Creative Potting Ideas To Make Gardening More Fun

November 25, 2019 Off By George

Owning a home and decorating it is everyone’s dream but a home with garden is cherry on a cake. Waking up to garden full of blooming flowers is as refreshing as thinking about it. So, if you are planning to re-decorate your beloved garden, then I have lot of aesthetic options to create you garden with a beautiful potting bench. Let’s start to recreate the magic.

Market is full of best garden potting bench, but instead of spending the hard earned money, make it yourself with these DIY ideas.

Storage Table

Decorate the cabinets with flower pots with underneath storage will doubles the shed for your mini garden. You can also hand tools on it to get them handy when repotting.

Multi-functional Pallet Potting Station

You can design a potting bench with multiple small compartments to separate each pot to ensure every flowerpot looks different. You can adjust the compartments as per the size of the flower pot and can also keep gardening tools in any of the compartment. Paint it in different vibrant colors to make it look more beautiful.

Up-cycled Potting Table

Got some old wooden board? Great! Create your own vintage looking, beautiful potting bench. Mold it as per your requirement and paint it in some earthy shades to give an antique look.

Fence Board Bench

Make your own bench with the help of some fence boards for some extremely aesthetic space and natural look. The wood color looks good in open spaces and garden, hence, preferred by many. Decorate it with some colorful pots and quotes.

Old Door Potting Idea

Use your old unused door for pots. Turn it into a functional and wonderful bench to organize all your potting needs, e.g. seeds, pots, gardening tools etc. It will not only look stylish but also functional.

Fire Place Potting Place

Create your potting place with unused and old fire place giving a warn touch to your garden.

Tool Organizer and Shaded Potting Station

In shaded potting station, you can hang hanging flower pots and also organize your gardening tools at a same place. You can also decorate the top with extended money plant.

Kitchen Sink Pot

Redesigned you home, have a spare kitchen sink. Utilize it for you patio, garden or shed.

Tiled and Tidy Garden Tool Casket

Use Old wood, doors, transport pallets, fence, basins or dressers to create gardening tool casket. Keep all your gardening accessories handy by transforming it into a beautiful bench to keep your favorite pots.

Tree Bench

Make a bench around a big tree in your garden decorate it friendly color pots with minimalistic flowers giving it an aura of closeness.

Old Study Table Bench

Discarding your old study table, well stop! Utilize it in your garden to keep, gardening stuff handy. Also you can use the drawers to keep seeds and soil.

Foldable Potting Idea

If you are short of space, then foldable potting table will certainly going to help you. You can keep it folded when not in use.

Rot-iron Potting Bench

You can add some charm to your garden using a rot-iron stand. Illustrate it with exotic flowers and money plant to add some greenery.


If you a fan of wooden baskets and chalkboards, you are surely going to love this innovation. Make a bench using a chalkboard and decorate it in vintage style using bottle vase, wooden toy truck and some fancy quote.

Steel Bench

The minimalist and modern steel bench will definitely shine in small and big backyards.

Cabinet Potting Bench

Keep all your unsightly gardening supplies in cabinet and your favorite planters and jars at display.

Potting Bench with Thermal Cover

Save your plants in rough environment by using a bench with thermal cover.

Ladder Bench

Use a wooden or metallic ladder to stack your favorite plants and pots to add an ancient touch your garden. You can also use it, if you have a tiny or a kitchen garden.

So, the benefit you will get with these potting bench is that instead of stooping on the ground, you get a comfortable height to take care of your plants along with a space to keep soil, tools and pots handy.

Just remember few things, that these benches are generally exposed to nature, so make sure that you choose the right product according to the city and climate you live in to make the garden bloom.