ACRA Permanent Hair Removal Device

ACRA Permanent Hair Removal Device

December 25, 2019 Off By George

One proven method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. Electrolysis works by inserting a needle into the hair shaft and a current pass through the hair follicle which then completely destroys the hair follicle preventing any hair growth. This device is certainly effective in getting rid of unwanted hairs permanently but then again it has its own downsides too. The process of inserting needle in the skin over and over again can be very painful. You have to insert the needle again and again since you have to treat each hair. Penetrating your skin with the needle certainly makes you high risk of infection.

A new product is introduce in the market today, your very own electrolysis system where you can do at home at such affordable price. You do not have to go to salon to do this procedure but you can do this anytime at home. The new ACRA Permanent Hair Removal Device is operated by AC power. This device melts hair follicles permanently by generating sodium hydroxide in the hair shaft. The device comes with a tweezers to aid you remove coarse hairs. This device is as indigenous as the PRP therapy which seeks to provide wholesome treatment to the patient.

When you buy ACRA permanent hair removal device, the kit usually includes the ACRA unit, Galvanic tweezers, conductivity gel, wrist strap, patch and tweezer cords, Quick set-up guide and AC cord. This device comes with a one year warranty,

A word of caution though, this device should not be use if you are under18 years of age, if you are pregnant, if you are suffering from diseases like heart problems, diabetes, cancer and epilepsy, if you have some skin condition like eczema and psoriasis, don’t use it in open wounds or burns and don’t use in sensitive areas like eyelids, genitals, the carotid area in the neck or in the nose. One more important thing is do not use the device if you have a pacemaker or any other electronic implants in the body.

How does this device work? Just plug in the power and tweezer cord to the ACRA gadget. Apply the conductivity gel to the area you want to get rid of your unwanted hair with a cotton swab. There are three settings that you can choose. You select the desired intensity setting for you. Seize the hair with the galvanic tweezers close to the skin but not touching it. Once you have seize the hair the current will be automatically activated. You will know when to pluck the hair when the alarm will sound. After that you can do it again till you have remove all the unwanted hair you want to get rid off.

So why spend for thousands of dollars in other methods of getting rid of your unwanted hair when you can buy this at such affordable price and what is more, you can do it anytime and in the convenience of your home.