College Living: Choosing Between Dorms and Off Campus Apartments

College Living: Choosing Between Dorms and Off Campus Apartments

April 9, 2020 Off By George

When seeking to attend college, many students are concerned with what they will study or what types of activities they will become involved in. However, one of the most important decisions you will make as a student, is where you will stay. It will be important to look for a condo for sale so that you can find a comfortable accommodation. You will need to decide the best of living that will allow you to get the most out of your college experience by saving money, keeping focused and managing your responsibilities. Most students, will choose between living on dorms as opposed to living on campus, so which is the best option for the college student. Here are a few things to ask yourself.

Can I afford it?

Surprisingly enough, many prospective college students have no idea what the cost differential is between college dorms and off campus apartments. While off campus living may seem more trendy, it certainly isn’t cheaper. The typical rent in Manhattan, according to the New York Times, for a one-bedroom apartment, is about $3,100 per month. Whereas, a one-bedroom dorm apartment, according to Columbia University’s Earth Institute, can go as low as $490 per month. This price is just a fraction of what you could pay for the same type of apartment in the City. Many colleges even offer housing to their students per semester, which allows them to stay for around for months for a low flat fee. As a student you will need to factor in the cost of, not only rent, but the travel expenses involved in commuting.

Do I have the time?

Most off campus college students who choose to commute to and from school find that much of their day is consumed in traveling. This is valuable time that could be spent studying, working or preparing for the next day. If your after school responsibilities require a great deal of attention, traveling back and forth could be a great disadvantage. Most students find, as they take more and more classes, most courses are not offered consecutively, and do not allow for much flexibility. You may find yourself, one semester, with some of your courses being offered at various times throughout the day. You may find yourself needing driving home after a late night class, while you could have enjoyed the freedom of living right on campus.

Can I stay focused?

With the flexibility and affordability that on-campus housing provides, oftentimes, it can be distracting place to live. Most students find that there grades suffer during their stay on campus and end up moving to off campus residences, for a better study environment. Because of the many students attending college at the same time, it can tend to get crowded. This may not be the best atmosphere to enable students to stay focused. Students find living in off campus apartments to be a much more relaxed atmosphere that provides a good study environment. As a student, you will have to decide whether you may need to forgo all of the benefits of staying on campus to be able to stay focused.

College offers may incentives for students who are looking for accommodation. This can often mean offering lower prices than that of the traditional off campus apartments and providing a convenient location for students to travel to and from class. However, many college dorms, do not provide the study environment that most students seek to learn under. It is up to you to decide what the best option is required to have a successful college career.