India-Pakistan Semi Final Fuels ICC World Cup Live Streaming and More

India-Pakistan Semi Final Fuels ICC World Cup Live Streaming and More

March 15, 2020 Off By George

Today’s India-Pakistan semi final in the ICC World Cup is live streaming right now. But the semi final is being watched by India, Pakistan, and the rest of the world in other ways. It is bound to be one of the highest rated cricket matches of all time, since the World Cup gets particularly high ratings when these teams are on. Putting them together, given their tense history in so many avenues, is bound to be an even bigger winner.

According to Market Watch, this one match has caused an increase in ad rates, HD TVs, and purchases of hotel rooms. In addition, since TV ratings have been higher in the cricket World Cup for India’s matches, this one is expected to have even higher numbers.

Those who can’t watch it on TV are using live streaming on the Internet to sneak a peek. In addition, a live blog at Yahoo Cricket provides up-to-the-minute updates, for those who are unable to watch videos or TV broadcasts.

Clearly, Mohali is the center of the sports world today, even if it has only made small waves in America. For those in India and Pakistan, the semi final likely means more than Saturday’s World Cup final would. This could benefit Sri Lanka, which won yesterday’s much less hyped match with New Zealand to reach the championship.

While Sri Lanka waits in the wings, their future opponent will have to recover from the massive spectacle around today’s match. These two nations have been clashing with each other in various ways for over 60 years. Fortunately, cricket is one of their more peaceful ways of doing battle, at least compared to the wars and political disputes they have had throughout the decades.

This makes the game go beyond a mere cricket match, as it is even an occasion for their political leaders to have a peaceful meeting. Although the countries have had an even more strained relationship since the 2008 Mumbai bombing – which Pakistani groups have been blamed for – this game has allowed their prime ministers to attend, and to form new peace talks.

According to NPR, Pakistani leader Yousef Gilani went to Mohali to “improve relations” with their rivals, now that everyone is more focused on cricket. Still, after all these years of disagreements, conflicts and mistrust, one sporting match cannot reverse it overnight.

Nevertheless, anything that keeps the countries from more serious disputes, cannot be anything but a good sign. Of course, it will work out much better for one nation than it will for another on the field today because the ipl 2020 schedule bcci has announced that the new comers which has won the matches with maximum centuries record will be participating in the new Indian premiere league which is an opportunity for them and if they won the matches or even played with great performance they will be getting into national team.

India and Pakistan are still clashing in their semi final, with the world watching to find out who comes out ahead. Whether viewers use live streaming or their TV’s, the 2011 ICC World Cup will have its biggest exposure to date this morning.