Bowling For Beginners

Bowling For Beginners

November 27, 2019 Off By George

Bowling is a game/sport where you throw a ball down a lane and try to knock down as many of the 10 pins as possible. The bowler will have two chances to knock all 10 pins down. The will bowl 10 frames. The score will be calculated each frame and your final score will be calculated after you finish the 10th frame is completed.


Each pin is worth 1 point. There are spares and strikes. A spare is when you knock down all 10 pins with two balls. A strike is when you knock down all 10 pins in one ball.

A spare is worth 10 plus the next ball. So if you spare the first frame and hit 5 pins with the first ball in the 2nd frame, your score will be 15 in the first frame.

A strike is worth 10 plus your next two balls. So if you strike in the first frame and hit 5 with the first ball and 2 with the second ball in the 2nd frame, your score will be 17 in the first frame and 24 in the second frame.


When you’re bowling you have to wear certain shoe’s. These bowling shoe’s have a pad that allows you to slide when you throw the ball. If you were to just try bowling in regular shoe’s you would stick and most likely fall. When choosing a shoe size you should choose a half size smaller because bowling shoe’s normally run smaller than regular shoe’s. You want the bowling shoe to fit comfortably.


If you are a beginner you likely do not have your own pair of bowling ball, meaning you will have to use a house ball. A house ball is normally a plastic covered ball with pre-drilled holes. The weights normally run from 6-15 pounds. Sometimes finding a house ball that fits your hand perfectly is hard, but most of the time you can find a ball that will fit your hand well enough to bowl. Even if you are a beginning bowler, but you plan on bowling a lot, you should buy a bowling ball that is a good weight for you and have it drilled to fit your hand. A ball that fits your hand will feel more comfortable and you will be able to learn how that bowl reacts to the lane, which will help improve your score.

Lane Placement

On the lane there are arrows which you can use to help you aim the ball. For beginning bowlers they should try aiming with the middle arrow which will help you hit the head pin. Hitting the head pin will give you a better chance at knocking down the most pins. Once you get used to using the arrows it will start to feel natural.

Practice PracticePractice

This is the most important step for beginning bowlers. Practice is what will make you a better bowler. It takes practice , practice and more practice to get better. No one can step on a lane and bowl a 300 with out practice. You should use the arrows while you practice. The more you practice using the arrows you will find your spot on the lane that is best for you.

Final Thoughts

These are just some things that can help a beginning bowler learn the basics of bowling. Most if not all bowling alley’s have electronic scoring systems that add up the score for you, but is still good to know how to add the score up yourself. Unlike a ball you can normally find a pair of shoe’s that will fit your feet. So if you want you can buy a ball and pair of shoe’s which will make bowling more comfortable. Its practicing, learning your arrows, having a ball that fits your hand, and a pair of shoes that fit your feet will make beginning bowler a better bowler.

You should never overdo anything. You should check out, where you can buy bowling balls that are suitable for your skill level. You can look at several bowling tips and best bowling bowls.