An Alternative to Liposuction, Lipo-Dissolve

An Alternative to Liposuction, Lipo-Dissolve

December 24, 2019 Off By George

It is a known fact that many of us wish we were about 20 years younger. However, the burning question is, how far are we willing to go and how much are we willing to spend to look younger despite the fact that our bodies continue to age?

Lipo-dissolve is marketed as an alternative to liposuction. It involves a series of medicated injections that dissolve localized areas of fat accumulation. The process goes something like this.

* Unwanted fat cells accumulate around our stomach, buttocks, chin, thighs, arms, etc

* Micro injections of PCDC dissolve the cells of fat

* The fat cells, in turn, absorb the PCDC, become slightly inflamed, and then harden

* The hardened cells break down and within a few weeks are excreted out of the body

The needles are very small, about the same size that doctors used to give Botox or insulin injections. The injections are repeated every two weeks for a total of about six treatments. Most patients claim to see a noticeable difference after four treatments. Some of the side effects after the injection may include a burning in the area of the injection, and some swelling. Which is the body responding to the injection. The burning can last 30-45 minutes, while the swelling may last from one to two weeks. However, most of the swelling should subside after two or three days.

The reason given for the swelling is the destruction of the fat cells and the eventual deposit of collagen and other proteins in the affected area. The collagen and other proteins are what lead to the tightening and the smoothing of the skin. The fat and other cellular debris are then excreted out of the body. The swelling and bloating may be somewhat uncomfortable, but should not hinder anyone from going on with their normal daily routines.

Before undergoing this routine, the medical history of the patient is checked. The patient needs to be healthy, with a body mass index (BMI) under 30. Those patients who are pregnant or nursing, have allergies, active cancer, liver/kidney disease uncontrolled diabetes, or circulatory disorders are turned away as candidates for lip-dissolve.

It is also stressed very highly that lipo-dissolve is not a weight loss program or an excuse to eat the wrong foods. Rather, it is a body sculpturing process that removes fat from specific areas that are a problem to the patient.

Choose a Qualified Specialist

Do not be afraid to ask the specialist questions.

* Check out his or her credentials and training in this area

* Ask to view before and after photos of real patients

* Ask about the ingredients and the amount of medication being used

* Ask how many treatments may be required

* Tell the specialist about all your medications you are taking or are planning to take. Ask if there will be any interaction of drugs

Before You Run to a Specialist

This may sound like the perfect solution to help get rid of that extra fat attached to your thighs or the extra pocket of fat that attached itself around your waist after menopause, but here are a few things to consider.

* The FDA has not yet approved the lip-dissolve for cosmetic use in the United States

* The FDA needs more supporting data in the United States than is required in Europe. The data will need to demonstrate the safety and the effectiveness of the medication before receiving a stamp of approval from the FDA

* After the treatments, the patient will need to maintain a proper diet and exercise regime. The patient will also need to have their hormone levels regulated.

And Then There is the Cost

Fat removed from under the eyes and chin will obviously cost less than fat removal from the stomach or thighs. The costs will vary from around $375 to $1500 per treatment. Now remember, there may be up to six treatments that are required.

The liposuction cost in Michigan is way more than in any other state and rightly so, as it considered the best in the entire united states.