Top Seven Types Of Ear Piercings

Top Seven Types Of Ear Piercings

October 29, 2019 Off By George

We are living in that era where experimentation is nothing new. You can look at the great celebrity and think about how many times they have changed the color of hair or tried something new. Being part of a imaginative activity is awesome, but keeping a mundane look is insane. It is up to you what do you want to try. When you are in doubt, choosing to pierce is always a good option. Piercings add beauty to your boring look. These days it is done on most of the body parts. However, there is no need to go further carrying any other experiment.

Going for ear piercings is perfect for you, and if you are choosing honey bee piercing, then you will not regret it. With lots of available options, one will find difficulty in selecting the right one for their ear. That’s why we are here to help you. In the guide, you will come to know about the top types of ear piercings that made you look awesome. Moreover, one can try all the options, and the best part is that the category is endless. These sets will make your head spinning. Let us start discussing the different types below.

  1. Ear weaving

There is no competition for ear weaving. It consists of several piercings, and each one of them is connected with the help of a unique art of jewel. The shape of the jewelry is of curls, not completely spiral, something like a helix. That makes the part more appealing to the eyes. Using the piercing on the ear might be painful, but don’t worry as the piece is worth the pain. You can also select the honey bee pattern in the item.

  1. Transverse lobe

The transverse lobe is like the barbell shape as this one comes at the horizontal angle. There is a piece of jewel that passes from the perforations for making piercings eye-catching. One can go for choosing any type of angle according to their needs. But, you need to ensure to keep in mind about the piece of jewelry used and size of the ear lobe.

  1. Daith one

If you are the one who is looking for the ring piercing, then going for daith is all you need. Many people find it painful to use earrings. But, when you wear the piece, then you will not find anything like that. The complicated design means to go through some pain around the ear. You can also go for selecting the most sold model named honey bee piercing for a stunning look.

  1. Forward curl

This one is like the graduate lobe. It means that the helix shape is formed on the front side of the ear. All three are placed at an equal interval. You have to do one thing, and it is to puncture the junction. Surely, one will feel the pain, and there is a need to leave that area for sometime before using the earrings. When the healing process is completed, now you can place them at the regular interval for looking stunning.

  1. Graduate lobe

Many women are going crazy to try this style. You have to bring at least three earrings to get started. Always make sure that they must be of the same style but differ in size. One can choose a circle, square, honey bee, and many more for their ear. This one is a combination of at least three or more piercings. They are placed at an equal interval on the lower side of the ear. If you want to look like the center of attraction, then choosing the piercing style is all you need for serving your purpose.

  1. Orbital piercing

It is an exceptional piece of piercing, and the reason is that you don’t need to connect the earring with the jewel. Orbital one is connected from the horizontal holes from the front side of the ear. Generally, the shape of the earrings is of a heart or circular ring. If you want to make it look more beautiful then, combine the piece with the dainty and spark.

  1. Tragus piercing

That one is not famous around the world. The reason is that they are prone to irritation and infections. You have to face the needle near the face and the outer side of the ear. But, when it is worn, then no one can ignore your beauty. One can also select the different shapes in tragus like ahoney bee, stone, and some others.

To sum up, these are the top seven types of piercings for the ear. All you need to do is to choose the perfect one for you. It is best to experiment with various combinations. You are made to look beautiful, so why not try them now. You can also select standard lobe piercing for an elegant look.