Top Six Tips Of Improving The Way Of Articulating Your Thoughts Into Words

Top Six Tips Of Improving The Way Of Articulating Your Thoughts Into Words

January 6, 2020 Off By George

Tripping over the words in everyday small talk or business meetings can become a major problem of insecurity. After all, it is frustrating to have great ideas in mind but don’t have the capability to communicate them. If you were facing the same problem and worried about what to do, then you are in the right place.

Powerful spoken articulation is associated with being more proficient and intelligent. That is the reason why introvert or some people face issues while telling their thoughts to others. Here in the guide, we have come up with the top tips that will help you to improve the way of articulating your thoughts into words. These will also help you in both a professional and personal life. Let us discuss the aspects below.

  1. Always listen to yourself

It does not matter whether you hate or love the sound of your voice, as the way of becoming an excellent communicator is to record the conversations and how you participate in them. Whether you speak in long sentences or go off on the tangents, or the sentences are hard to understand, you have to identify the problem and then try to fix them according to it. You can also create a puzzle piece template ppt to solve the issues more efficiently.

  1. Keep it straightforward

Well, if you want to say a lot, then it is OK. But, remember to use a simple structure of sentences at the time of speaking. The reason is that long and winding sentences can lose the attention of the listeners. Moreover, it will make them forget what you were trying to speak in the first place.

  1. Paying attention to the audience

Don’t forget to pay attention to the listeners. The reason is that the audience plays a vital role in deciding how you articulate. Make sure to keep them interested in what you are about to say by understanding the attention levels. For example, you can speed up the speech if the listeners know what you are trying to say in the first place, or one can articulate the same vocabulary level for speaking. If you are going to articulate in a meeting, then go with the puzzle piece template ppt to let them know what you will say in the speech.


  1. You don’t have to be afraid of pronouncing

Mumbling is considered to be the worst habit of destroying persuasive speech. So, always make sure to pronounce the syllabus to stop trailing off while talking with others. If you do this, then it will help you to slow down and allows the audience to understand your thoughts easily.

  1. Don’t think about Filler

Surely, using filler words like uh, um, and like can make you sound less articulate. When you use such words, then the audience thinks that you are not sure of your direction. There is no need to worry as there is a replacement for these individuals. One can consider using shorter sentences like another vital consideration is or, let’s move on to or many others as a part of the replacement. If you are improving your skills, then you can use a puzzle piece template ppt to enhance the process and become more articulate in less time.

  1. Speaking with confidence

If you lack confidence, then you will not be able to show others what you are trying to prove. Speaking with confidence is the most vital aspect of becoming a better speaker. Always make sure to avoid moving hands too much and sit up straight while talking to others in the meeting. Various studies have shown that keeping hands in a folded position while speaking is a sign of trustworthiness.

To summarize, you have to follow these tips to improve the way of articulating your thoughts into words. Every aspect must be considered and always make sure to think before you speak. The reason is that you must know what you are saying. Having a clear idea about thoughts can help to build confidence. You also have to address your weaknesses to make sure that you can tackle them with ease and become more articulate while speaking.