Plaque Removal Tool- The Best Guide for Your Teeth

Plaque Removal Tool- The Best Guide for Your Teeth

December 6, 2019 Off By George

There is no other thing or object or any other form of gadgets and machinery as interested and intriguing as your own body. It is considered to be the most important point and source of our well being and existence.

The human body can perform such moves and functions that no other machine can do. A branch of science that goes way, way back and is searched, studied, researched and taught since time immemorial.

It still gives us goosebumps that we always tend to discover new information as far as human body is concerned. Without it, you have no sense of self at all. Your psyche is what acts as the foundation basis for your body. It is going strong due to its various functions.

All the important forms of functions coexist in coordination and harmony with each other as each body part depends on all others’ well being to function properly and steadily.

There are five body parts and their senses that make up the body and its proper functioning. They are as follows:

  1. Eyes (to see)
  2. Ears (to hear)
  3. Nose (to smell)
  4. Skin (to touch or feel)
  5. Tongue (to taste)

All of the aforementioned functions form the basis of your human body and all of them are interrelated to each other in such a way that they virtually coexist in the same body with different forms and its functions entirely depend on the body size and structure.

There is an old saying of a well known of person that goes like; see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil. It is depicted with three monkeys sitting together with each one portraying one of the three phases as mentioned above.

  1. The eyes allow you to see and take in your surroundings
  2. The ears help you to hear any kind of sound close to your vicinity
  3. The nose is how you smell anything whether object or being. It also breathes in oxygen from the atmosphere and exhale it out in the form of carbon dioxide
  4. The skin allows you to touch and feel the object or person that you come into contact with
  5. The tongue is the one that helps you in identifying the taste of any food, drink or even object that comes close to it in contact with the help of tastebuds on its surface.

While all of the above body parts are important/irreplaceable in nature and vital to keep yourself going, there are also some others that are sadly very underrated and, therefore, grossly neglected.

There are some whose functions are not much talked about or discussed as their functions are not viewed to be as important or significant as their other counterparts. They are not taken care of with the same dedication and protection as the others are.

One important reason for this gross negligence could be that all the other body parts discussed till now are located on the outside of the body. They are the ones that can be seen by other individuals as well.

Also as they are outside, they are more vulnerable and more prone to any kind of harm and injury from the outside world that is full of accidents, disasters, calamities and catastrophes.

Therefore, it is likelier for this reason, that they are treated with extra care and precaution by their owners. What they need to understand is that the inside parts play a more important role for the human body than the outer parts do.

It is not that the outside parts are of less importance or should be treated any less, but it should be noted that if any outer function ceases to function properly, the individual, while he/she will no longer be able to enjoy the benefits of the function, they can still exist physically in the world.

The point here is that the inside parts are considered to be of more importance because they are essential for the survival and existence of human beings. You are alive as long as your heart is beating and pumping blood throughout the body.

But once it stops, all the other functions will automatically stop as there will be no life left for the others to exist in any form, for that particular body atleast. Apart from the heart, we have many others like the intestines, liver, kidneys, the bones that help keep the body steady etc.

Another is the one that is the most neglected of all and the least talked about; teeth. The teeth are located inside your mouth, surrounding the upper and lower jaw, with the gums at the top and bottom.

Normally, they are 32 of them but due to some reason or the other, it becomes vital to remove one or two or more to avoid any harm or mishap. Brushing your teeth twice a day helps in keeping them strong and healthy.

The daily routine is practiced right from childhood to keep them neat, clean, and pearly white, avoiding bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth decay etc. The one who is an expert in the knowledge of teeth is called not a doctor, but a dentist.

The thing that cause decay of teeth through cavities is termed as plaque, which is a sticky substance of deposit that gets stuck in the teeth and allows the bacteria to accumulate and cause cavity. It can only be removed by a plaque removal tool.

Things to be kept in mind while opting for plaque removal tool are as follows:

  1. It should be brand new. You should never use the one that has already been used.
  1. Tartar teeth is the plaque that is hard in surface so use the tool that is designed for the such plaques as all tools are unique in nature.
  1. An important form of dental care is to make sure that after removal of plaque, the tool should not cause any harm or damage to gums as that can also lead to oral cancer.