The Magic Of Electric Showers

The Magic Of Electric Showers

December 2, 2019 Off By George

You’ve had a long, tiring day at work, and are desperately craving for a warm and relaxing shower. But then it strikes you that the geyser isn’t switched on, this is more than enough to ruin what is left of your day. This is a likely scenario occurring in a lot of people’s lives, what if there was a way to avoid this? A way to enjoy the warmth of the water on your face as soon as you step in the shower? Good news! The answer to your wishes is ‘electric shower’!!

A bit about electric showers

These directly give out hot water all the time, unlike regular showers, also known as mixer showers; that, as the name suggests, mix hot and cold water. What makes electric showers so brilliant is that they directly heat up water from the mains supply, unlike mixer showers that only combine hot water from your boiler or geyser and cold water from the mains supply.  You won’t be having a hard time adjusting the controls and suffering burning hell or ice-cold water running down your back.

The mechanism isn’t much

Electric showers work in pretty much the same way as other appliances that produce heat, such as ovens and blow dryers. Current transferred through a piece of metal called the ‘heating element.’ This metal has some resistance; hence, when current flows through it, it heats up. When cold water flows past the metal, it heats up, hence the immediate hot stream of water in your shower.The temperature of the water can easily be adjusted by a dial, which is normally marked by a symbol ranging from blue(cold) to red(hot). Usual electric showers adjust the temperature by simply reducing the amount of water flowing past the heating element. Meanwhile, the more advanced showers contain additional features such as pressure valves and multiple thermostats to ensure the temperature and pressure of flowing water is perfectly safe.

Best electric showers are those that are fitted along with power showers. This is because, as water flows through the heating unit, its pressure decreases. Unless you have a water supply with high water pressure, you will not need a power shower upgrade. Power showers contain pumps that speed up the flow of water as well as increase its pressure.

Hidden benefits of installing one

Electric showers are extremely energy and cost-efficient. As they heat only the water being used, they are heat efficient. Furthermore, since the pressure and flow rate are low, you can save plenty of money on water bills. On the other hand, normal showers use water from the boiler/ geyser, which means you are paying gas and electric bills along with water bills, which is not the case in electric showers. Due to low fuel/gas expenditure, you will be playing a role in preventing the harmful effects of global warming due to the burning of fossil fuels, and also conserving water!

Safety before anything

Basic school staff, electricity, and water together mean danger. And you might be wondering if it’s the same for electric showers. Well, not really, if the shower I fitted properly. The heating element is safe inside an insulated body, and a pretty good distance away from you.

These showers can be installed for cheap in any kind of house as they are separated from the entire plumbing system, so if your boiler breaks down or your shower fails you, don’t hesitate to consider electric showers!