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March 21, 2019 Off

5 Reasons Why Big Dub Is Kind Of A Big Deal

By George

Big Dub has always been and will always be a must-go festival for any EDM fan. The year 2019 marks a special year in the Big Dub calendar since the...


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January 14, 2019 Off

The Valentines Day Stampede

By George

This morning I experienced something that really made me laugh. I wouldn’t say this necessarily has to be something that has to go, but I couldn’t share it here. Valentines...


January 10, 2019 Off


Bum Marketing; A Beginner’s Guide to Article Marketing

As the internet evolves, so do the ways internet marketers use to profit from it. The most recent trend in internet marketing is a new method nicknamed “bum marketing”. Bum marketing is also known as article marketing. Why is it called bum marketing? It is called bum marketing because it is so cheap to do that even a bum can do it. There is very little to no cash outlay to get started and the returns can be simply phenomenal!

Bum marketing (also known as article marketing in many circles) in its simplest form, is simply the process of writing articles on various topics and including links in those articles to your products or services that are for sale. These links can be affiliate links to tangible products such as eBooks or physical items or they can be links to services. If you know anything about keywords and SEO, these articles will hopefully become indexed by Google and several other search engines and rank highly on them. As people search using keywords that you’ve included in your articles, they will land on your articles, read them, and follow the links you’ve placed in them to the goods or services that you are promoting. If you get good at it, you will begin to see laser-targeted traffic arriving on your doorstep and eager to buy!

Although it sounds rather easy, it is critical that you know a little about keyword research and SEO. These two pieces of the puzzle are what actually drives the traffic so do your homework on these topics before getting into bum marketing at any level. For example, instead of writing your bum marketing articles about “fishing”, you should write about “trout fishing in New Jersey”. The more targeted keywords may get fewer searches than the broader terms but using the targeted terms will allow your bum marketing articles to rank higher in search results for those specific terms. This, in turn, will generate more targeted traffic to your bum marketing articles!

As you get better and better at writing your bum marketing articles, you will get a good feel for what keywords work best. Once you get the hang of the SEO and keyword parts, your bum marketing efforts will begin to grow exponentially, providing you with more and more profit each month. Of all internet marketing opportunities available on the web today, bum marketing is the simplest to learn and is potentially the most lucrative. Knowing this, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it. Use it to drive profits. Use it to drive traffic to your website. Use it to drive traffic to your auctions. Are you getting my point yet? Start writing your bum marketing articles today and tap into the huge traffic stream this marketing method can produce. For further rankings, there can be gathering of the information about the top seo experts 2020 for the business person. The selection of the right article should be done for the information. 

Cleveland Museum of Art and Paintings

If you want to see Chinese Art, Modern European Art, African Art, drawings, Prints, European Painting and Sculpture, Greek and Roman Art, Contemporary Art, Medieval Art and much more, you can see it all at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. General Admission is free, although the museum charges for special exhibits. The museum has 43,000 works of art. The museum has the works of Andy Warhol, Caravaggio, Rubens, El Greco, Dalí, Renoir, and many other famous artists. For the male artists, the memory and testosterone can be raised through click at The increased level of the hormones will provide productivity in making the art.

About 75 works of Paul Gauguin will be displayed from October 4, 2009, to January 18, 2010. The works include paintings, woodcarvings, works on paper, and ceramics by Gauguin and his contemporaries. His prints will also be displayed. One famous work of Gauguin was Breton Girls Dancing.

From March 7, 2010, to May 30, 2010 145 objects will be displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Art that will introduce visitors to the art of the American Indian.

The works of three of the greatest jewelry goods designers at the turn of the century, Peter Carl Faberge, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Rene Lalique will be displayed from October 19, 2009, to January 18, 2010. The three competed with one another, and their work was featured at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1900.

The Cleveland Museum of Art has a large cast of Rodin’s The Thinker that was partially destroyed in 1970 in a bombing by the Weathermen and an ancient bronze statue, Apollo Sauroktonos. The statue is believed to be an original work of by Praxiteles of Athens.

American paintings include Nathaniel Hurd by John Singleton Copley, a painting of a sitter in informal clothes, The Power of Music by William Sidney Mount, which shows an African American man listening to a fiddle tune in the time just before the Civil War, Twilight in the Wilderness by Frederic Edwin Church, which although some might consider beautiful does not represent a specific place, and The Race Track by Albert Pinkham Ryder, which depicts death as a skeleton on a horse, carrying a scythe. The painting was inspired by someone who committed suicide after losing $500 on a horse race.

European paintings and sculputres include a sculpture medal of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, The Madonna and Child, anda medal of Isotta degli Atti da Rimini.

The Cleveland Museum of Art supports more kinds of art than just paintings, pictures, prints, and sculptures. It also has a series of films, lectures, special exhibitions, and even musical programs. The Panorama Film Series, which has included feature length documentaries and acclaimed foreign films. The Viva and Gala around town has offered a variety of music.

Special events at the Cleveland Museum of Art have included a Fine Print Fair, the Textile Art Alliance Fashion Show, the Gauguin Family and Community Day, which included demonstrations, activities, and free art activities, the Chalk Festival, in honor of beggars who once created their own artwork in 16th century Italy, and the Mask Festival, which included performances and the chance for visitors to create their own masks.

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College Living: Choosing Between Dorms and Off Campus Apartments

When seeking to attend college, many students are concerned with what they will study or what types of activities they will become involved in. However, one of the most important decisions you will make as a student, is where you will stay. It will be important to look for a condo for sale so that you can find a comfortable accommodation. You will need to decide the best of living that will allow you to get the most out of your college experience by saving money, keeping focused and managing your responsibilities. Most students, will choose between living on dorms as opposed to living on campus, so which is the best option for the college student. Here are a few things to ask yourself.

Can I afford it?

Surprisingly enough, many prospective college students have no idea what the cost differential is between college dorms and off campus apartments. While off campus living may seem more trendy, it certainly isn’t cheaper. The typical rent in Manhattan, according to the New York Times, for a one-bedroom apartment, is about $3,100 per month. Whereas, a one-bedroom dorm apartment, according to Columbia University’s Earth Institute, can go as low as $490 per month. This price is just a fraction of what you could pay for the same type of apartment in the City. Many colleges even offer housing to their students per semester, which allows them to stay for around for months for a low flat fee. As a student you will need to factor in the cost of, not only rent, but the travel expenses involved in commuting.

Do I have the time?

Most off campus college students who choose to commute to and from school find that much of their day is consumed in traveling. This is valuable time that could be spent studying, working or preparing for the next day. If your after school responsibilities require a great deal of attention, traveling back and forth could be a great disadvantage. Most students find, as they take more and more classes, most courses are not offered consecutively, and do not allow for much flexibility. You may find yourself, one semester, with some of your courses being offered at various times throughout the day. You may find yourself needing driving home after a late night class, while you could have enjoyed the freedom of living right on campus.

Can I stay focused?

With the flexibility and affordability that on-campus housing provides, oftentimes, it can be distracting place to live. Most students find that there grades suffer during their stay on campus and end up moving to off campus residences, for a better study environment. Because of the many students attending college at the same time, it can tend to get crowded. This may not be the best atmosphere to enable students to stay focused. Students find living in off campus apartments to be a much more relaxed atmosphere that provides a good study environment. As a student, you will have to decide whether you may need to forgo all of the benefits of staying on campus to be able to stay focused.

College offers may incentives for students who are looking for accommodation. This can often mean offering lower prices than that of the traditional off campus apartments and providing a convenient location for students to travel to and from class. However, many college dorms, do not provide the study environment that most students seek to learn under. It is up to you to decide what the best option is required to have a successful college career.

Count on Kratom Green Malay for solid energy boost

Kratom extracts are the latest buzzword in the Western wellness world. The plant traditionally grows in South East Asian nations and are famous for its multiple health benefits. Among the many benefits offered by Kratom leaves, improved energy is one of the most applauded perks. Now, Kratom covers a wide variety of strains. And the strain which is the most famous for improved energy is Green Malay. This Kratom plant grows in Malaysia and thus the name.

You must be looking forward to know about Best Kratom Vendors by now. Well, here is a brief on how this green Kratom strain helps you to experience enhanced energy.

Instant and lasting energy boost

The most important benefit of Green Malay strain is immediate energy boost. But, that’s not all, the strain also promises the most long lasting effect compared to other Kratom strains in the market. It’s because Green Malay’s nutritional value is way higher than other Kratom products. For example, a 2 gms of Green Malay extract is always more powerful than 2 gms of any other Kratom strain. This one factor single-handedly has catapulted Green Malay to the ruling stature in the current Kratom market. 

Green Malay also works by improving immunity and digestion. The strain activates various metabolic processes which improves blood circulations and distributes oxygenated blood in different parts of body. And that works wonders to re-charge your energy levels.

Now, given the supreme potency level, one must be really careful while consuming Green Malay. Thus, always start with smaller dosage, especially when you are a newbie. We will talk about the required amount of dosage later in the article. 

Other benefits of Green Malay

Improved energy is not the only benefit of the Green Malay strain. 

It’s to note here, Green Malay comprises of analgesic properties that makes it an excellent pain reliever. You can bank on Green Malay for almost all kinds of pain or aches. This particular Kratom strain has had been in use as an immediate pain reliever in remote areas of Malaysia. People mostly use to consume Green Malay to suppress the acute pain experienced after intensive surgeries and operations. Green Malay Kratom has been found to be effective for migraine as well.

Tips to remember for Green Malay dosage:

  • Start with 1.5 gms when you are a beginner. You might exceed the volume later but proceed gradually and under physician’s supervision. As per the experts, when it comes to increasing dosage, don’t jump up by 2-3 gms. Rather, you must increase dosage by 0.5 gms a day, based on your experience and tolerance level. 
  • If you are a mid-level user, 2 gms would be fine.
  • For maximum benefits, you should always consume Green Malay on full stomach. 
  • Consume Green Malay after every six to seven hours. 
  • By no means, should you consume the strain more than 6 gms.

Final words

You should always make sure to get your Green Malay Kratom from a credible vendor. There is no dearth of Kratom vendors online today but not all would be equally compatible or trustworthy for you. You are going to consume the strain directly and a faulty product here could pose serious dangers to your health. The first thing to do here is to check reviews from leading Kratom resources online like Stonerszone to get a hang of the top vendors in the market. The one you choose should be a reputed name in the market, backed by AKA accreditation. Your chosen vendor should also promise premium high quality strain only, tested by an independent lab. Find a vendor that also allows free shipping on a reasonable order quantity. 


Assisted Living Homes With Medical Services In Dallas, Texas

Assisted living facilities that provide medical service in Dallas, Texas can be vital to the health and care of your loved one. Many assisted living homes require that their residents be able to function at a certain level of independence in order to continue to live there. This does not mean that they don’t understand and have the capability to offer medical services to their residences. On the contrary, many assisted living facilities in the Dallas area offer their residence a variety of medical services to their residence.

The healthcare that is offered at each facility will be different. By law assisted living homes are not required to offer medical facilities and services, which accounts for the great difference in services provided at each home. It is important to ask in the initial interview what medical services are provided.

Medical services can be something as simple as prescription delivery. While this may seem basic indeed, it can lift some of the burden off of the resident and give them one less thing to worry about. Other more involved medical services can be planned visits and check ups from a local doctor. This is convenient for the residents and can save money on transportation costs or the money you may not earn from you r job if you have to take time off. Visits from a local dentist are also another medical service that can be provided. Other medical services can include physical therapy to help a resident overcome a physical injury. Being mobile and independent is an important part of living in an assisted living facility. In addition, the medical service also offers nutrition consultancy. They provide nutrition insights and tips to clients in order for them to be guided in the food that they take. Websites like is an informative and helpful platform that aims to inform people about nutrition and other related matter or concerns.

An important medical service provided by many assisted living homes is the presence of a registered nurse. Their role can be vital in the quality of life for residence. A registered nurse is responsible for determining a resident’s needs and arranging care that will meet these needs. These needs may be something as basic as help taking medications, personal grooming (bathing), and even getting dressed. Injuries may impair a resident from being able to dress themselves, but not affect their daily mobility.

The most important medical service provided by most assisted living facilities is the presence of an alert button. This allows residence to press a button if they are having an emergency. They can receive help in an extremely short period of time. A resident has a large amount of privacy in their own apartments, so an injury or emergency could go undetected if they were unable to call out. Many assisted living homes provide alert buttons that can be worn on the body. They can come in the form of a necklace, belt, or bracelet. This way residence will always be within reach of emergency help.

Choosing an assisted living residence that offers a variety of medical services is a necessity in the care of your elderly parent or family member. There are a lot of options for assisted living homes in the Dallas area. Here are a few that offer an extensive selection of medical services that can increase the quality of life for their residence.

Top 5 Tips for Making DIY Plumbing Jobs Easier

Are you thinking about tackling your first DIY plumbing job? If so, you may want to check out my top five tips for making any DIY plumbing job much easier. Here it is:

Turn Off the Water

Although it should go without saying, before starting any plumbing job, be sure to shut off the water supply. There are many people that I have met during the course of my lifetime that were so focused on the plumbing task at hand, that they forgot to shut their fixture’s water supply off first. Of course disaster ensued. Therefore, I decided to include it on my list. I should also mention that the location of your home’s water supply lines will vary. For example, if I need to repair the bathroom sink, I can shut off the water supply inside the house. If I need to repair something in my laundry room, I have to shut the water supply off outside. As such, you’ll want to get familiar with the location of your home’s shut off valves before starting any DIY plumbing project.

Avoid Disassembly Disorder

When it comes to DIY plumbing jobs, one of the best pieces of advice that I can give to a first timer is to line up the dismantled parts of the fixture that they are working on in the order and orientation of disassembly. Doing so will make reassembly a breeze. I can still recall the day that my husband and I got a frantic telephone call from one of our family members. Her first attempt at repairing a kitchen sink had gone horribly wrong. Instead of following our disassembly advice, she heaped all of the parts into one pile. When it came time for the reassembly, she had no clue as to what part went where. We spent hours with her on the phone trying to help her out of her dilemma. Ultimately, it didn’t work and she had to call in a professional plumber to complete the job. Plumber in Delaware county is also reliable and does provide quality and efficient services. 

Inspect All Parts

Speaking of disassembly procedures, while you have the fixture torn apart, take the time to carefully inspect all its parts. If you see a part that is showing moderate to serious signs of wear and tear, replace it. In my experience, it will save you from having to disassemble the fixture all over again a few weeks further down the road.

Stock Up On Basic Supplies

Personally speaking, there is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a plumbing job and discovering that you don’t have enough replacement parts to finish the job. As such, I would recommend that you stock up on common replacement parts like O-rings, washers and washer screws. They are inexpensive and store easily in empty coffee cans and baby food jars. I’d also recommend that you take an inventory of your tools as well. In my experience, there are select tools that no DIY plumber should be without. Among them are pipe wrenches, a force cup plunger and a closet auger.

Practice Patience

Last but not least, I would also recommend that DIY plumbers remember to remain patient. After all, no good can come from forcing a pipe into position or cutting corners in the name of time. Trust me, rush jobs only tend to create more problems. Case in point, I know of a family member who reassembled a fixture without using the proper O-rings, washers and nuts because she was in a hot hurry. When she turned the faucet back on for the first time, it fell apart and shot water all over her kitchen ceiling and floor. In addition, some of the smaller parts fell down the drain. Others seemingly disappeared in the resulting fracas. Hence, a job that should have only taken her 30 minutes ended up taking two hours and costing more than she had planned.

Must-Read Significant Hints For Bitcoin Amateurs 2020

Satoshi Nakamoto, the man behind Bitcoin, introduced the first Bitcoin to the world on October 31, 2008, with the release of a whitepaper alongside titled as – “Bitcoin, A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” Bitcoin is the first-since forever decentralized worldwide computerized money. Bitcoin can be sent rapidly and safely from any point on the planet to another; the main need is a web association. Being a decentralized coin, the Bitcoin cost is resolved in the open market, subject to the organic market. In addition to other things, this implies it is totally electronic and doesn’t have a physical structure. 

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is decentralized; it is cash that isn’t constrained by any focal power like an administration or bank. Digital addresses are used to store the Bitcoins that are spread all through the Internet; it is a cryptographic coin that depends on encoded technology, which is referred to as the blockchain. Since the use of blockchain technology is increasing day-by-day, there is an emerging need to educate the beginners in this tech field. 

Bitcoin Trading:

Bitcoin trading is the demonstration of purchasing low and selling high. In contrast to contributing, which means holding Bitcoin for a long time ago run, exchanging manages to attempt and to anticipate valued developments by examining the overall business and value their diagrams and graphs specifically. Effective trading requires a great deal of time, cash, and exertion before you can really get the hang of it.

Analyzing Techniques:

There are two primary techniques individuals use to analyze Bitcoin’s cost:

  • Fundamental Analysis- 

Fundamental analysis of business includes examining its financial summaries and wellbeing, its administration and upper hands, and its rivals and markets.

Fundamental analysis examines organizations, industries, and economies to think of a stock’s present reasonable worth and determine its future worth accordingly. Fundamentalists accept that business sectors are not productive. They accept that over the long haul, the stock costs of an on a fundamental level solid organization will, in general, acknowledge, so will make riches for its financial specialists. 

  • Technical Analysis-

To understand technical analysis, let’s consider the example where a user wishes to visit a restaurant where he/she is likely to spend quality time. Then the user will look for the ratings on famous applications like zomato, swiggy, etc. and then finalize a restaurant of his/her choice. Thus, in short, a strategy to recognize opportunities in the advertise dependent on the activities of market members can be called as Technical Analysis. It accepts that the value set by the market mirrors is the total information given by all market members.

Learnings To Be Remembered:

  • No Huge Rise Can Be Expected Overnight

There are no such instances in real life. One should avoid hearsays and trust in facts and figures. If some coins are invested, then no miracle can happen in hours or days. Patience is the only best tool here to ride a peaceful journey. Certain factors play a vital role in bringing-in what was expected. A market survey and research of any coin before investing is mandatory. 

  • Don’t Involve Real Estate For Buying Bitcoins

There are many who will put their real estate on stake and purchase bitcoins to invest and multiply their wealth. Always remember, few lucky chances for someone are not always meant to happen with you as well. There is always a win-loss probability in all cases. So better keep real estates in safer hands.

  • What Goes Up Also Comes Down

If there is a rise in the bitcoin market, then be ready for a great fall ahead. Don’t panic or get excited over small or big achievements here. This is a game where people can either create an identity of their own or wipe out their identity completely. Be prepared for the falls after the rise. Be always prudent about your conduct. 

  • Long Term Goal Is Very Important

Setting goals in cryptocurrency are very important. No goals, No aims are similar to No keys, no coins. One should aim for the long term in any cryptocurrency. Short term goals will restrict one’s marketing strategy and might lose a lot of money and time during the context. 

  • Know Crypto Scams Happening Around

With a rise in the revolutionary coin system, there is always a never-ending threat cycle associated with it. The bitcoin revolution isn’t coming single-handedly; it brings the dark world with it. The more digital the things get, the more loopholes are generated due to which hackers find their way to breach into the healthy networks for malpractices. General awareness of things happening in the surrounding is mandatory. 


Beginner’s Sewing Project: Tri-Fold Wallet

Once you get the hang of sewing it’s really hard to stop! You want to move onto yet another project as soon as you finish one! Okay, let’s do that! Use a piece of ordinary felt to make yourself a tri-fold wallet that’s easy and useful. It won’t take much experience – or any fancy stitches – to make the wallet.

A tri-fold wallet can be small when folded, like the size of a man’s wallet that fits in a pocket, or can be much longer, for carrying in a purse. The wallet size you make is up to you but you’ll use the same basic steps to create the wallet no matter what size you want it to be. Start by laying out a piece of felt on a table. The minimalist leather wallet will come in trifold facility for men to keep in the pockets. Due to the folding, the sale of the product is increasing and attaining popularity in the market.

You’re going to cut a rectangle of fabric that’s three times as long as the folded wallet. So, if you want the folded wallet to be four inches long, cut the felt to be twelve inches. Cut the piece of material so that it’s twice as wide as you really need – minus an inch. So, if you want the finished wallet to be 4″ wide, after it’s folded, cut the piece to be 7″ wide.

Lay the felt in front of you so that the long side is facing you. Take the bottom edge and fold it an inch from the top edge. Stitch down the left and right side of the felt. Fold the right side of the felt over to the left, then fold the left side over the top of it. Stitch on a Velcro dot or snap as a closure.

Although that version of the tri-fold wallet is finished there are nicer ones you can make with a little more effort. For example, when the fabric is lying in front of you, fold the bottom edge an inch from the top, then make the tri-fold. Crease the folds well so that you can plainly see them. Open the tri-fold up but leave the piece folded in half.

On the right third of the wallet, cut small squares of felt, then stitch them onto that area. Position them so that they appear as small slits, like those found inside a regular wallet, where you can slide in credit cards. Place one square towards the top of this section of the wallet, and sew down both sides and across the bottom. Position another square over that one, but place the edge of the second one just below the edge of the first one. Sew down both sides and across the bottom. Continue doing this to add as many credit card slots as you want.

The tri-fold wallet is not a very challenging craft for someone who has learned a basic straight stitch. It can be decorated by using fabric glue to attach appliques, cloth cutouts or other embellishments. It’s quick, easy, inexpensive, and a good way for you to get in some more practice!

Kids Swimwear: Swimsuits For Girls

In many parts of the country, the weather is starting to warm up, giving kids and parents the opportunity to hit the pool or beach. Parents want to find kid’s swimsuits appropriate for girls. Looking for a swimsuit can be hard since some girl’s swimsuits may not be suitable for their ages. Which is why you have Jets One Piece Swimwear that is specially designed for girls. You get a wide range of products that you choose from. This is going to help your little girls in getting their favorite swimsuit dress.

Girls’ Scrunchback Tankini

The tankini is a popular swimwear item for women because they can mix two sizes. This line of swimwear for kids also provide adjustability if the girl may not be one particular size on the top or bottom of her body. This tankini, part of the Tugless Tankini line at Land’s End, won’t ride up. An additional advantage of this kid’s swimsuit is that it offers 50 UPF sun protection for long days at the beach. Girls of all ages can wear this swimwear.

Floral-Print Halter Bikinis

Floral prints are a popular fashion statement for 2009, and swimwear for kids takes note of this pattern. The floral-print halter bikini is a popular style for kid’s swimsuits for children younger than eight years old. The bright colors fit well with the season and will stand out on the beach and by the pool. This girl’s swimsuit can be found at any department store, but Old Navy offers some of the best prices for kids’ clothing. If the store is having a sale, swimwear can be purchased for less than $15.

Board Shorts

Board shorts for girls come in two lengths. They can be regular shorts or longer shorts that reach the knee. The shorts can be worn with a tankini or bikini top or uses as a cover-up. This style of kids swimsuits sometimes even come with matching board tops. They come in a variety of colors, from solids to floral prints. Board shorts are made of lightweight material that can be worn in a pool and weigh kids down. Old Navy has a line of girl’s graphic board shorts for less than $15. Inexpensive board shorts for girls can also be purchased at Kohls and other department stores.

Neck to Knee Swimsuits

Swimsuits are a popular fashion trend in swimsuits for girls in 2009. They offer protection for the body and are made of light materials that help girls glide through the water. Some of the new swimsuits are resistant to pool chemicals, and girls have the ability to practically float on top of the water. Like a lot of outdoor clothing, this swimwear for kids protects the skin from sun rays. Swim Outlet and Coolibar online stores sell these sun protective neck-to-knee swimsuits for less than $50.

Swim Skirts

The swim skirts styles of swimwear for girls come with or without ruffles. These can be worn by infant girls to teens. They come in solid colors or floral prints. They also vary from one-piece swimsuits to two-piece swimwear. Swim skirts can be mixed and matched by purchasing two or three complementary suits that can be interchanged. All department stores sell this style of kid’s swimwear. Kohl’s has sales that can cut prices by as much as 50 percent.

Girl’s swimwear 2009 offers a variety of styles in swimwear. These kid’s swimsuits came to be purchased for discount prices at a number of retail stores and online stores. Many of these girls’ swimsuits even have added sun protection. Before purchasing any of these swimsuits, go online and compare prices.

What is Home Weatherization?

With cold, damp air infiltrating your house most mornings and heat leaking out, now is the time to come to the aid of your house. Cold, damp air takes its toll on people and household furnishings. Cool-weather also can affect your pocketbook. A leaky house will cost you money in the gas or electricity it takes to control the environment in your home. Moreover, you will find that these humid houses can harbor mold that can grow insides the walls and can be toxic as well. This is why you should check out to learn about the best ways to get rid of the toxic mold that can grow inside your house. 

A close examination of your house probably will show that air is leaking through doorjambs, window frames, cracks in siding, appliance switches, the flashing between your chimney and roof, uninsulated water heaters and a dozen other places.

Just to keep things in perspective, you may want to divide the house into areas to inspect, including the roof, exterior sides of the house, interior sides of the house and the garage. Regardless of what you find, chances are you’ll be faced with either having to caulk or weatherstrip. Even if you have to replace something, you’ll probably have to caulk or weatherstrip around it. Home centers and hardware stores offer many types of caulk and weatherstripping.

Specific types of caulk are meant for specific situations. For example, you may not want to use the same type of caulk between the siding and the window frame as you would around the bathtub. So in addition to reading labels closely about which types of caulk to use, there are other guidelines to keep in mind.

Most homeowners today favor a relatively inexpensive latex caulk (a few dollars) because it’s the only caulk that can be removed easily with just water. Just remember that when you’re using a latex caulk for the outside of the house, it’s necessary to paint the caulk after application.

You can use latex caulk for almost any fixed joint in the house, but when it comes time to caulk a flexible joint, it’s time to use an expansive caulk. These are caulked that can expand and contract. Among this type are silicone, rubber, neoprene, and polysulfide (also just a few dollars).

While caulking is relatively simple, you also can make it an art form. The first task is to remove the old caulk. It’s not hard — simply breaking up the old caulk with a putty knife or a screwdriver — but it’s definitely not the “fun” part of the job.

Before applying the new caulk, all residue from the old caulk should be removed, and the surface should be clean of other foreign objects. If you’re using any caulk but latex, the surface also will have to be absolutely dry. Apply the caulk with a gun and smooth the edges so it covers all cracks well. You can smooth with your hand or a putty knife, whichever works better for you. In large spaces — say those more than 1/2-inch wide — you may want to use a rope caulk and then caulk with your gun around its edges. However, though it works well as filler, most rope caulks will last only two or three years.

There are many areas, though, where caulking is not practical. Areas you’d want to weatherstrip include around doors and windows, around room air conditioners, around the trap door to your attic and perhaps even around the garage door.

Though there may be a few areas of a house where it would be possible to either caulk or weatherstrip, usually weatherstripping is done around doors and windows.

Generally, weatherstripping comes in three types: metal, rubber, and vinyl. Metal weatherstripping comes in a variety of types, sizes, and styles. It can be made of aluminum — by far the most popular with homeowners because it is the cheapest — bronze, copper and even stainless steel.

Rubber and vinyl weatherstripping often are used on parts that move, while metal weatherstripping is used on fixed parts and parts that may demand a little more glamour than vinyl or rubber provide. For example, in most homes, air pours through doorways. Often the bottom of the door does not meet the threshold adequately. There are three ways to prevent air passage:

  • A door sweep may be added to the inside bottom of the door. This is simply a rubber or vinyl piece that runs the length of the bottom of the door and “sweeps” onto the threshold to cut off air.
  • A door shoe may be added to the bottom of the door. It’s a vinyl insert in a metal retaining device.
  • Instead of adding to the door, you may want to add to the threshold using a vinyl insert in metal.

While metal is by far the longest-lasting weatherstripping you can use, many of the new vinyl products have a much longer life than ever before. Be aware, though, that regardless of what you use, it probably will be necessary to replace weatherstripping every two or three years.