Top 5 Point & Click Adventure PC Games

December 29, 2019 Off By George

Time Management casual games are extremely popular, but every once in a while it’s great to get engrossed in a story with amazing graphics, rich storyline, mystery and intrigue. Those are just a few things that usually describe a piont and click adventure game. Many of these are similar to RPGs (role playing games) where you basically get sucked into another world and have to solve crimes and puzzles. With Gmod hosting plans you can easily host and manage your online games. You can even host these games on your personal server and play with your friends and family.

Here are five of the best point and click adventure games found online.

Dracula: Origin Game

There are some that may consider the deviations in the game from the Bram Stoker novel written in 1897 unappealing however the game plot as written is quite engaging. There is the general slant towards a dime store thriller making the action sequences divided among many areas. The game includes many characters which are colourfully drawn and engaging as well as many puzzles such as scavenger hunts and much more to solve. In the game Van Helsing walks through many artistically setup environments rendered as Gothic backdrops and decorated with many occult symbols and roses. In order to navigate through the game a simple left click of the cursor lets you navigate about the screen, talk to characters and inspect or collect a mass of objects that can be used to accomplish objectives later on in the game. Right clicking will allow the viewing of your inventory as well as the ability to overlook all your previously collected items and conversations. Regardless of a few flaws this game is quite the suspense filled, dark game that fans of classic horror movies and books will enjoy.


On the market today are many fast paced games that require a lot of critical thinking and fast reflexes. There is often the need from time to time for slower games that are equally engrossing and enjoyable but are less demanding. This is where a game such as Syberia comes in. Syberia is a point and click adventure type game. The plot involves a female character known as Kate Walker. Kate is a young lawyer dispatched on firm business on behalf of one of the firm’s largest clients. The acquisition of a centuries old clockwork manufacturing company for the client demands a visit by Kate to a French village in Europe called Valadilene. On arriving at the village Kate finds it occupied not only with people but also with metal automans of quite some age. Another shock is the fact that the factory owner Anna Voralberg, recently died and willed the factory to her brother Hans, believed to be dead by everyone in town for 60 years and more. Moving through the game requires locating the items necessary to repair or make many machines work as well as becoming in favour with certain characters in the game. There are times that cash is needed to pay characters to complete tasks and you may have to attempt to earn money through the game.

Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy

The Nancy Drew series of games has had a lot of success on the market die to its clever and innovative design. The series has now reached its 19th instalment with the latest release being Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy. This instalment of the game is equally as engaging and appealing as the previous titles and is quite enjoyable. The are two options for purchase, one being the online 900MB download and the other the 2 CD-ROM set available for purchase in stores. Nancy travels to Ireland to attend the wedding of her good friend Kyler. On arrival she discovers that Kyler’s fiancée has disappeared. There is speculation as to whether the groom has gotten cold feet or if the rumoured white-haired banshee thought to be haunting the castle is somehow connected to the disappearance. The game has several mystery -like puzzles such as matching the doll to a pattern and ordering stones according to the Celtic seasons. Included as a bonus in game play is the ability to play many mini-games along the way such as wedding themed games and spot the difference.

Dream Chronicles

Dream Chronicles is a game that follows the genre of hardcore adventure games such as Myst and Uru but in a more casual manner. The plot starts with Lilith, the Fairy Queen of Dreams imprisoning the hamlet of Wish with a spell causing everyone to sleep except a mortal named Faye. Faye is the character you will play throughout the game and your tasks will be to locate your husband Fidget, who is missing and to break the spell caused by Lilith and rouse your daughter, Lyra. To aid in your quest is a diary left by your husband Fidget detailing his secret past and outlining the path to be followed. The story is handled location to location with all scenes totalling 32 and including the resolution of one or more puzzles per location. There are some items that are easily spotted but many are subtle and harder to locate. There are many items in play including keys, books, crystals and much more. This is an exceptionally entertaining game that lives up to a player’s expectations.

Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet

The Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet is quite an engrossing game. The initial setting is of the body of a young, beautiful girl being found at Marin Vista Point. All forensic analysis indicates that the young lady has been poisoned with an aphrodisiac. The plot of the game has many twists and turns to follow while looking for a murderer. The game has the typical hidden object finding activity as well as the detective adventure component making it quite an addictive game to play. There are cluttered areas to search as well as crime scenes to analyse. There are lists of items to find in every scene and there are several objectives to complete before advancement is possible. Some of the activities include fingerprinting and other evidence taking activities as well as identity searches. The game play is not timed, clues are available in the event you get stuck and there are no censors for clicking unnecessary objects making the game play quite relaxed.