Guidance about the Cheap Dates that Never Leave the House

Guidance about the Cheap Dates that Never Leave the House

January 5, 2020 Off By George

Are you aware that you can keep the romance alive by having cheap dates that never leave the house? I’ve often wondered why, when couples are just starting out, everything is exciting and new, and you’re always coming up with plans and ideas to entertain and impress each other.

Then, after a few years, it seems all the luster, excitement and trying to entertain each other just comes to an abrupt halt. The love is still there, it’s just that the relationship has become less exciting.

And this is where your cheap dates that never leave the house come in. Even though I’m doing this from the woman’s perspective, it can also be used by men.

The first thing you have to do is set the tone for the date. After all, you do want him to show up!

So write him a note and put it in either his pocket, his wallet, his briefcase or his lunch. Where ever you decide to put this note, just make sure you include where your date will be, what time you expect him and any other intimate details you wish to include.

I’m sure you all have seen movies and commercials where the wife text messages her husband, and sends him a picture of herself in a teddy, asking when will he be home!

Will, this will work too. The idea is to make sure he shows up.

Okay, you’ve set the tone of the date, now is time to set up for the date. Choose a spot in your home where you think will be a lovely and romantic place to have an inside picnic. In front of the fireplace, in front of a picture window that has a lovely view, on the lanai or patio by the pool, on the floor in front of the television, even the bathtub or Jacuzzi will be find.

Where ever you decide, set it up accordingly. A nice, warm blanket for the floor, with plush pillows and candles. If it’s cool enough light the fireplace, if not, place lit candles on the hearth instead, a beautifully set table by the on the patio or lanai will work well also.

The same goes for the bathtub and Jacuzzi. Lots of nice fluffy towels, candles, and maybe even bowls of flowers placed around your picnic area.

When the area is set, the mood should be set as well, and this is accomplished with lighting. You want to be able to see, but you also want to create a romantic atmosphere by dimming any lighting.

Now you need to focus on the food. Decide if you’re going to have a true style picnic, with chicken and salad, and all the trimmings. Or are you planning on having finger foods and sandwiches?

If he hasn’t eaten anything since lunch, he’s going to be hungry, so my suggestion would be something in between the two. Try serving slices of baked chicken, french bread and grilled vegetables. You can also serve cubes of cheese with grapes, sliced apples and pears. For dessert, try chocolate dipped strawberries and a nice moderately expensive white wine.

Use real plates, wine glasses and tableware. Nothing paper or plastic. I would also use cloth napkins.

Set your food up on either a small decorated table, or if you wish, you can use a picnic basket and load everything in there. Make sure you have everything you need, condiments, knives, salt and pepper.

You don’t want to spoil the mood by having to go find something you forgot.

Make yourself a list, and check it twice.

If you use the bathtub, for your picnic, you can still set up everything in there. Clean it really good, and having it smelling nice. Use a bubble bath scent that both of you like. One that’s not too feminine and not too masculine.

The thing about having cheap dates that never leave the house is that you can have them anywhere, and anytime. You get to choose his favorite foods, his favorite music, and wear his favorite outfit, or not!

The choice is up to you. But the responsibility is up to both of you to put the excitement back into your relationship. Be spontaneous and unpredictable.

Shock his system, his mind and his ideas of how he thinks he knows you so well. Show him your wild-child side, plan your cheap dates, and you will have him coming home every night wondering what you will do next. Along with remembering of the dates, you should not use the Sms tracker application for the partner. It will build distrust in the relationship. The surprises will make the relation much better than before.

And men, this doesn’t mean you can’t do the same!