How to Repair the MTU on Your Computer

How to Repair the MTU on Your Computer

February 10, 2020 Off By George

First and foremost, what is the meaning of MTU? MTU, the short form for maximum transmission unit, is the data byte amount that can be sent through the Internet at a time. In simpler words, the higher an MTU rate, the higher the capability of a computer to send data packets through the Internet. Note that, however, a lower MTU can be better for specific conditions. This is because Internet routers and ISP will “chop up” or fragment data packets above their programmed limits, so if an MTU is bigger than the router’s limits, the data must be fragmented and eventually reassembled when it reaches its final destination. The procedure of fragmentation and reassembly is not very efficient and can lead to data packets being lost.

Usually, the way to adjust or fix your MTU settings is through the router hardware, but not on the computer itself. Nevertheless, there are a few ways that you can attempt if you desire to try adjusting the MTU on the computer itself. Below are a few tips to guide you:

Perform a ping test. MTU Dos ping tests help in finding out a computer’s optimal MTU settings. To begin with, you need to pull up the computer’s DOS settings; follow these steps to do this:

Firstly, click the start button on the left lower part of the screen. Hit the “Run” button.

Second, type “cmd” if the computer uses Windows XP or 2000, or “command” if the computer uses Windows 98/ ME. You should type the command on the Open field. Press your enter key, then you should see a DOS prompt.

From the DOS prompt window, type -f -l 1492 then hit Enter.

The results that appear should indicate if the packets the computer sends via the Internet have to be fragmented. Should you see that the data does have to be fragmented, reduce the packet amount in portions of 10, until the results tell you that the data doesn’t have to be fragmented any longer.

Download DRCTP. One other way of adjusting the MTU rate is via DRCTP. This is a kind of freeware available for downloading via sites like When you have downloaded the software, it should be easier for you to change the computer MTU rates.

When you fire up the DRCTP program, one should see the pop-up box having a field on the lowest portion saying, “Adapter Settings” which only can be configured by Perth best computer repair experts and actually letting the issue solved by these professionals is safe instead of doing it by ourselves. Select the network adapter which you are using. After that, move to the opposite field, one that is saying, “MTU”. Type the MTU number value that the computer needs in order to perform at maximum efficiency. Note that the usual value of MTU without having the data being fragmented is usually 1500, though the highest suggested MTU best for Internet PPPoE executions is usually 1492.

Hit “OK”, and you might need to restart the computer so that these settings work.

There you go! Those are some of the steps you may try out to fix the MTU on a computer. Good luck and I hope this will help you out!