Belly Fat Diet: Surprising Facts About “Health Food” and Targeting Belly Fat

Belly Fat Diet: Surprising Facts About “Health Food” and Targeting Belly Fat

February 1, 2019 Off By George

So you want to target the extra pounds around your stomach with a specific belly fat diet? While you cannot target fat in certain areas of your body – you must lose fat all over – there are some things you can do to start melting those pounds away.

If you’ve read my other articles on this site, then you understand that “diets” and “dieting” as we know them do NOT work. Therefore, when I refer to the word “diet” on this site unless otherwise noted, I am referring to the foods that we eat on an everyday basis. Now that we’ve got that established, let’s dive into a belly fat diet that will help you lose pounds all over and create a healthier, happier you.

First, let’s discuss a couple of health foods, that while still very much nutritious, are likely causing you to GAIN weight instead. You may be surprised.


You may have heard that whole grains make up part of an impressive list of fat burning foods. This is correct. While most of us think of whole wheat bread and pasta when we imagine whole grained foods, wheat can actually work against fat loss efforts. A large percentage of the population has some degree of intolerance to the gluten in wheat. As a matter of fact, many are allergic to wheat and some other whole grains and don’t even know it. Those with celiac disease are the most sensitive to gluten.

In reality, wheat was introduced to the human diet only around 2,000 years ago, and our digestive systems have never really adapted to consuming large amounts of this food. Especially the large quantities we started consuming over the last 100 years. Considering that the human digestive system developed over several hundred thousands of years eating only meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and nuts, we’ve introduced a foreign substance in record quantities over a very short period of time.

Mike Geary, a certified nutrition specialist and founder of the extremely popular and successful “Truth About Abs” program, has found that many of his clients who refrain from eating wheat start to see a “huge” difference in the speed of their weight loss in just a short 2-3 weeks time. In addition, many of these same clients also got rid of headaches and indigestion – and even some skin problems – that have plagued them for years. You can read more of Mike’s safe and effective belly fat diet secrets by clicking here.

Fruit juice

Fruit juice is making us fat. While still somewhat nutritious, all those glasses of orange, grape and apple juice are packing on pounds and escalating dangerous belly fat. But let me make one thing clear. Fruit is 100% healthy and beneficial as part of an effective belly fat diet and doesn’t let anyone tell you otherwise. However, fruit has always been meant to be consumed as a whole – pulp, juice and all. When you remove just the high-calorie, sugary juice and toss the rest, then all you get is lots of calories and none of the appetite suppressing goodness of the fruit’s fiber. Therefore, you just end up craving more carbs. In addition, the fiber in the fruit body not only helps keep your blood sugar in check, but it also contains most of the fruit’s vitamins and minerals.

Foods you can eat for the best belly fat diet

In my “foods that burn fat” and “fat burning food” articles, you can read in more depth how foods like skim milk, citrus, beans and more can be used as tools in your weight loss efforts. But, here’s a gem that I don’t mention on those pages – whey protein. The amino acids it contains help burn fat and build muscle. And replacing fat with muscle is your ticket to losing those unwanted pounds.

Also, spice up your meals with the little cheese that could. Sprinkle on an ounce of fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, which is rich in calcium and has been shown to activate fat burning hormones. This low-cal cheese also has the highest protein content of any dairy product.

An effective belly fat diet is as much about what you should not eat as what you should. Since belly fat is the most dangerous type of fat, it makes sense that you work to get rid of it now. Click here to read our other tips on how to get a flat belly.