Can Micro needles Remove Your Scar? Are They Safe To Use?

Can Micro needles Remove Your Scar? Are They Safe To Use?

February 18, 2022 Off By George

Do you have scars or stretch marks you want to treat with micro needles? There are many amazing benefits to micro needle therapy, but does it work? Micro needles are tiny needles that puncture through your skin’s surface. They’re usually made from titanium or plastic, and they’re used to create a controlled wound, releasing a large amount of liquid into the body surrounding the needles. Micro needles can be used in several medical procedures, including hair removal, acne treatment, tattoo treatment, and scar removals.

What Are Microneedles?

Microneedles are small, thin needles used for various purposes, including facial fillers and to treat aging, acne scars, and stretch marks. They can also be used in a system for laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and stimulating collagen production. Microneedles are made of titanium and feature a wheel-like design that increases blood flow to treated areas. This increased flow helps with collagen production and remodeling of the skin to provide a firmer, tighter, younger-looking appearance without any scars or other types of side effects.

The main benefit of  microneedling is that you don’t have to take any drugs or use them with invasive procedures. Instead, it produces an immediate effect on your body by placing new cells directly in the wound, so you can watch as your body repairs itself in front of you.

Are Microneedles Safe To Use?

Microneedles are safe for someone who knows what they’re doing. When getting microneedle therapy, the most important thing is making sure you go to a qualified medical practitioner. They should have proper training and have medical knowledge. Although microneedle therapy for scars and stretch marks is safe, it’s not recommended for anyone with immune system problems or a serious condition that will affect their skin after the procedure.

Microneedles have been gaining popularity as alternatives to chemical peels, injections, and lasers. They reportedly offer all the benefits without the long-term effects.  Best Microneedling only use the force of natural cells and a small amount of pressure to heal scars, stretch marks, or thinned skin as an injection would.

How Are Microneedles Used?

These Micro needles penetrate only a fraction of a millimeter into the skin since they’re so small. They do this by placing them below the top layer of skin and between epidermal cells. While they don’t pierce through the epidermis as skin piercings do, micro needles cause bleeding to increase oxygen flow and accelerate healing. They can be used to treat all kinds of dark spots, scars, stretch marks, aging, and even acne breakouts. The needles are placed into the skin using a small handheld device that pushes them across the surface area with gentle pressure.

They begin to produce collagen after ten to twenty minutes of being in place. You should also consider this treatment if you’re able to live with the results of your treatment. To get the best results from microneedling, you may need more than one session, like 4-5 sessions in total.