Smart Tips For Going More Eco-Friendly With Your Wedding Flowers

Smart Tips For Going More Eco-Friendly With Your Wedding Flowers

February 9, 2020 Off By George

Going eco-friendly with your wedding flowers is certainly possible! Professional eco flower weddings florists are here to guarantee of not harming the environment for your big day. However, it’s understandable if you want to make sure about the eco-friendly factors of your floral decors and bouquets. That is why keep few points and guidelines in mind while talking with your florist, and while planning for your wedding event. 

How to have Eco-Friendly Floral Decors and Bouquets for your Wedding Day 

  • Avoid Plastic Faux Flowers 

It’s common for florists to add some plastic flowers in decorations. Aside from they look like real flowers, they also look more fabulous. Moreover, it helps in pulling down the overall cost of the floral arrangements since its reusable for other future events. 

Thing is, plastic faux flowers directly go to landfills once used up. That is because plastic used for it aren’t good for recycling, which is certainly damaging for the environment. As a solution, use real flowers for your overall decors and bouquets, or use paper faux flowers instead of plastic. Talk with your florist about it. 

  • Consider Potted Plants and Flowers where Possible 

Yes, fresh cut flowers are more flexible to use in different purposes throughout the wedding event and in the venue. Think of bouquets, table centerpieces and those placed on walls. But potted flowers and plants bring wonders as well.  

They are great for walls and corner areas in the venue. Think of adding some greeneries instead of focusing on bright colors. Moreover, potted plants are usable in your home after the event, which is a great memorabilia from your wedding day.  That’s saving more plants and flowers from being thrown away after use. 

  • Use Organic Decors 

When coming up with floral decors, florists don’t merely use flowers alone. They also need accentuating items to churn out fabulous designs. Usually, they use plastic items which are not recyclables, and you wouldn’t want it. 

Instead, suggest to creatively use organic items for such purpose. Think of real leaves, branches, twigs and even feathers among other objects. It’s easy to put these stuff in a compost bin after use, while possibly decreasing your decoration expenses as well. 

  • Prefer Locally Grown Flowers 

Choosing local flowers have some eco-friendly benefits as well. That is primarily because of eliminating long distance shipping, thus drastically reducing fuel consumption for transportation. It also eliminates the need for harmful packaging and treatment, such as freezers on transport for delicate flowers. 

So, be sure to find a florist which has their own flower farm. Or, go for one with access to a farm in your locale. However, they must able to provide a good variety of flowers to meet your ideal floral decors and bouquets without any compromise. Aside from eco-friendly perks, this option is generally much affordable because you don’t have to spend for shipping as well. 

  • Favor Eco-Friendly Florists 

Now, if you want efficiency and convenience in making your floral decors eco-friendly, finding the right florist is your best option. Some florists specifically offer eco-friendly floral decors, while others include it in their list of choices. Regardless, you won’t have a hard time coming up with environment friendly floral decors and bouquets from them. They have locally grown flowers, potted plants options, organic accentuating decors and even organic faux flowers among other choices. 

Since they specialize in being eco-friendly, they guarantee of properly handling flowers and materials while minimizing carbon footprints. It also possibly mean reducing expenses by avoiding extra charges from traditional florists. 

If you want to come up with an eco-friendly wedding event, keep these points in mind to guide you. After all, you don’t really have to harm the nature just to have a fabulous big day.