Top Lip Enhancing And Lip Plumper Products Under $20

Top Lip Enhancing And Lip Plumper Products Under $20

January 21, 2020 Off By George

Lip enhancer and lip plumper products under $20 are a great way to get the look of those full pouty lips that are so stylish today. Looking for full plump lips minus the plastic surgery? Lip enhancers and lip plumper products can temporarily give you the look and feel of larger more full lips for an extended period of time. Usually a good lip plumper or lip enhancer will last at least two hours and possibly as long as five hours. On the search for more full lips I have tried quite a few lip enhancing and lip plumping products over the past two years. A good lip enhancer does not have to cost a fortune to really make your have full lips. Take a look at these great lip enhancing and lip plumping products that are under $20. 



Neutrogena Lip Boost, Intense Moisture Therapy is a great lip enhancing product that gives you plump pouty lips in a matter of minutes. Many lip enhancing products make your lips tingle and almost burn while plumping them. Neutrogena Lip Boost, Intense Moisture Therapy provides you with full lips minus the burn. The addition of ingredients like cucumber and peppermint provide a cooling sensation that let’s you enjoy your plump lips. A 0.3 oz. Tube of Neutrogena Lip Boost, Intense Moisture Therapy come in under $20 at a mere $5.99. For this inexpensive price I could not resist giving it a try. I was definitely not let down. The best feature about this lip enhancing product is the moisturizing effect it has on your lips. Glycerin and sesame oil moisturize your lips and protects them from the elements. Some lip plumpers and lip enhancers do not do this. Don’t expect over the top lips form Neutrogena Lip Boost, Intense Moisture Therapy. The look is natural and full, merely an enhancement to your existing lips. If you want the Hollywood fish lip look, you should visit a plastic surgeon. 

Aveenos Positively Radiant Lip Enhancer is another great lip enhancing and lip plumping product that comes in at just $5.99 as well showed up the benefits of cosmetic surgery especially for the women that works in the sector of modeling . I love the Aveeno line of products, so when I came across their lip plumping lip balm I had to try it. The packaging is simple and almost retro, but what is inside is worth the money! Aveenos Positively Radiant Lip Enhancer is a lip enhancer with plumping capabilities that are enhanced with ingredients that smooth, refresh, moisturize, and improve the texture and tone of your lips. In the winter I suffer from chronic dry lips. One wayward lick of the lips out in the blistery wind and my lips will peel for days. Aveenos Positively Radiant Lip Enhancer plumps my lips and keeps me from inadvertently doing damage to my own lips. I love the tingly feature of this product. It is a nice warm tingle, not a burn. I also like to wear this lip plumping product under my normal lipsticks. It keeps a regular lipstick from appearing dry and worn out on my lips. 



Philosophy Big Lips High Shine Lip Slick is a slightly more pricey lip enhancer and lip plumper product. It comes in at about $19.99. This is well worth the super pouty look it gives your lips though. If you are going for full pouty lips with high drama you should definitely invest in Philosophy Big Lips High Shine Lip Slick. My personal favorite color is the Philosophy Big Lips High Shine Lip Slick in apricot. It goes well with almost any skin tone and gives your face a bright color to enhance your skin tone. Philosophy is a well known brand with a large selection of beauty products. It is not surprising that they would have created a truly affordable lip enhancing product that really works!