Top Tips on Cleaning Your Home Before a Sale in the market

Top Tips on Cleaning Your Home Before a Sale in the market

January 9, 2020 Off By George

A few years ago, I was in the market for a home and was led around by my faithful real estate agent from property to property in hopes of finding the perfect one. I was surprised to see what some sellers would allow the potential buyers to walk into. Some were just short of a disaster. Can you believe, I even viewed a home that had a Harley Davidson parked in the living room? It doesn’t take much to ruin a sale given the fact that there are several homes on the market to choose from in any given price range. There are, however, small, simple things a seller can do in their home that will keep their property in the forefront of the buyer’s mind as she views property after property.

First, and I feel most important, put Fluffy outside for the duration of your home selling experience. This includes Fluffy’s potty box and bedding. Not everyone is a pet lover and even though you can’t smell your pet’s odor, a potential buyer can. Pet smells can linger in a home long after the pet has moved out, especially if Fluffy has missed his target potty box a time or two. Be sure to clean the areas where your pet sleeps, eats and does his business. Tip: There are several pet odor eliminating sprays on the market and they can be found at any pet store or chain superstore like Target and Walmart.

While we are on the topic of odor, another offensive odor to some people is cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke gets into every inch of fabric in a home and can even leave a sticky, yellow residue on walls. Try to smoke outside to avoid filling your home with the smell and consider having the carpets and furniture professionally cleaned as well. This is also a great idea in removing pet odor. While purchasing the Pasir Ris Central showflat, the pet odor should be checked through the buyer. The cleaning of the flat before sale is the prime duty of the owner.

Potential buyers like to see how much space the home offers. Once you have decided to sell your home and have come to terms with the fact that you are going to be moving soon, why not start packing a little early. Packing up any clutter you can part with for a few months is a good start. This includes clutter in closets and other storage areas. Buyers like to see how much space they will have for all of their clutter once they move in. Moving yours out gives them a better idea of the full capacity of your storage areas. Consider clearing out any magazines and stacks of mail, clean cluttered bathroom counter tops and showers, and don’t forget to scrub your toilet. Yes. Home buyers will look inside the toilet to determine if it is going to be an expense they will have to endure to replace a stained toilet once they move in. Tip: To get tough stains, including hard water stains, off of your toilet bowl, use a pumice stone. They are very inexpensive and can be found at any home improvement store.

The next thing to consider is cleaning the windows, inside and out. It is a great idea to have the blinds open when showing your home to allow buyers to see the amount of natural light that comes through. Having clean windows will give an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Tip: Those old newspapers you will be throwing out are great for a streak free wash to windows. Use with any window cleaner instead of paper towels.

Paying attention to small details of your home is very important when preparing it to go on the market. If your home has some special features, for example a huge spa tub or large, walk-in kitchen pantry, make sure these areas are exceptionally clean. Buyers will certainly be paying more attention to these highlighted features. General household chores should also be done; sweep and mop, vacuum, and make all the beds, etc. And the final touch is adding some “home feel” ambiance. Light a candle that smells like cookies or apple pie. (Or bake them if you can) These inviting smells can entice a potential buyer to make an offer.