Beginner’s Sewing Project: Tri-Fold Wallet

Beginner’s Sewing Project: Tri-Fold Wallet

March 20, 2020 Off By George

Once you get the hang of sewing it’s really hard to stop! You want to move onto yet another project as soon as you finish one! Okay, let’s do that! Use a piece of ordinary felt to make yourself a tri-fold wallet that’s easy and useful. It won’t take much experience – or any fancy stitches – to make the wallet.

A tri-fold wallet can be small when folded, like the size of a man’s wallet that fits in a pocket, or can be much longer, for carrying in a purse. The wallet size you make is up to you but you’ll use the same basic steps to create the wallet no matter what size you want it to be. Start by laying out a piece of felt on a table. The minimalist leather wallet will come in trifold facility for men to keep in the pockets. Due to the folding, the sale of the product is increasing and attaining popularity in the market.

You’re going to cut a rectangle of fabric that’s three times as long as the folded wallet. So, if you want the folded wallet to be four inches long, cut the felt to be twelve inches. Cut the piece of material so that it’s twice as wide as you really need – minus an inch. So, if you want the finished wallet to be 4″ wide, after it’s folded, cut the piece to be 7″ wide.

Lay the felt in front of you so that the long side is facing you. Take the bottom edge and fold it an inch from the top edge. Stitch down the left and right side of the felt. Fold the right side of the felt over to the left, then fold the left side over the top of it. Stitch on a Velcro dot or snap as a closure.

Although that version of the tri-fold wallet is finished there are nicer ones you can make with a little more effort. For example, when the fabric is lying in front of you, fold the bottom edge an inch from the top, then make the tri-fold. Crease the folds well so that you can plainly see them. Open the tri-fold up but leave the piece folded in half.

On the right third of the wallet, cut small squares of felt, then stitch them onto that area. Position them so that they appear as small slits, like those found inside a regular wallet, where you can slide in credit cards. Place one square towards the top of this section of the wallet, and sew down both sides and across the bottom. Position another square over that one, but place the edge of the second one just below the edge of the first one. Sew down both sides and across the bottom. Continue doing this to add as many credit card slots as you want.

The tri-fold wallet is not a very challenging craft for someone who has learned a basic straight stitch. It can be decorated by using fabric glue to attach appliques, cloth cutouts or other embellishments. It’s quick, easy, inexpensive, and a good way for you to get in some more practice!