Ultimate Guide For Buying Best Bubble Zorb Balls

Ultimate Guide For Buying Best Bubble Zorb Balls

November 30, 2019 Off By George

When you are looking to buy the best bubble zorb balls, there are certain tips and guidelines that you need to follow. In addition to providing you with lots of fun, zorb balls also help you to do physical exercises and remain fit, without getting hurt or risking any injury. Popular mostly amongst kids and teenagers, some of the best bubble zorb balls are also used by adults, for remaining active in their lives.

Zorb balls are also gaining a lot of popularity since you can not only roll or flip around with it but also take bumps with it, that too without getting a single scratch. Moreover, these balls also have a lot of health benefits. They can regulate the blood circulation, burn off excess fat, and also increase flexibility. However, you do need to keep the following guidelines in mind before getting your hands on the best bubble zorb balls:

  • Use of high-quality PVC material:

The best bubble zorb balls in the market are made up of high-quality PVC material which is at least 0.8 mm. This is because this material is non-toxic and also does not cause any harm to the skin. Moreover, zorb balls made up of this material is used in such a way that both kids and adults can use the ball according to their liking.

Additionally, the use of PVC material makes the inflation or deflation of the ball very fast, while making it strong as well as durable and easy to clean. High-quality PVC material also extends the lifespan of bubble zorb balls, thereby making it last for almost five years, depending upon its usage.

  • Includes a handle as well as a shoulder strap:

The best bubble zorb balls should always come equipped with two handles as well as adjustable shoulder straps. This is because these two things are the most important when keeping the person inside the zorb ball safe and secure. This also ensures that no accident or untoward incident takes place while you are having fun with the ball.

  • Should be double-sectioned:

The best bubble zorb balls are always double-sectioned. This means that two balls are being used. Here, one ball is located inside the other ball with a layer of air in between. This layer acts as a shock-absorber for the person using the ball. Additionally, this also makes the zorb ball very durable and safe, especially during heavy usage and rough surfaces.

  • Should come with its own pump for inflation:

Some of the best bubble zorb balls in the market come equipped with a pump for easy inflation. This could either be an electric pump, or even a manual pump. Additionally, it ensures that the ball gets inflated to the best of its capacity and capability, thereby reducing the chances of any untoward accident or issue.

  • Should be tasteless and odourless:

When buying a bubble zorb ball, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to make sure that the air inside the ball is not only tasteless, but also odourless. This makes sure that when using the ball, the person does not feel suffocated or nauseous. More often than not, toxic particles and gases make the insides of the zorb ball very stinky. Additionally, when you inhale the gas while you are inside, it tends to make you drowsy as well as claustrophobic. This can result in you getting sick. Moreover, when the inside of the zorb ball is odourless, it also ensures that your skin is not getting harmed in any way.

  • Should have a heat-sealed construction:

Another tip to note when buying a great bubble zorb ball, you should ensure that the ball has a heat-sealed construction. This makes the zorb ball stronger and more durable. Moreover, this kind of construction provides the zorb ball with overlapping seams, thereby helping the ball withstand more pressure and stress during usage as well as inflation. Additionally, it also makes the bubble zorb ball resistant to any kind of abrasions, therefore making it suitable for use on all kinds of surfaces.

  • Should have a substantial diameter:

Most standard bubble zorb balls have a diameter of 1.5 meters. This is a size which is suitable for both kids as well as adults. Additionally, this also helps the user to keep balance while using the ball.