Linksys WRT54G Wireless G Router: An Easy, Home-Based Wireless Network

Linksys WRT54G Wireless G Router: An Easy, Home-Based Wireless Network

May 4, 2020 Off By George

There are hundreds of wireless Broadband Routers on the market, from name and no-brands alike. You can pay as little as $25. for one or as much as $200. At under $50., this Linksys WRT54G simply cannot be beaten and you with speedify review you will know why.

After many years with only a desktop computer at home, I acquired my first laptop. It came equipped with a WiFi card but in order to be able to access my high-speed broadband (cable modem) connection at home, I needed a wireless router. I tried going really cheap (Belkin) first and after having to return two of them, stepped up, modestly, to this Linksys WRT45G (version 8.0.) It is fantastic!

Using the straight forward instructions included in the box, I had it fully installed and working within 30 minutes. The WRT45G is space-age appearing – housed in a blue and black box about 5″ X 7″ X 1.3″ with two adjustable antennas – one on each side – it also hosts the customary set of lights to indicate internet connectivity, modem plugin, power, and four available Ethernet plug-in ports.

Unlike the several other brands I had tried, the Linksys WRT45G installation was easy and answers the usual questions about what to do when as you go along, following the clear directions illustrated and explained right on the installation CD. As a side point, all Linksys products are made by Cisco Systems, long-time computer hardware and server manufacturer for the industry. This, perhaps, reflects in the quality of their Linksys line of products.

It begins with a clear direction to DO NOTHING until prompted to take each step, in sequence, according to the directions. This begins with a categorical warning to NOT unplug ANYTHING until instructed to do so. The installation ambiguities of both the Belkin and LG wireless broadband routers I tried were quite a contrast.

One simple step at a time led to a successful installation! About 35 minutes after I had begun, I had my laptop running online from the other end of the house at full speed! What a delightful experience. A product that actually works by doing exactly what it claimed to do. The Linksys WRT45G worked like a charm from the first try. All I had to do was to carefully and faithfully follow the straight forward, intuitive directions.

For those given to technical specifications, the device operates at a speed of frequency of 2.4 GHz but does not interfere with portable phones or other devices that run in that range, and works at speeds up to 54 Mbps. Adequate by just about any common need standard. My laptop actually operated faster online than the desktop while using it! It was reasonably priced, easy to install, looks really cool, AND works just the way it is supposed to. The Linksys WRT45G. What more could a consumer hope for?

I am hard to please when it comes to electronics. I have returned more than several items because either they did not work as claimed or because the set-up instructions were so complex that I could not get them to work correctly. I am pleased to report that this Linksys WRT45G is a welcome exception to what seems to have become a routine problem – Unnecessarily complex installations that tend to require either a level of technical skill beyond what I, as a modestly ‘amateur – intermediate’ techie have or require the frustrating need of the manufacturers ‘help’ line and the inevitable waits and language complications that tend to go along with it.

Fully compliant with both Windows XP and Vista devices, this WRT45G broadband router provides wireless connectivity for up to four devices equipped to receive wireless broadband signals – without disrupting (as did the Belkins) the necessary functioning of the primary, hard-wired, computer and modem (Cable or DSL.) The st-up includes the option of making your wireless arrangement secure so it cannot be accessed or used by others within range without your consent. It would be foolish to install a device like this without securing it.

I am sure there are a lot of good wireless broadband routers on the market, but for the money, I don’t think you can beat the ease of installation and remarkable performance of the Linksys WRT45G.