Bum Marketing; A Beginner’s Guide to Article Marketing

Bum Marketing; A Beginner’s Guide to Article Marketing

April 12, 2020 Off By George

As the internet evolves, so do the ways internet marketers use to profit from it. The most recent trend in internet marketing is a new method nicknamed “bum marketing”. Bum marketing is also known as article marketing. Why is it called bum marketing? It is called bum marketing because it is so cheap to do that even a bum can do it. There is very little to no cash outlay to get started and the returns can be simply phenomenal!

Bum marketing (also known as article marketing in many circles) in its simplest form, is simply the process of writing articles on various topics and including links in those articles to your products or services that are for sale. These links can be affiliate links to tangible products such as eBooks or physical items or they can be links to services. If you know anything about keywords and SEO, these articles will hopefully become indexed by Google and several other search engines and rank highly on them. As people search using keywords that you’ve included in your articles, they will land on your articles, read them, and follow the links you’ve placed in them to the goods or services that you are promoting. If you get good at it, you will begin to see laser-targeted traffic arriving on your doorstep and eager to buy!

Although it sounds rather easy, it is critical that you know a little about keyword research and SEO. These two pieces of the puzzle are what actually drives the traffic so do your homework on these topics before getting into bum marketing at any level. For example, instead of writing your bum marketing articles about “fishing”, you should write about “trout fishing in New Jersey”. The more targeted keywords may get fewer searches than the broader terms but using the targeted terms will allow your bum marketing articles to rank higher in search results for those specific terms. This, in turn, will generate more targeted traffic to your bum marketing articles!

As you get better and better at writing your bum marketing articles, you will get a good feel for what keywords work best. Once you get the hang of the SEO and keyword parts, your bum marketing efforts will begin to grow exponentially, providing you with more and more profit each month. Of all internet marketing opportunities available on the web today, bum marketing is the simplest to learn and is potentially the most lucrative. Knowing this, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be doing it. Use it to drive profits. Use it to drive traffic to your website. Use it to drive traffic to your auctions. Are you getting my point yet? Start writing your bum marketing articles today and tap into the huge traffic stream this marketing method can produce. For further rankings, there can be gathering of the information about the top seo experts 2020 for the business person. The selection of the right article should be done for the information.