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December 4, 2020 Off

Plastic Surgery – A Boon For Human Life

By George

Plastic surgery is a wonder of modern medicine. It is an umbrella term for a host of procedures that involve altering the appearance of one or more body parts. There...


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January 14, 2019 Off

The Valentines Day Stampede

By George

This morning I experienced something that really made me laugh. I wouldn’t say this necessarily has to be something that has to go, but I couldn’t share it here. Valentines...


January 10, 2019 Off


CBD Oil: Is it Safe for your kids?

Nowadays, many parents are using CBD for their kids. With several research claiming that CBD is an effective substance in providing treatment for numerous health issues, some parents are convinced that it could also treat their children’s diseases. While CBD is indeed beneficial to our health, we have to put into consideration that the kids cases are different from adults. Hence, using CBD for kids still need to be validated by a strong research or study. So, is CBD oil safe for kids? Here are some facts that you need to know to answer that question.

First, let us define what CBD is. Simply explained, CBD is believed to work on something inside our body known as the endocannabinoid system. This system promotes stability and balance in our body. This system of our body has receptors that support a host of different conditions. In relation, research about CBD suggests that it is effective in treating seizure disorders like epilepsy, which is common in kids. While there is no strong research to support this claim, experts suggest that it is better to consult first with medical professionals before giving any substance to your kids. 

Furthermore, the FDA or Food and Drug Administrator advises that giving CBD to your kids can potentially cause liver injury. It can also affect the brain development of children.  But before the long-term effects become proven and tested, researchers still need to wait for these kids to grow and see if there are any mental and health effects on them. So it is important to discovermag’s CBD list before considering a purchase.

While there are some studies strongly advise against the use of CBD oil for kids, there are some studies as well that support its use. Since some research claims that CBD can be used to treat sensory processing, autism , anxiety, depression, ADHD and other disorder for kids, some doctors do acknowledge these benefits. 

In addition, it is also important for parents to know that CBD oil is not legal everywhere. This is one of the misconceptions of people about CBD oil. According to the DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration, CBD oil is only legal as an over the counter product in states where marijuana is legal. Hence, you will certainly need a prescription if you will buy CBD products. You might face some legal consequences if you order online from and have it shipped to your doorstep and if you live in a state that has not legalized the use of marijuana. You might also get a call from CPS or child protective services. 

If you are also considering CBD oil as a treatment for your child’s health issue, you must be aware that CBD is not a cheap alternative. Most of the products that you can buy online are quite expensive. Hence, before purchasing any product, it is important to evaluate and check your budget first. It is also important to consult with your child’s doctor first before using any product. Above all, your child’s health and safety should be the number one priority. 

DIY How to Clean Your Wood Furniture

Wood furniture can look absolutely beautiful in a home. From elegant to modern, wood can conform to a multitude of styles. Many individuals may be turned off from wood furniture due to the fear of maintenance needed to keep it looking great. There is a variety of ways you can clean your wood furniture to keep it looking tidy and in great condition without harming it. Ensure before you try any methods on your own that it will be safe for the wood, some chemicals may destroy the appearance. There are also many finishes to wood furniture and different chemicals will react variously to each of them. Below are some great tips and methods to have your wood looking spectacular!

Vacuum and dust –

This is a great way to safe and gently remove dirt from the furniture without harming it. Microfiber cloths work well as they are soft and will not scuff anything. You will want to use a dampened cloth to remove the dust, and immediately follow it up with a dry cloth. Leaving the wood wet or damp can lead to permanent damage.

If your wood is antique –

You may want to keep the shine up to date with older wood furniture. You can do so by waxing the wood with carnauba paste wax. Add a very thin coat to the wood in the same direction as the grains of the wood. You’ll then need to buff it out until the wax becomes hard. Soft cotton such as T-shirts will work great for this job. Ensure that there are no smears or chunks at this point. You’ll want to use a damp cloth to gently wipe down the areas so that there is no left over debris; then allow the wax to fully dry.

Polish –

To keep your wood looking its best, you’ll want to maintain polishing. There are a variety of protective polishes available at a multitude of stores such as Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Home Depot. You will simply follow the directions on the can and rub it in with a lint-free cloth. Be sure when shopping for a polish that you read the can to ensure that it is appropriate for your type of wood and finish. Basically, its like buying the best 18v DeWalt impact driver, you really have to be careful and wise when buying the right tool and brand. It is always better to consider the price, quality and customer feedback when choosing the right impact driver.

Nail Polish –

First things first, never use a nail polish remover as it can severely damage the finish to your wood. If the paint is wet, you’ll want to rub it with a liquid solvent base wax. If the paint has fully dried, you’ll need to cover the entire spot with boiled linseed oil. This will soften the paint and allow you to wipe it clean. Repeat twice if some residue remains.

Classical Sources of Inspiration in J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Other Epic Fantasy

The epic fantasy genre is relatively new in a commercial sense. People didn’t start stringing together a bunch of bid, elf-like characters until Tolkien did it in the 60s. Of course, after that monumental event in the publishing industry, no can make these guys and gals stop.

The fantasy genre, that over bloated, multi-volume epic copycat forum for those with incredible imaginations and way too many books on their book shelves, is running strong, much as it has for the last 45 years. The books that these authors churn out may or may not be worth reading, but they surely don’t skimp on the details and the research.

Many people might find it easiest to point to Tolkien and his work and say that everyone with a dragon or a medieval setting is stealing from Middle earth, but to be fair Tolkien did a little literary pick pocketing of his own when he wrote his epic. From the book, the person will come to know that Middle-Earth is roughly the size of Europe. Through the information, the covering of the journey will be accessible for the person. 

The fantasy genre goes back thousands of years to the earliest epics and longest stories of contemporary literature. And as more and more people these days try to find ways around the trap of writing yet another Tolkien clone, other classical sources are tapped open and delved into.

The Lord of the Rings may be the poster child of all things sword and sorcery, but if you take a good hard look at the literature of the ages, you’ll find that there are numerous influences that not only J.R.R Tolkien borrowed liberally from but every Terry Brooks and Robert Jordan out there as well.

These are some of the most influential pre-medieval pieces of literature out there that helped to form the genre we all know today as epic fantasy.

The Kalevala

The Kalevala is the national epic of Finland and according to J.R.R Tolkien an ample provider of inspiration for his novels. Elias Lonnrot compiled the poetry in the 19th century from the oral tradition of Finland and the hundreds of thousands of lines of verse that existed in different villages and households throughout the countryside. Lonnrot is given credit for the compilation because he essentially recorded all of these bits and pieces and put it together into an epic.

The Kalevala itself is the epic tale of creation and destruction and the quest of Vainamoinen and a cast of other characters to retrieve the Sampo, or magical mill, the magical device that brought good fortune to whomever held it. The violent, shamanistic quest of the Kalevala has often been quoted when discussing Tolkien’s world and how he built it. The elvish language, written by Tolkien for his novels, is said to be based partially upon the Finnish in which the poem was originally recorded.

Greek Mythology

This is a slightly more obvious addition to the epic tradition. The myths of old as collected by Hesiod and relayed in the Homeric Hymns, later put into a more grand poetic tradition by Ovid, and of course carried in the epics of Homer, The Iliad and The Odyssey. Most western literature, regardless of how fantastic or epic it is owes its roots to these original works of literature.

There is a reason they are known only as the classics. The monsters, gods, and titans as described by poets of the time are the basis for many of the fantastic creatures found in modern fantasy. The themes of these stories are timeless, showing up again and again in similar works and in modern fantasy epics. Without mythology, it is likely there would be no fantasy.


Beowulf, the first written literature in the English language, first recorded in the Old English in the middle of the 8th or 9th centuries, it is known for its length, especially compared to other old English poems.

The story of the poem itself pits Beowulf, the hero of the Geats, a Germanic Tribe in Sweden travels to Denmark to defeat Grendel, a mysterious beast terrorizing the people. After Grendel, he is forced to defeat Grendel’s mother. When he returns from his triumphs he becomes king of the Geats and later in his life must battle one last foe, the Dragon, which ultimately kills him.

The origins of the story, while always debated, are believed to be Norse, and the concepts largely Germanic, but the tale has endured as the first lasting piece of English literature and rightfully affected those who write epics now. The story’s tale of heroism and revenge, power, and ultimately defeat are common themes alongside the characters and creatures that make up the cast.

Arthurian Legend

Arthurian Legend, as recorded by the likes of Chretien d’Troyes and Jean Bodel, and anonymously in tales such as Gawain and the Green Knight is a classic source of inspiration in film, literature, and music, a series of English language (ironically, first recorded in French) legends of chivalry, magic, and divine providence.

The results are a coda of sorts for the modern fantasy epic, especially those that take place in similar medieval settings with high courts and knights. The ephemeral image that most take with them of Arthur and his court is of a grand tradition of powerful knights on a grand quest to recover the grail or defeat dark forces.

The allegory beneath many of these stories, both religious and political is not lost on modern writers either, many epic fantasies taking the concepts and reutilizing them in their own way metaphorically.

The Bible

The Bible as the most widely read piece of literature in the world has likely had a profound effect on many writers, but the stories within are just as important beyond their religious roots.

The stories, especially in the old testament of Moses, Abraham, and others have been reworked, reworded, and reimagined countless times in modern literature. Along with that, the myths and pagan stories that sprout from many of the origin stories in the bible, as well as the conceptualized messiah figure as shown in many modern epics.

The fantasy work of C.S. Lewis is imbued entirely throughout with Christian allegory, Aslan nothing more than a direct interpretation of Christ. The impact of the Western world’s largest religion of course resonates throughout its literature.

The Divine Comedy

Dante’s massive, three volume trip through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven has also been of major importance in the development of fantasy literature. The approach of religious concepts from a fictional standpoint was for a long time in the history of literature, a touchy area.

Writers like Dante showed how to do it and do it well. Now it’s almost impossible to find a fantasy epic without religious or magically related roots that take on these themes.

Volsunga Saga

Tolkien famously rejected that his work was in any way a derivative of this famous Icelandic Epic. That Icelandic Epic was reworked into the medieval German epic, Nibelungenlied, later translated into Wagner’s Ring Cycle, with the obvious comparisons available to be made.

Many of the motifs of modern fantasy derive from the Norse and German mythologies, both represented in these epics, with the dragon slayer, Siegfried. Tracing any one epic to another is always a risky business, but for those that have seen or read the Ring Cycle, the influences are clear.

Linksys WRT54G Wireless G Router: An Easy, Home-Based Wireless Network

There are hundreds of wireless Broadband Routers on the market, from name and no-brands alike. You can pay as little as $25. for one or as much as $200. At under $50., this Linksys WRT54G simply cannot be beaten and you with speedify review you will know why.

After many years with only a desktop computer at home, I acquired my first laptop. It came equipped with a WiFi card but in order to be able to access my high-speed broadband (cable modem) connection at home, I needed a wireless router. I tried going really cheap (Belkin) first and after having to return two of them, stepped up, modestly, to this Linksys WRT45G (version 8.0.) It is fantastic!

Using the straight forward instructions included in the box, I had it fully installed and working within 30 minutes. The WRT45G is space-age appearing – housed in a blue and black box about 5″ X 7″ X 1.3″ with two adjustable antennas – one on each side – it also hosts the customary set of lights to indicate internet connectivity, modem plugin, power, and four available Ethernet plug-in ports.

Unlike the several other brands I had tried, the Linksys WRT45G installation was easy and answers the usual questions about what to do when as you go along, following the clear directions illustrated and explained right on the installation CD. As a side point, all Linksys products are made by Cisco Systems, long-time computer hardware and server manufacturer for the industry. This, perhaps, reflects in the quality of their Linksys line of products.

It begins with a clear direction to DO NOTHING until prompted to take each step, in sequence, according to the directions. This begins with a categorical warning to NOT unplug ANYTHING until instructed to do so. The installation ambiguities of both the Belkin and LG wireless broadband routers I tried were quite a contrast.

One simple step at a time led to a successful installation! About 35 minutes after I had begun, I had my laptop running online from the other end of the house at full speed! What a delightful experience. A product that actually works by doing exactly what it claimed to do. The Linksys WRT45G worked like a charm from the first try. All I had to do was to carefully and faithfully follow the straight forward, intuitive directions.

For those given to technical specifications, the device operates at a speed of frequency of 2.4 GHz but does not interfere with portable phones or other devices that run in that range, and works at speeds up to 54 Mbps. Adequate by just about any common need standard. My laptop actually operated faster online than the desktop while using it! It was reasonably priced, easy to install, looks really cool, AND works just the way it is supposed to. The Linksys WRT45G. What more could a consumer hope for?

I am hard to please when it comes to electronics. I have returned more than several items because either they did not work as claimed or because the set-up instructions were so complex that I could not get them to work correctly. I am pleased to report that this Linksys WRT45G is a welcome exception to what seems to have become a routine problem – Unnecessarily complex installations that tend to require either a level of technical skill beyond what I, as a modestly ‘amateur – intermediate’ techie have or require the frustrating need of the manufacturers ‘help’ line and the inevitable waits and language complications that tend to go along with it.

Fully compliant with both Windows XP and Vista devices, this WRT45G broadband router provides wireless connectivity for up to four devices equipped to receive wireless broadband signals – without disrupting (as did the Belkins) the necessary functioning of the primary, hard-wired, computer and modem (Cable or DSL.) The st-up includes the option of making your wireless arrangement secure so it cannot be accessed or used by others within range without your consent. It would be foolish to install a device like this without securing it.

I am sure there are a lot of good wireless broadband routers on the market, but for the money, I don’t think you can beat the ease of installation and remarkable performance of the Linksys WRT45G.

Quick Updates for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The holiday season will be here before we know it, and thus the house guests. I am always looking for fun things to do to spice up my home, and the perfect time to take on projects in the Fall. Winter is too cold, Summer is too hot, and in the Spring I just want to do yard work. One of the easiest and most drastic changes you can make to your kitchen is with your cabinets. Here are 10 updates that you can use to spice up your home before the holiday season.

  1. Hardware is the easiest thing to change in any kitchen. Take a trip to your local home improvement store and look through some of the books on the latest kitchens. Look for hardware that catches your eye, fits your budget, and goes with the current styling of your home. If you already have the hardware, you can buy putty the color of your current cabinets to fill any holes that show. However, you should know how to measure drawer slides before you start changing the hardware. 
  1. Changing the color of your cabinets is another quick update. Make sure you are not painting over really expensive wood before you begin. Choose a color that is bold without being loud. Look for complementary colors to those that already exist in your home. Yellows help to create a bright feel, reds create a warm feel but can be overbearing. Just go with something you like.
  1. Open cabinetry is becoming more and more popular. By using tools to remove the center portions of your cabinet doors, you can replace it with glass for a modern feel or fabric for a country feel. You will need to make sure this is what route you want to go as it is a more permanent fix. If you don’t like the results you may end up spending more to fix what you did.
  1. If you have nicer wooden cabinets, you may want to consider re-staining your cabinets. You will need to take a weekend and sand the cabinets down before staining them, but you will be able to choose a stain that coordinates with how you envision your kitchen.
  1. Plain paint may work in some spaces and others may require stencils. Stencils can add that special something to my space and with the use of embossing agents and multi-color projects, you can make your cabinets stand out from your neighborhood and blend in with your kitchen.
  1. Adding frames to the existing exterior of your cabinets can help you create a fresh new look. This works especially well for older cabinets with no decorative touches and those made with flat wood. Adding molding to your cabinets in another color than that of the cabinet will add a decorative touch and help you to create a unique, custom kitchen.
  1. Having your cabinets professionally refaced is another good option. Professional refacers can do everything from simply re-stain the cabinets to sand them down and create new design work in the wood. While this choice is more pricey than most of the rest, it is definitely cheaper than replacing all your cabinets.
  1. Many stores sell aftermarket movable cabinets. By adding these to your existing setup, you can create a different look. You may even decide to take out some of your existing cabinets to create a custom look at a fraction of the price of buying all new cabinets.

  1. If you like the current set up of your cabinets, you may want to look into having just the doors replaced. Many home improvement stores will measure your existing cabinets and offer you different styles to choose from. Again, you need to consider the price of this. If you can’t afford to replace the doors, you may want to look into some of the other options to last you until you save up enough to go all out.
  1. Purchasing new cabinets may be the only way for some to rescue their kitchen. While this may be the most expensive option, you will definitely get a whole new look that fits your style and not the previous owners. Before you take on this task, price cabinets for your kitchen and make sure you can afford them. While kitchens are generally a good investment for homeowners, with current market conditions you may want to look into all your options.

Playing a Carry in League of Legends

The carry is an interesting position in the team composition. While the early game can be very dangerous to the carry, their job is saved for the later portions of the game. Skills and abilities on a carry are generally low to begin with but will scale every level with their item statistics. In the beginning a carry most likely would not be able to take on a regular character by themselves, but eventually they will be able to take on multiple enemies alone.

Team Fights

During team fights the carry will be the main damage output in the late game. This is available to a carry when they are not targeted by the enemy team, so coming in after the tank or initiator is an important part of their job. Carries can be either attack damage oriented or ability power oriented, however the majority of which are basic damage characters. This is because the damage they deal is not reliant on the cool down timer of abilities, rather the constant barrage of attacks.

Because the goal of the carry is to get hit a minimal amount of times, the armor and magic resist of these characters is not a big focus. While this makes the character more likely to die, item abilities like life steal and movement speed to run away, allow for the character to be more efficient in a fight. Some aggressive items allow for greater health points and armor. These can be used as well but should not be stacked.

Things to Remember

Late game ultimate items are very useful for these kinds of characters, and while stacking attack speed and damage can be very useful. Remember that life steal, critical strike chance, and slows are important to a carry. Because many characters at this level are able to remove themselves from combat, crowd control is an important part of the game. The easiest for a carry to gain is slow, this is gained through items and for some characters, abilities.

Slow and steady wins the race and this policy has to be followed in the games as well which is why Pokemon has been a success for nearly two decades and all you require is a Pokemon go account to sail through all the levels.

Be careful when choosing a carry for a game. Make sure that your team composition has what is required for the game to end in a victory. Being a carry in a light team is sometimes very dangerous as your character will be targeted by the opposing team.

Your abilities as the carry can determine the game. Try to support your team mid game, and know that your actions late game can effect the outcome greatly. Early game try to stay under the radar and allow your allies to work their magic. Your job is late game kills and success, always keep that in mind.

What is Starbucks Via?

Perhaps you’ve seen the countdown signs at your local Starbucks telling you how many days until “Via” will be arriving. If you’re still in the dark what “Via” is, it’s going to be the first instant coffee ever offered by Starbucks.

Starbucks is making claims that Via will be as rich and flavorful as their normal brewed Starbucks coffees. This new instant coffee will be available in two strengths: Columbia which will be a mild tasting brew and Italian roast which promises to be a flavorful extra bold tasting brew. The flavor of the traditional coffee blend will be delicious in comparison to the modern one. The beans had been extracted from the hands to offer delicious taste to the person. 

Either version is made from 100% Arabica beans. One of the reasons the coffee, though instant, should taste as good as the brewed coffees is due how the beans are ground. Starbucks will be micro-grinding the coffee to help keep the essential oils and flavors preserved.

Starbucks introduced Via back in February 2009 to London, Chicago, and Seattle. The coffee was also for sale from Costco and Target. Via should be available in the Los Angeles, CA area within the next week (by Sept. 30, 2009). This coffee isn’t aimed toward people who will be drinking their coffee at Starbucks or even taking their coffee to go. This new instant Starbucks is for folks who want that gourmet coffee flavor on the run, perhaps while sitting at their desk during the work day.

Preliminary reviews seem to favor the flavor of the new Via over regular instant coffee. Most people do agree it’s not your “mom’s instant coffee,” but neither is it your coffee house brewed Starbucks.

Via will come pre-packaged in convenient little packets, so all you’ll need to do is add hot water (8 ounces for here in the USA and 6 ounces in the UK). This will make getting your Starbucks fix a little easier, quicker, and bit cheaper. Via will be selling at $2.99 for 3 packs or $9.99 for 12 packs (each pack will make one cup of coffee).

While $1.00 per cup of coffee may be a little steep, even at instant coffee prices it’s not expensive when you think of the cost in “Starbucks dollars.” A grande cup of regular coffee (the smallest cup sold at Starbucks) is around $1.60. So, the price is actually a bit cheaper than a regular cup of “Joe.”

Another item of interest is that this coffee is ethically sourced, which basically means the coffee grower who provide the beans have met certain labor and environmental standards in the coffee production process. The words “ethically sourced” have nothing to do with the coffee being grown via organic means, so please don’t get the terms “ethically sourced” and “organic” confused.

Will Via live up to its hype? Only time will tell and of course more importantly, the consumers.

Nostalgic Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life

Growing up in our household meant that without fail, the hardest person to shop for was our father. Every Father’s Day, Christmas and on each one of his birthdays, we daughters ran around frantically trying to think up gift ideas for our humble father. Time and time again, I found myself giving him presents that never really seemed to capture how much I thought of him. By the time I had reached adulthood, he’d had every tool he was ever going to need and enough mugs to last a lifetime. If you are anything like me, you also understand how difficult buying gifts for the men in your life can be. It is often so hard to find a meaningful gift that really conveys how much you care. Fortunately, I have stumbled across some unique and nostalgic gift ideas that just about any man would appreciate.

The first on my list of nostalgic gift ideas can be found at This is a unique website that sells radio broadcasts from a number of shows which aired during the forties and fifties. From Superman to the Green Hornet, Radiospirits has something for just about every father or grandfather in America. Whether he was crazy over comics or comedies, Radiospirits is the place to go. Prices vary for each broadcast, depending on time increments, which range from 1 to 20 hour collections. Broadcasts are also offered on both cd and cassette and many packages include bonus items such as collector’s cards and other neat memorabilia. The nostalgic ambience of radio broadcast is a great way to take your father back to his own childhood. is another great website riddled with nostalgic gift possibilities. This website contains thousands of movie posters for purchase and is a great service for anyone interested in movies. At Moviegoods, you can purchase a high quality reproduction photo from just about any movie, from any era. They have tons of classic and nostalgic movie posters from Sergio Leone’s “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” to John Sturges “The Great Escape”. Know your father’s favorite old movie? For about 15 bucks, you can purchase an 11″ x 17″ portal in time.

For the particularly nostalgic man, is the way to go. They provide a great way to show tribute to any grandfather. Memoirsink creates memoirs from extensive interviews and other bits of personal information that you provide. If you’ve got the time, money and foresight, Memoirsink can create the ultimate nostalgic gift. The detail involved in each memoir is determined only by the amount of effort you are willing to put in and how much information is provided to the Memoirsink’s writers. The effort and thought put into such a gift is not likely to go unnoticed and will both surprise and impress most.

Finally, the last of my nostalgic gift ideas can be found at Here you can convert all types of old footage onto DVDs. Whether your home videos were captured on 8mm, Super 8mm, or 16mm, Video Conversion Experts can most likely transfer the footage. Scour your attic for those nostalgic home videos of first birthdays, vacations and other family traditions. Or maybe you just want to restore some old photos or footage. Either way, let the Video Conversion Experts transform your father’s happiest memories. The results will be a tribute so great it will bring any father to tears.

But if you want to give a gift that is somewhat stylish, you may want to consider a minimalist wallet. Gone are the days when men’s wallets were big and bulky. Today, thin and small wallets are the hype and trend.

This holiday season, show your father or grandfather how much they really mean to you. Instead of that new bestseller, surprise them with something a little more nostalgic. You will be glad you did.

How to Get Started Your Home Business with Minimal Cost?

Do you wish to make money online by launching your own home business? If so, there might be certain questions that are uppermost in your mind, how to begin, how much would it cost, where to get help from, and the like. It is now possible to begin an online business with a very low investment. Anybody with some knowledge of the Internet can build his/her own website from the many sites that offer websites without any cost. However, you would need to pay a small sum to host it. It is recommended that you take some affiliate spots on payment.

You can use the Internet to begin your home business. It would be good if you could spend a few hours learning more about your home business. Even after building your site, you would need to update yourself regularly and put in hours of work until your site starts to get picked by search engines. Besides that, you should also be paying attention to the design of your website. For that, you have project scope document template that offers you a modern and attractive template for your website. It is a wonderful feeling to see your website to improve its rankings steadily. When you work from home it might take you some months before you start to make any significant amount of profit.

Your website is the main focus of your business. Once it starts to operate, you will have to improve its chances of getting picked up by the search engines. It is good to have many links that lead to your site. There are a number of websites where you will find those important backlinks.

Some of the basic steps that are required to get you started on your home business are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

While choosing to name your website it is important that you use keywords that are relevant to the objectives of the business. The keywords should be such that most of the searchers are able to find your site while looking for the products and services provided by you. Using the right keywords will improve the visibility of your site.

  1. Directory submission:

Another way you can get backlinks to your site is by submitting your site to many directories. There would be many sites where you can make free submissions while there are some directories that might require you to pay a fee.

  1. Blogging:

This is another way to improve the rankings of your site. It can be done by posting keyword-rich articles on your site. This will help the search engines to find your site easily when the searchers type in the keywords that you have on your website.

  1. Marketing articles:

This is another way to attract traffic to your site. You can post some articles that have the keywords mentioned in them. It is also important that you use fresh articles at regular intervals.

  1. Social Bookmarking:

When you share bookmarks online it helps to make your site more noticeable. Stumbleupon, Diigo, Furl,, and Onlywire are a few sites that would help you to increase the visibility of your sites.

Planning To Get a Pug? Here Are The Things That You Need To Know

If you are planning to get and own a pug, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some of the important things that you should know before getting a pug. Knowing these things will help you do some adjustments towards the needs and behavior of the pug. Hence, you can be a responsible and loving pet owner.

Pugs are smart

If you’re thinking that pugs are just purely cute and that they are not smart just like other dogs. You are wrong. Just because they don’t belong to the breeds of dogs who are considered as ‘work dogs’ doesn’t mean that they are not smart. Actually, pugs are smart and they can be trained easily just like any other dogs. They can be trained with skills such as tracking, agility, scent detection and even working with seniors. So if you are getting a pug, it is advisable to provide them with training and workout.

They love to eat almost anything

Another thing that you importantly need to know before getting a pug is that they are food driven. They do really love to eat almost anything. Some pug owners say that they have seen their pugs eat doughnuts, sticks, pasta noodles, gums and even lollipops. Pugs don’t give up their treat that easy if you are getting them to drop the food. So as a pug owner, it is advisable that you ensure that you don’t leave any food on the floor that they might reach and eat easily. You also have to be strict to their diet.

House train might be a challenge

Generally, pugs are not fond of inclement weather. This would mean that it would be challenging for you to get your pugs to the bathroom during a snowstorm or get them out the house during a very hot day. Hence, you should be patient in reinforcing any outdoor pottying. You have to encourage and train your pet to adapt to the weather condition regardless how much they resist. But in doing so, you have to keep in mind that pugs are only encouraged through positive reinforcement. Using punishment is certainly not advisable.

They love to follow you everywhere

If you easily get irritated by the behavior of dogs or pets in general that follow their owners everywhere, then probably, pugs are not the right pets for you. This is because pugs will follow you around everywhere. Whether it is in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or in any other parts of your house, pugs will surely love to follow you. Yes, there are really clingy. So if you are fine with this behavior, you can get a pug as a pet.

Pugs are prone to health problems

Another important thing that you should know about pugs is that they are prone to health problems. Pugs in general usually get some health issues. Some of these include eye and nose fold care, breathing problems, food allergies, eye scratches and a higher than normal tendency to react to vaccines. This means that pugs are really high maintenance. You really have to spend some money on medicine and other things they need to make sure that they are healthy, safe and free from any health issues. You also have to bring your pug to vet regularly to have him checked.

They love some physical activities

If you think that pugs are couch potatoes and lazy, you are wrong. Yes, pugs enjoy naps but they do also lobe some activities like regular playtime and walks. So if you are quite busy at work or at your business, you definitely need to look for a dog walker because a pug cant hold its small bladder for that long. Giving your pugs some activities and playtime will also help your pet to have a healthy body. So make sure your pugs are active physically so they wont get health problems. Dogs being trained to electric fence are usually healthy.

They shed a lot

You also need to know that pugs do shed a lot. Hence, you should take time to consider removing or at least covering your couch, carpet, kitchen, chairs, clothes and bed. But the good news is, since pugs are smart, you can easily train them to shred on one place only. This will help you to get rid of the hassle of removing dirt on such items. But then again, make sure that you are using positive reinforcement when training your dog instead of punishment.

Overall, when planning to adapt a dog pet, it is advisable to do some research first about the breed in order to avoid heartaches and headaches. It is important to know all the important things about the behavior of the dog so you can easily adjust to it.