Disadvantages Of Hair Botox Treatment

Disadvantages Of Hair Botox Treatment

January 27, 2020 Off By George

In the world of cosmetology, hair is always one of the physical features that people want to enhance more. With this, a lot of people want to know the disadvantages and advantages of hair beauty treatments. One of the most popular and considered to be most effective hair treatment is hair botox. Basically, botox refers to the injections of the botulinic toxin used to remove unwanted wrinkles form our faces. However, hair botox is quite different from such method. It is not applied using an injection nor any needles by penetrating your scalp. Instead, hair botox is usually done on the exterior parts of the hair. There are sevral advnatages of using hair botox such as split ends repair, nourishes mistreated hair, makes any kinds of hair soft, shiny, thin or thick. It is also used to repair fibers and reduce frizz. With all of these benefits of hair botox, a lot of people are turning into this kind of treatment.  One of the best things about hair botox is that it doesnt use any toxic products for your hair such as formaldehyde. This elements is usually present in keratin and straightening treatment.  However, just like a coin with two sides, hair botox has both advantages and disadvantages. Hence, while there are several benefits, it is unavoidable that this treatment may also impose some negative effects.  These are the following:


Just like any process or treatment, hair botox goes to the same adage,. The better treatment, the more expensive it is. In this treatment, we are not talking about shampoo or traditional hair products. Hair botox uses some elements that collagen, vitamin E and vitamin B-5 in order to fix any split ends in your hair. Generally, hair botox is made up of complex formula for restoration of your hair. This is the reason why hair botox is quite expensive.

It can rip you off

Another disadvantages of hair botox is that it can be a medium of scammers especially now in the age of modernization where information can be easily spread online. If you are not extra careful, you can be a victim of imitations and flase promises. Thus, it is advisable to always check for the comments and reviews of tye products before buying them both online and offline. This will protect you from any scam.

It requires aftercare series

In order to extend the benefits and positive effects of hair botox, you need an aftercare series for your hair. You should also be aware that not every treatment ahs the same effect in everyone’s hair. What effective to other girls may not be effective on you. Hence, doing aftercare series would always be the best action in order to keep and maintain the healthiness of your hair.

It cant be DIY

Lastly, it is not advisable to do it your own way when applying hair botox. Although this Cosmetic is a non-invasive injectable treatment, it still needs to be performed and applied by a professional. More than anything else, your safety and healthiness should always be the number one priority. So you should never compromise it with the thinking of saving money from doing it yourself when applying botox, Always remember that it is advisable to be performed by a professional.