Grow Your Photography Business with Night Photographs

Grow Your Photography Business with Night Photographs

January 9, 2020 Off By George

One of the most captivating kinds of photos are night photographs. These photos are really interesting and can bring visually aesthetic, mysterious and strange pictures. Most setting out photographers will ordinarily keep to daytime shots. They refuse to try out shooting at night with extended exposures, and tripods. A little knowledge and willingness to try new techniques can be a great opportunity to set your-self apart from other photographers.

If you choose to specialize temporarily in night stock photos and create an extensive collection you can become well known as the stock photographer that people turn to when they need night photography. As long as you have a lens for Canon T6i, you will be able to capture brilliant photographs, however you like.

However, realize that night photographs are not in as called for as day photographs are. However, there is, a limited quantity of night photographs available. Let’s take the subject of being out with friends and family. There are dozens of stock photos portraying friends enjoying parks, public gatherings, and numerous other places. But when it comes to portraying them enjoying a grand time throughout the night there is a lesser selection. Create a collection of night photographs that fill in this gap in the market based on your own experiences of having fun at night and you have a good place to start your business.

Night stock photos do require additional equipment, specifically a tripod. There is really no way around this, unless you have a lot of lights at your disposal and the time to set them up, it is far easier to use a tripod to hold your camera steady and go with longer exposure times. Fuzzy and blurry photographs will not make you any money and will be a waste of your time and energy not to mention the cost of printing.

The master photographer will more than likely be employing an array of additional devices when shooting photographs. One of these additional devices is the remote shutter release. The remote shutter release is attached to the camera and enables the photographer to take a picture by activating the button on the remote release; the shutter opens and exposes the image. The benefits of this when taking night photographs are numerous. The advantage is you will not be touching the shutter button and do not need to be concerned about the photograph being knocked out of focus as you took the shot. If you are serious about taking a lot of night photographs you will absolutely need a remote shutter release device.

Another technique not requiring additional equipment is to use the time delay feature on your camera. If you are comfortable using time delay on your camera use it. The time delay is still a vast improvement over pushing the shutter button by hand and potentially the photograph being knocked out of focus.

Night photographs can add significant value to your portfolio. However, the value they bring is entirely dependent upon the effort and time you put into it. Like anything else, the more professional your photographs, the more money you can make.