Great Places to Visit in Marco Island

Great Places to Visit in Marco Island

January 16, 2020 Off By George

When it comes to the list of the perfect places to go for a vacation, Marco Island is always on one of the top. This Island offers wide variety of things to do and beautiful attractions to visit. Hence, it is no wonder why many vacationers are choosing this Island to have a good vacation experience at. Marco Island is located in Florida and it is a barrier in the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida, connected to the mainland through bridges of the Naples city. This island has several beaches, resort hotels and golf courses. It has sandy beach that covers majority of the west coast. If you are planning to visit this Island to spend a vacation with your family members and friends, this article will give you some of the best things to do and places to visit in this beautiful haven.

Marco Island Historical Museum

Spending vacation in Marco Island would not be complete if you will not visit its historical museum. This museum will allow you to walk back in the history to see how important Marco Island to the ancient Calusa Indian civilization. Frank Hamilton, an archaeologist in 1896, established this museum. Marco Island is also considered as one of the most important discoveries in North America in the field of archeology. Other things that you need to know about Marco Island can be discovered in the historical

Paddle Marco

Another great thing to do in the Island is to go in an adventure through Paddle Marco. This is a good activity to do because Marco Island is surrounded with waterways. The adventure will allow you to see some of the natural beauty of Marco Island away form concrete of hotels and establishments. Paddle Marco is a 2.5-hour mangrove canopy paddle that starts from the paddle craft park to the Isles of Capri. 

Dolphin Explorer

If you love dolphins, Marco Island has a place and activity that suit your interests. Dolphin explorer will take you aboard to the 10,000 Islands dolphin project. The giant boat scans the waters in the bays for the visitors to see dolphins. You can take a picture with them and you will also be educated about some facts about dolphin.

Tigertail Beach

If you are a beach person, Marco Island still got you covered. At the northern end of the island, there is a sand spit peninsula that has a stealing beach called tigertail. The access of the public is operated by Collier country and it is popular for its abundance in seashells. It has also playgrounds, food concession, and restroom and water sports rental. 

Village of Goodland

One of the fun things to do in Marco Island is to visit the village of goodland. It is located in the eastern end of the Island and it is the home of commercial fishing and funky fun. Some people visit this place to see experience charter captains to navigate the backwaters and find fish. It is also a place where you can see a lot of drinking and eating establishments. 

Ultimately, Marco Island is a dazzling cornucopia with a lot of great things to see and do. It is one of the best places to visit for a vacation and you will definitely have a good time in this beautiful Island.