Jawbreaker -The Fight Between Style and Substance

Jawbreaker -The Fight Between Style and Substance

January 6, 2020 Off By George

“Death By A Cute Asphyxiation”

Jawbreaker is a teeter totter between serious and delirious. On the right hand, you have a crisp delivery of dialog. Yet, on the left hand, you get an unrealistic story that borders on a totalization of irrelevance. Its a movie that does just enough.. to not suck.

“What is the movie about ZeN?”

This movie began as a quasi-harmless b-day prankster like joke. 3 of Reagan High’s most elite and popular ladies(Julie played by Rebecca Gayheart – Foxy who is played by Julie Benz – Courtney played by the always alluring Rose McGowan) pull a fast one on another of their fellow sisters. They pretend to kidnap her. While attempting to scare the bejesus out of her. Their plan fatally malfunctions. Then we are taken in a story of murder and comedy. The accident that makes all this occur is solely connected to a jawbreaker. The story is a trip through high school and how low people will go to receive an entry ticket to the “In” crowd.

“Some of the Sweetest Candies, Are as Sour as Death Inside”

In the end “Jawbreakers” is semi good, because it hold a semi pleasant ending. The trip getting there, however, is unbalanced. I hate it when you are viewing a movie and you are mostly thinking.. “Well that part of the movie would have been cool if…” This movie had me thinking that all over. Much of it was kinda cool but going no where. So in the end I was more relived that it ended.

There was some pleasant things in it. For me the best part was watching Rose McGowan. She looked hot and sassy, even if it did seemed like she was pushing furiously to be taken as the nasty little witch. Although, as the movie continued I got more relaxed with her character and liked her performance. The thing I enjoyed about her (besides her sultry hips, white complexion, dark hair and slammin’ sexy clothing) was the lines of dialog that she spoke. They felt fresh and crafty. Just like the bright cinematic effects that the movie employed, her dialog popped. Now when I say that it pop’s, I mean in a bubble gum way. Rather than in a “The Insider” super serious kind of way.

The other player in the movie were o.k. to say the least. But they all seemed generic and not overly interesting. The Ethan Hawk look alike called er.. Ethan Erickson did a nice job, as Julies drama actor boyfriend, Dane Sanders. The acting really is not much to talk about. Jawbreaker put more value in style than in substance.

I guess the reason I did not totally dislike the movie was predominantly because of Rose. Rose McGowan played the teen queen meanie, as good as, Dennis Miller when it comes to making obscure references in his comedy. Yeah, in the end it reached better than average. I just wish I could say the same for the rest of the show. The only thing that was pretty funny was watching Jackie Brown.. Er.. Pam Grier playing an overly angry, “I will get the job done”, homicide detective.

The Musica

Now the music I did very much enjoy. Rock You Like A Hurricane by the Scorpions and songs from Shampoo and Imperial Teen were part of the sounds that engulfed this movie. Seeing as how its pop for teens kind of music, I think it fit well in this movie. I especially enjoyed hearing The Donnas’ Rock n’Roll Machine. Its nice to see them in something before goin’ all mainstream. Also, you get a mild cameo in the movie from these rockin’ chicks.

In tha End

If you are looking for a hilarious time.. this is not a good choice. Its mildly funny… but Id watch it again only to see the sexy Rose McGowan again. If you want to see a teen movie that holds more laughs you should look to movies like the recent “Mean Girls” or the elder “Heathers”. For those had smarts to go with the popin’ style. Jawbreaker is a style wise colorful experience, where you get a few chuckles from a bit of quirky on-screen play.

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