Shoe Shopping:  Treat Your Feet to the Right Size

Shoe Shopping: Treat Your Feet to the Right Size

January 16, 2020 Off By George

Fall is approaching and it is time to drag out the heavier clothing from the spare room and take stock as to what new items you need, what you can give away or what should be thrown away. Simple and easy, you do this every time the seasons change. You also need to do the same thing with shoes. It is time to say adiós to flip-flops and sandals. No more bare feet parading around the yard – it’s time for new, more appropriate shoes. Let’s go shoe shopping, but what is the best time of the day to go shoe shopping?

The answer is very simple – the later in the day the better, mid to late afternoon or early evening. When you get up in the morning your feet are ‘normal’ size. Maybe you wear a size 7, medium width shoe. When you put those shoes on they are very comfortable and you think you can wear them all day.

As the day continues and you eat food and drink liquids and the fluids in your body head south – to your feet. If your job requires that you sit most of the day you may notice that after several hours of sitting your feet have increased in size and your shoes are not very comfortable any longer. By 5 PM you can’t wait to get your shoes off.

Shoe shopping on a weekend or your day off would be the ideal time to shoe shop, but not in the morning. If you plan to spend several hours at the mall save the shoe shopping for last, say around mid-afternoon to early evening. Don’t buy a pair of shoes by size, by the pair of shoes that is comfortable. Start by trying on the size you “think” you wear and if they are not comfortable go up a size until you find the pair that feels the most comfortable. Make sure you try on the shoes, do not buy them unless you do. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with your shoe sole then you can get the best shoe inserts from Mindinsole. There you also get hundreds of customer reviews as well so that you can be sure of what you are buying.

Just as with clothes, all size 7’s are not crated equal. If you normally wear a 7, but the size 8 feels comfy, by all means buy the size 8. Since the size is posted inside the shoe, no one will know unless you tell them! The average size woman’s shoe is currently size 9 to 9 ½.

Shoes do not need a break in period; they should feel comfortable from day one. Comfort will only happen if you buy the correct size shoes to begin with. It is extremely difficult to go from sandals to 3 inch heels, especially if the shoes are too tight.

Now you know the best time of day to go shoe shopping. Shop for shoes later in the day and you will have happy feet!


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