Top 7 Tips For Improving Insurance Agency Marketing

Top 7 Tips For Improving Insurance Agency Marketing

December 25, 2019 Off By George

This article is for those who are trying to improve their insurance agency’s marketing level. These are the top 7 tips that insurance agents can use in order to scale their website and marketing skills.

Clean Up Your Database

This should be your first step in your marketing campaign. You should delete all the inaccurate data that is there on your website. With this inaccurate data, you will only get more bounce rate and spam reports. And too many spam requests are not really good for your website and might lead to account suspension as well.

Clean data will help you in list segmentation as well, you will be able to improve your marketing efforts on social media. You should invest more time and effort in this process at regular intervals of time so that all the data that is there on your website is relevant and accurate.

Spend Some Money on Facebook Advertising
Facebook is a really good way to promote yourself. With its 1.49 billion active users you get a platform that is full of potential clients. Though it is obvious that all of your content would not reach everyone, still you will be able to connect with a good number of people there. This is why you should invest some money on Facebook advertising as well. You can create relevant content that depicts important factors such as your company’s main highlights like Specialty Insurance Consultants and add more relevant stuff like your contact details and other credible stuff so that the audience can relate more with it.

Use Social Media to Connect With Millennials
As the referral method is one of the easiest and successful methods in this industry, as an insurance agent you should use social media platforms as a source or way to connect with young people. A significant amount of millennials are using social media and spends an alarming amount of time there, this is where you can promote your content really easily. You can use this opportunity to nurture and grow your relationship with your potential clients this way.

Start Paying Attention to Online Reviews

Word of mouth is a vital way to get clients in the insurance sector. This is why you should be paying attention to all your clients and their reviews. You should keep a constant eye on your online reviews and make sure that you make all the necessary updates that are there in those reviews.

Use Video Content to Make a More Personal Connection

This is a really powerful and relatively new tool in this industry. Insurance companies should focus on getting a Vlog that they can direct their customers to. It has been observed that clients respond more to videos and graphic elements rather than some piece of paper. You should focus on creating a video that is really informative and engaging and you can easily make your clients respond to it.

Use Email Automation to Stay in Front of Past Clients

It is really important that you create custom content for your clients. Moreover, if your focus on clients’ email you can improve your relationship with this. As you automate this process you will be able to improve your relations drastically as you are in constant touch with your clients.

Make Friends With Mobile

There is a huge number of people that are attached to their mobile phones which is why you should try to create a mobile-friendly app that your customers can tend to for all their questions.