Can a Candida Yeast Infection Be Serious?

Can a Candida Yeast Infection Be Serious?

February 14, 2019 Off By George

For the most part, a Candida yeast infection is not a serious condition. Is it bothersome and annoying? Yes! Is it irritating and painful Yes! But it is not usually very serious.

The Candida organisms are always present on our skin and all over our bodies. They are there to help fight infections and keep us healthy. Occasionally due to some other interference are they weakened and become outnumbered by bad bacteria which end up causing us to have a Candida yeast infection. Curing it then is simply a matter of reestablishing the good bacteria count. This is normally quite easily done by using a natural yeast control treatment or an over the counter medication or cream from the drug store.

There are some instances, however, when a Candida yeast infection can become a more serious condition. If left untreated, the Candida infection can spread to other organs such as the liver or spleen. This is a very rare occurrence and usually only happens to people who already have a very compromised immune system.

Some example might be people who have Aids or those who are undergoing cancer treatments since these medications and treatments destroy much of the good bacteria in our systems. Those who fall into this category are most likely already under the care of a doctor, and in a lot of cases are hospitalized as well so they are being monitored constantly for complications of this sort.

For most of us, Candida infections are simply irritating and disruptive to daily living. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water and staying in a positive frame of mind are preventative ways to prevent a Candida yeast infection from taking hold.