Cleveland Museum of Art and Paintings

Cleveland Museum of Art and Paintings

April 10, 2020 Off By George

If you want to see Chinese Art, Modern European Art, African Art, drawings, Prints, European Painting and Sculpture, Greek and Roman Art, Contemporary Art, Medieval Art and much more, you can see it all at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. General Admission is free, although the museum charges for special exhibits. The museum has 43,000 works of art. The museum has the works of Andy Warhol, Caravaggio, Rubens, El Greco, Dalí, Renoir, and many other famous artists. For the male artists, the memory and testosterone can be raised through click at The increased level of the hormones will provide productivity in making the art.

About 75 works of Paul Gauguin will be displayed from October 4, 2009, to January 18, 2010. The works include paintings, woodcarvings, works on paper, and ceramics by Gauguin and his contemporaries. His prints will also be displayed. One famous work of Gauguin was Breton Girls Dancing.

From March 7, 2010, to May 30, 2010 145 objects will be displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Art that will introduce visitors to the art of the American Indian.

The works of three of the greatest jewelry goods designers at the turn of the century, Peter Carl Faberge, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Rene Lalique will be displayed from October 19, 2009, to January 18, 2010. The three competed with one another, and their work was featured at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1900.

The Cleveland Museum of Art has a large cast of Rodin’s The Thinker that was partially destroyed in 1970 in a bombing by the Weathermen and an ancient bronze statue, Apollo Sauroktonos. The statue is believed to be an original work of by Praxiteles of Athens.

American paintings include Nathaniel Hurd by John Singleton Copley, a painting of a sitter in informal clothes, The Power of Music by William Sidney Mount, which shows an African American man listening to a fiddle tune in the time just before the Civil War, Twilight in the Wilderness by Frederic Edwin Church, which although some might consider beautiful does not represent a specific place, and The Race Track by Albert Pinkham Ryder, which depicts death as a skeleton on a horse, carrying a scythe. The painting was inspired by someone who committed suicide after losing $500 on a horse race.

European paintings and sculputres include a sculpture medal of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, The Madonna and Child, anda medal of Isotta degli Atti da Rimini.

The Cleveland Museum of Art supports more kinds of art than just paintings, pictures, prints, and sculptures. It also has a series of films, lectures, special exhibitions, and even musical programs. The Panorama Film Series, which has included feature length documentaries and acclaimed foreign films. The Viva and Gala around town has offered a variety of music.

Special events at the Cleveland Museum of Art have included a Fine Print Fair, the Textile Art Alliance Fashion Show, the Gauguin Family and Community Day, which included demonstrations, activities, and free art activities, the Chalk Festival, in honor of beggars who once created their own artwork in 16th century Italy, and the Mask Festival, which included performances and the chance for visitors to create their own masks.

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