pokemon repeatedly without fighting others. Every time you catch the same Pokemon, your chance of catching the shiny Pokemon increases. If you catch the same Pokemon for 25 times in a row, you have the better chance to find the shiny Pokemon from 1/4096 to 1/2048. But the percentage is not likely to increase more than 25 chain encounter. When you collect higher encounter streak for the same Pokemon, the shiny creature is likely to pop-up and this will help you to find the shiny Pokemon easily.

So, you need to focus on catching the same Pokemon for 25 times in a row to increase your chance to find the shiny Pokemon. The method is time consuming, but the end results are fun filled. 

Total Pokemon Fought 

Another effective method to heighten your chance of catching shiny Pokemon is by battling with Pokemon several times during the game. You can check the stats to know how many times you have fought for a specific Pokemon and stats are available in Pokedex. Doing do can increase your chance to find shiny Pokemon. But, you need to fight with the same Pokemon for 500 times in total. It will increase your chance of finding the shiny creature by 500 times. But you need to be the serious shiny hunter in the game. It may take lots of time to show results, but you will surely find the shiny creature after using this method. 

Get the Shiny Charm

If you are serious about getting the shiny Pokemon, then you need to get the shiny charm. It is a kind of reward that you get when you complete the Galar region Pokedex. You have to trade Pokemon with friends and other gamers online to get the exclusive version of Pokemon which you won’t find with the game. 

Once you successful gathered all 400 Pokemon, you need to travel to Circhester and get to the first hotel you see. Take the elevator to reach top floor and hen head to the room that is located in the left of the hotel building. Enter the room and talk to doctor and he will help you get the Shiny Charm. It will increase your chance of getting Shiny Pokemon to 1/1365. 

Combining Everything

The ultimate way to get shiny Pokemon is to combining everything mentioned above. Capture about 500+ Pokemon throughout the game, catch exclusive Pokemon 25+ times in a row and have the shiny charm to increase your chance of finding shiny Pokemon. If you try out all these methods you are guaranteed to find the shiny Pokemon right away. If you manage to get the shiny charm right away, it will heighten your chance to find the shiny creature easily. For more guide and help to catch the shiny creature refer the website It shares some more details regarding the methods of catching shiny Pokemon in the game.                

Change Your Life – Self Improvement Towards Success

There will be times in our lives when we want to change life. We will feel like we are not in the right place, we are not with the right people, we’re doing the job that seems not to be for us and living the life where we’re not really happy. Change is the only thing that could help us in that kind of situation. However, change is not something that you wait overnight. It is something that you really work hard on. You need to be persevered and you need to be fully dedicated to achieve change. 

Self-improvement is certainly one of the best ways to change your life. If you change yourself to become a better version, the tendency is, all things will follow to become better as well. But how will you do it? How can you improve yourself? There are several ways on how to change and it will all begin within yourself. You have to start with having a positive outlook in life instead of the negative one. The foundation of self-improvement is your mind. If you have a clear goal towards development, then everything will be clear, and it will be easier for you to improve yourself. Next step is to take good care of your health. You wouldn’t be able to improve yourself and achieve your goals if you have a weak body. Thus, it is very crucial to have a healthy lifestyle.

It is also important to educate yourself with some tips on how to further develop oneself. There are lots of platform you can use to make it possible. You can learn from Andy Frisella and other coaches. This will give you an idea on how you can effectively and successfully unlock the power of self improvement.

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs May Not be for You

More and more people are becoming aware and afflicted with erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s a condition that affects millions of males not only in the United States, but worldwide. With the help of medical technology, there is a spark of hope in overcoming impotence.

But keep in mind that proper knowledge of any treatment is needed before administration. We live in a world where medical myths affect our outlook on treatments. Because of that, many myths on ED drugs are believed by the general public. If you are one of those believers, then ED drugs may not be right for you.

Commercial ED drugs such as sildenafil citrate (Viagra), vardenafil hydrocholride (Levitra), and tadalafil (Cialis) have been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are widely available today. Other oral drugs like testosterone pills, yohimbine hydrochloride, trazodone, and dopamine and serotonin agonists have also been proven to be effective against ED. The ingredients of the hyper male force pills are clinically tested through the experts. The heath experts will examine the pills before offering to the common man. The results should be excellent in performing sexual intercourse with the partner. The stamina of men will boost with the intake of medicine. 

Injected drugs are also available as options, such as papaverine hydrochloride, phentolamine, and alprostadil. Alprostadil pellets are inserted into the urethra with a special applicator. These drugs work the same way as the oral drugs, by dilating the blood vessels in the penis and increasing blood flow for an erection.

The effectiveness of these drugs, however, is coupled with side effects and incompatibilities with other patients. Moreover, misinformation on these medications can lead to misuse. Below are some common medical myths about ED drugs:

They’ll Make You Great in Bed

Contrary to popular belief, ED drugs like Viagra are not aphrodisiacs. Pfizer has already been warned by the FDA for misinforming consumers that Viagra will return a man’s waning sex drive. Many testimonials of users state that their sex drive remained the same, and Viagra’s effects are purely physical, not psychological.

Only Old Men Need It

Since impotence is usually associated with old age, ED drugs were believed to work only for them. The fact is Viagra can be used by men of any age. Impotence has already been shown to affect men below the age of 40. Most often, younger men misuse Viagra as a recreational drug, allowing them to have longer-lasting erections. But as said earlier, ED drugs do nothing to improve sex drive.

ED Drugs Act Super Fast, So Be Fast!

Many of us believe that popping an ED pill will immediately cause an erection. It’s not exactly Newton’s Law of Action and Reaction. ED drugs should be taken approximately an hour to a half hour before sex. Aside from that, the penis still requires stimulation before it gets up. Once the drug kicks in, erections may last to about four hours. Anytime longer than that, and once the prolonged erection starts to feel painful, medical assistance is needed.

These are only a few misinforming myths about ED drugs. It’s never wrong to be cautious, better that than be ignorant and regretful. If you still believe that Erectile Dysfuction drugs are not the way to go, alternative treatments are available. Be careful about experimenting just because something new comes out, or because it worked with someone you know. Remember, popularity does not necessarily guarantee a remedy.

Chinchillas as Pets: Debunking the Common Misconceptions

Chinchillas are great pets! Why? Well There cute and friendly and they’re easy to keep. I’ll tell you how to feed chinchillas and some reason why chinchillas make great pets! I’ll also tell you five reasons why you might not like chinchillas as pets. Let’s get started.

Let’s start with how to feed chinchillas. To tell what they eat you’ll need to know where they come from. Chinchillas come from a dry place, so they usually just eat hay, seeds, and water. As you can see the chinchilla’s diet isn’t really good so to make a healthy lifestyle, you might want to feed them pellets, hay, and water. You can also include some treats in their diet. 

For pellets feed them two tablespoons each day. You don’t need to stress about your chinchilla overeating because it is said that they only eat until they are full. Feed one tablespoon in the morning and one in the afternoon. If somehow you change the brand of pellets you’re feeding your chinchilla, keep in mind that the chinchilla might not eat it until he or she sees it every day. 

If you want to feed your chinchilla hay then follow these tips. The hay can be compressed into blocks that are an inch or just lose hay. Chinchillas like both so you don’t have to worry about what kind you give them. The most important thing is that the hay must be chemical and mold FREE!!! To make the hay mold-free, remember to store the hay in a dry place. Now the fun thing about chinchillas is that you can give the treats, but don’t give them too many, or else the result will be overweight or a dead chinchilla. A chinchilla’s favorite treat is raisins. They would do basically anything for a reason but remember to only give them three or four raisons a week and even less for kid chinchillas. You can give chinchillas fruits as treats too. Just remember to not give chinchillas anything that is hard to digest, like carrots, corn, or lettuce. 

For the water remember to change the water every day to avoid bacteria. Also give your chinchilla a bottle that’s hanging from the cage, if you don’t and give him a bowl, the bowl will tip over and there will be a higher chance of bacteria. Moreover, it is really important that you create a natural habitat at home for your chin so that they can get comfortable quickly. 

Now that we discussed how to feed a chinchilla, I’ll tell you how to treat a chinchilla when it is injured.

Chinchillas are great pets and here are ten reasons why.

  • They’re adorable and gentle
  • They are quiet
  • They keep themselves clean and have no body odor
  • They are easy to take care of and you can leave them alone for weekends
  • People who are allergic to animals (dogs, cats, etc.) are not allergic to chinchillas
  • They require little attention and are really grateful when you give it some
  • Their fur is thick so fleas and tick can’t live in them
  • They are curious, intelligent, and entertaining
  • Their food is not expensive (about $1.20 each month)
  • They are also nocturnal, so they can play with you anytime
  • There are four reasons why you might not like them, but I came up with solutions for some reasons.

Reason 1 They pee and poop anywhere

Solution Place them in their cage

Reason 2 They chew on furniture

Solution Don’t leave them out of their cage if you’re not watching them

Reason 3 They don’t come when they call

Solution Train them

Reason 4 They don’t scare away burglars

Solution Get a dog

Now that you know the basics of how to take care of your chinchilla, have fun and play with it. Also, remember to read about how to take care of an injured chinchilla. Take care of your chinchilla!

Photoshop – How to Create Chrome Text

There are many ways that you can create Chrome Text in Photoshop. In this tutorial I will show you one of the ways Chrome Text is created in Photoshop.

How to Create Chrome Text in Photoshop

Open your Photoshop program and let it load. Next you will need to create a new document. Click File  gt; New to create a new document. Create it 450 px x 450 px. Make sure your Color Mode is set to RGB Color and not Grayscale. Click OK.

Now select your Text Tool in your toolbar. Draw a rectangle on your canvas where you want your text to go. At the top of your window you will see your Font Options. Use a big size font, you can size it down after you have finished creating the text. 100 pt is a good size to use. I used the Palatino Linotype font. Change the Font Color to Black. Now click inside your rectangle and type what you want.

Right click on your Text Layer in your Layers Panel and click Blending Options. This will bring up the Layer Style dialog box. This is where you will apply all of your effects to get the Chrome Text.

Drop Shadow

Click on Drop Shadow and enter the following.

  • Blend Mode – Normal
  • Color – Black
  • Opacity – 90%
  • Angle – 120
  • Distance – 5
  • Spread – 15
  • Size – 6
  • Contour – Ring Double
  • Anti-aliased – Checked
  • Noise – 0

Inner Shadow

Click on Inner Shadow and enter the following.

  • Blend Mode – Multiply
  • Color – Black
  • Opacity – 80%
  • Angle – 120
  • Distance – 10
  • Choke – 0
  • Size – 5
  • Contour – Ring Double
  • Anti-aliased – UnChecked
  • Noise – 0

Inner Glow

Click on Inner Glow and enter the following.

  • Blend Mode – Normal
  • Opacity – 100%
  • Noise – 0
  • Color – White
  • Technique – Precise
  • Source – Edge
  • Choke – 65%
  • Size – 4
  • Contour – Linear
  • Anti-aliased – Checked
  • Range -20%
  • Jitter -90%

Bevel and Emboss

Click on Bevel and Emboss and enter the following.

  • Style – Inner Bevel
  • Technique – Chisel Hard
  • Depth – 1000%
  • Direction – up
  • Size – 215
  • Soften – 0
  • Angle – 120
  • Use Global Light – Checked
  • Attitude – 0
  • Gloss Contour – Gaussian
  • Anti-aliased – Checked
  • Highlight Mode – Normal
  • Color – White
  • Opacity – 95%
  • Shadow Mode – Multiply
  • Color – Black
  • Opacity – 100%

Gradient Overlay

Click on Gradient Overlay and enter the following.

  • Blend Mode – Screen
  • Opacity – 100%
  • Gradient – Black – White – Black
  • Reverse – Unchecked
  • Style – Reflected
  • Align with Layer – Checked
  • Angle – 120
  • Scale – 100%


Click on Stroke and enter the following.

  • Size – 1 px
  • Position – Outside
  • Blend Mode – Normal
  • Opacity – 100%
  • Fill Type – Color
  • Color – Black

Now click OK in the Blending Options dialog box. You are now through with this box.

That is how you create the Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop. This is the Chrome Effect that is used a lot. You can size your text down if you need to by click Image  gt; Image size at the top of your Photoshop window and resize the pixels. This is the same thing that you’ll see in photoshop macbook. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me using the contact button at the top of this page.

CBD Oil: Is it Safe for your kids?

Nowadays, many parents are using CBD for their kids. With several research claiming that CBD is an effective substance in providing treatment for numerous health issues, some parents are convinced that it could also treat their children’s diseases. While CBD is indeed beneficial to our health, we have to put into consideration that the kids cases are different from adults. Hence, using CBD for kids still need to be validated by a strong research or study. So, is CBD oil safe for kids? Here are some facts that you need to know to answer that question.

First, let us define what CBD is. Simply explained, CBD is believed to work on something inside our body known as the endocannabinoid system. This system promotes stability and balance in our body. This system of our body has receptors that support a host of different conditions. In relation, research about CBD suggests that it is effective in treating seizure disorders like epilepsy, which is common in kids. While there is no strong research to support this claim, experts suggest that it is better to consult first with medical professionals before giving any substance to your kids. 

Furthermore, the FDA or Food and Drug Administrator advises that giving CBD to your kids can potentially cause liver injury. It can also affect the brain development of children.  But before the long-term effects become proven and tested, researchers still need to wait for these kids to grow and see if there are any mental and health effects on them. So it is important to discovermag’s CBD list before considering a purchase.

While there are some studies strongly advise against the use of CBD oil for kids, there are some studies as well that support its use. Since some research claims that CBD can be used to treat sensory processing, autism , anxiety, depression, ADHD and other disorder for kids, some doctors do acknowledge these benefits. 

In addition, it is also important for parents to know that CBD oil is not legal everywhere. This is one of the misconceptions of people about CBD oil. According to the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration, CBD oil is only legal as an over the counter product in states where marijuana is legal. Hence, you will certainly need a prescription if you will buy CBD products. You might face some legal consequences if you order online from and have it shipped to your doorstep and if you live in a state that has not legalized the use of marijuana. You might also get a call from CPS or child protective services. 

If you are also considering CBD oil as a treatment for your child’s health issue, you must be aware that CBD is not a cheap alternative. Most of the products that you can buy online are quite expensive. Hence, before purchasing any product, it is important to evaluate and check your budget first. It is also important to consult with your child’s doctor first before using any product. Above all, your child’s health and safety should be the number one priority. 

DIY How to Clean Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can look absolutely beautiful in a home. From elegant to modern, wood can conform to a multitude of styles. Many individuals may be turned off from wood furniture due to the fear of maintenance needed to keep it looking great. There is a variety of ways you can clean your wood furniture to keep it looking tidy and in great condition without harming it. Ensure before you try any methods on your own that it will be safe for the wood, some chemicals may destroy the appearance. There are also many finishes to wood furniture and different chemicals will react variously to each of them. Below are some great tips and methods to have your wood looking spectacular!

Vacuum and dust –

This is a great way to safe and gently remove dirt from the furniture without harming it. Microfiber cloths work well as they are soft and will not scuff anything. You will want to use a dampened cloth to remove the dust, and immediately follow it up with a dry cloth. Leaving the wood wet or damp can lead to permanent damage.

If your wood is antique –

You may want to keep the shine up to date with older wood furniture. You can do so by waxing the wood with carnauba paste wax. Add a very thin coat to the wood in the same direction as the grains of the wood. You’ll then need to buff it out until the wax becomes hard. Soft cotton such as T-shirts will work great for this job. Ensure that there are no smears or chunks at this point. You’ll want to use a damp cloth to gently wipe down the areas so that there is no left over debris; then allow the wax to fully dry.

Polish –

To keep your wood looking its best, you’ll want to maintain polishing. There are a variety of protective polishes available at a multitude of stores such as Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Home Depot. You will simply follow the directions on the can and rub it in with a lint-free cloth. Be sure when shopping for a polish that you read the can to ensure that it is appropriate for your type of wood and finish. Basically, its like buying the best 18v DeWalt impact driver, you really have to be careful and wise when buying the right tool and brand. It is always better to consider the price, quality and customer feedback when choosing the right impact driver.

Nail Polish –

First things first, never use a nail polish remover as it can severely damage the finish to your wood. If the paint is wet, you’ll want to rub it with a liquid solvent base wax. If the paint has fully dried, you’ll need to cover the entire spot with boiled linseed oil. This will soften the paint and allow you to wipe it clean. Repeat twice if some residue remains.