Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Another Form of Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer – Another Form of Breast Cancer

February 3, 2019 Off By George

Here is some news that might surprise you. You don’t have to have a lump in your breast to have breast cancer! Inflammatory breast cancer is another form of breast cancer and one that we rarely hear about. This form of cancer is not a confined, solid tumor and can be found throughout the breast with no mass or tumor as a symptom. If a woman is diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, it is assumed the lymph nodes are involved.

Inflammatory breast cancer is detected by comparing current mammograms with those that were taken previously. If there is an increased density found, a biopsy should be performed. A breast cancer specialist should be seen to decide when a biopsy should be performed and to read the results. Inflammatory breast cancer strikes women earlier than breast cancers that feature lumps. The average diagnosis is 52 and the average age of diagnosis of breast cancer is 62.

Many women have their first symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer when they are pregnant. It is thought that pregnancy reduces the risks of breast cancer and young women have their cancer spread before it is diagnosed.

Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer include itching, swelling, color change in the breast; thickened skin, nipple discharge, and the breast may be warm to the touch. Another revealing sign would be if the breast suddenly swells and increases in cup size in just a few days. Pain is also a symptom and can range from a constant ache to stabbing pains in the breast. Discoloration of the nipple and a discharge, sometimes bloody, are also warning signs of this cancer.

This disease has been documented in men and young women as young as 12 who hadn’t started the menstrual cycle. Diagnoses have been made during pregnancy or when a woman is nursing. Special cases have been found in families and one special circumstance when three co-workers were diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer within ten months.

This disease can often be misdiagnosed. It has been diagnosed as shingles, spider bites, a reaction to detergent, and an allergic reaction to food. It is sometimes not diagnosed properly because the doctors are concentrating on looking for lumps. They also may not diagnose the disease because of the age or the gender of the patient showing symptoms. You do not have to have a lump to be diagnosed with breast cancer! You may have to be persistent before health care professionals will take a hard look at what you are describing to them. It is your breast health if you are experiencing persistent pain, or other signs of inflammatory breast cancer, be persistent until you find a doctor that will take the proper steps to diagnose breast cancer.

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to bring a new awareness to the public. This little-known disease is a killer but can be battled if caught early. The toll-free number for this corporation is (1-888-786-7422.)