Playing a Carry in League of Legends

Playing a Carry in League of Legends

May 2, 2020 Off By George

The carry is an interesting position in the team composition. While the early game can be very dangerous to the carry, their job is saved for the later portions of the game. Skills and abilities on a carry are generally low to begin with but will scale every level with their item statistics. In the beginning a carry most likely would not be able to take on a regular character by themselves, but eventually they will be able to take on multiple enemies alone.

Team Fights

During team fights the carry will be the main damage output in the late game. This is available to a carry when they are not targeted by the enemy team, so coming in after the tank or initiator is an important part of their job. Carries can be either attack damage oriented or ability power oriented, however the majority of which are basic damage characters. This is because the damage they deal is not reliant on the cool down timer of abilities, rather the constant barrage of attacks.

Because the goal of the carry is to get hit a minimal amount of times, the armor and magic resist of these characters is not a big focus. While this makes the character more likely to die, item abilities like life steal and movement speed to run away, allow for the character to be more efficient in a fight. Some aggressive items allow for greater health points and armor. These can be used as well but should not be stacked.

Things to Remember

Late game ultimate items are very useful for these kinds of characters, and while stacking attack speed and damage can be very useful. Remember that life steal, critical strike chance, and slows are important to a carry. Because many characters at this level are able to remove themselves from combat, crowd control is an important part of the game. The easiest for a carry to gain is slow, this is gained through items and for some characters, abilities.

Slow and steady wins the race and this policy has to be followed in the games as well which is why Pokemon has been a success for nearly two decades and all you require is a Pokemon go account to sail through all the levels.

Be careful when choosing a carry for a game. Make sure that your team composition has what is required for the game to end in a victory. Being a carry in a light team is sometimes very dangerous as your character will be targeted by the opposing team.

Your abilities as the carry can determine the game. Try to support your team mid game, and know that your actions late game can effect the outcome greatly. Early game try to stay under the radar and allow your allies to work their magic. Your job is late game kills and success, always keep that in mind.