Double Edged Fat Loss Review: See If Its Worth For A Try

Double Edged Fat Loss Review: See If Its Worth For A Try

January 21, 2020 Off By George

In this article I want to provide a short review of the Double Edged Fat Loss program. If you’re thinking about getting this review for yourself, make sure to read this article through first to get the full picture… This could be a possible alternative to CoolSculpting Cosmetic Skin procedure, or the common weight loss programs available today. 

What is Double Edged Fat Loss? 

This is a fitness plan that was created by Dr. Kareem Samhouri, a metabolism fat loss expert and a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The program aspires to show people how it’s possible to use full body strength workouts to shed body fat and improve your health in a number of ways. 

As Dr. Samhouri’s expertise is in physical therapy, a lot of emphasis is placed on performing each workout in correct form to improve posture, keep the muscle groups balanced, and to avoid injury. 




The Double Edged Fat Loss Program includes the following elements: 

  1. A collection of Made-For-You workouts that you can begin using immediately to train and to burn off body fat. The workouts are arranged in a week by week order so that you progress in intensity the longer you are on the program. All the workouts are shown in video. You can download the videos to anipodor your computer or watch them online. 
  1. Fat Loss audio files – These are special interviews and other audios designed to help you stick to the plan and to achieve the most with it. This is why these audios cover motivation, goal setting, nutrition, and so on. They complement the workouts to give you a broader picture of what you need to lose weight successfully.
  1. Exercise video library – Here, Dr. Kareem Samhouri created one of the most impressive resources I’ve seen in any fitness product: a collection of about 600 video exercises. In each clip, Dr. Samhouri explains how to do a particular exercise and demonstrates how it is to be done in perfect form 
  1. Injury videos – As he is a physical therapist, Dr. Kareem provides additional videos on how to train with injuries and how to reduce the risk of them occuring in the first place. 

As you can see, once you become a member of the Double edged Fat Loss Program, you get a lot of resources. This can be a bit too much to grasp all at once so don’t be alarmed by the extent of the information you’re getting. It is a lot. This is a good thing as it means that you can stay on the program for months and use it for a long time to burn off lots of body fat. 



This program requires you to train hard. You won’t get any results without effort. However, if you believe that you are ready to be committed to losing fat and changing your body, this program may be for you. 

Some of the benefits may include: 

  1. Losing a lot of body fat, as much as 20 pounds or maybe even more.
  2. Gaining lean muscle tissue.
  3. Improving posture and joint health.
  4. Improving exercise technique.
  5. Having more energy.

And just improving your looks and health. 

Again, use this program only if you’re committed. If you are, then this can be a great way to shed body fat quickly.