The Cryptocurrency- Bitcoin Conundrum

The Cryptocurrency- Bitcoin Conundrum

December 25, 2019 Off By George

What is the one thing that is considered to be the most important thing in life? The one what we want and require above all else? What is it that will make us have a better opinion of ourselves?

There are varied answers from different people for the aforementioned questions. It all depends on everyone’s perspective on how they want to see things which is entirely based on subjectivity.

It should be kept in mind that one’s subjective liking and preference for any particular thing or subject is not the final basis on whether it is right or wrong. There are various parameters that have to be taken into consideration along with a clean objective and impartial analysis before arriving at any conclusion.

Discussions can be held on a variety of subjects and topics with arguments and counter-arguments in abundance where various parties will put forward their point of view and through them reach a definitive conclusion of sorts.

Please remember that any topic based on opinion can never be universally agreed upon and it is for this reason that there are such arguments that have been going on since centuries and seem to have no end.

There is a fine line of difference between opinions and facts. If any statement is a fact, then there must be something that can substantiate it and if not then it is not a fact after all.

You will find people today who will present their own opinions as facts simply based on their love for one thing and complete hatred and disregard for another. In current times, people express their love, admiration and respect for their favorite artist/politician/friend or anything that is their fancy by disrespecting and abusing their rival simply because they do not meet the standards that these wise guys are looking for.

What’s more, in the process of their blind love for one and hatred for the other, they also end up hating anything and everything associated with the object of their hatred sometimes that crosses the bounds of decency and civil conduct.

They tend to forget that their opinion is not the final say so about them always being right and others always being wrong. They are not doing this because they love and revere their object of affection (outside of familial bonds), they do this only to satisfy their inflated ego through their bloated views on their favorites.

In this new era of technology, things are almost the same where you will find that only the best (in one’s opinion) is preferred while others are blatantly discarded. The bitcoin revolution is one important example in this regard.

It was launched in January 2009, it quickly became a worldwide sensation due to thunderous responses from people universally and the bitcoin circuit became a favorite hub for different people who wanted to trade in bitcoins through autonomous transactions.

Bitcoin is a part of crypto-currency or digital currency which everyone initially mistook to be two different things. Crypto-currency is the digital representation of cash that is done through the technique of cryptography where bitcoin was one of its many currencies.

Bitcoin was thought to originally replace paper currency and tried to be a more unique and modern version of the normal coin but quickly lost its steam after initial outburst of speed and is today on the brink of extinction.

Crypto-currency has numerous examples to its name like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and numerous others.