Valuable Benefits of Using Wireless Door Intercom System

Valuable Benefits of Using Wireless Door Intercom System

December 7, 2019 Off By George

Security is a critical issue for many homes and offices today. That’s why you must think of installing the best security systems for your place. One of the best options is door intercom systems, with wireless variants being more beneficial. Check out a full review about a reliable door intercom available today, or read on to know its big perks.

What makes Wireless Door Intercom a Beneficial Security System?

Functioning like an advance peephole, a door intercom allow you to see who’s at the door before opening it. That alone promises big perks in terms of security for your place. But specifically choosing wireless door intercom brings even bigger benefits, such as:

  1. Real-Time Video Feeds from in front of the Door

This is the primary function of any door intercom system. It captures live video of the view outside the door, then delivers it to the receiving units. So, you can identify who is knocking before opening the door. And you can do it without them seeing you.

  1. Captures and Stores Photo

The best wireless door intercoms also come with photo capturing features. It takes a few shots when a person rings the doorbell, then stores the images for later viewing. Some systems also work with heat or motion sensors for triggering the mechanism.

This is great if you’re away since you can see who has approached your door. Also, it can act as a surveillance system that keeps images for potential evidence purposes.

  1. 2-Way Communication Platform

Intercoms have served as stand-alone communication platforms inside buildings or households for many years.  And it has retained such functionality while advancing to security as well. When somebody is at your door, for example, he or she can make a call to you. Then, you can speak back to confirm his or her identity or intentions before opening the door.

Thing is, avoid talking about sensitive information through the door intercom, such as personal secrets, bank account details and online passwords. Yes, wireless systems are great, but it’s more vulnerable to cyber hacking attacks as well. Hence, keep it in check every now and then.

  1. Eliminate the Need for Cables

Now, this is the first big benefit of wireless door intercoms which you can’t get from its wired counterpart. Long meters of wires are completely obsolete since the system functions through wireless means. So, you don’t have to damage the aesthetics of your place with wires running on the walls. Also, you don’t have to worry about system units becoming useless when wires acquire any damage.

Being wireless also means you don’t have to spend much on long meters of cables. That’s a big saving if you have a large building to cover. That means saving from tedious installation services too. Be sure, however, to find a door intercom system that has a wide range if needed.

  1. Portability and Remote Control Features

Since there are no wires connecting one unit to another, it’s easy to bring your receivers anywhere indoors. For example, you can conveniently bring it from one room to another while waiting for somebody to arrive.

Remote control features are fascinating as well. Wireless door intercom allows you to activate the video, audio, and photo capturing capabilities anytime—even if there’s no one at your door. If your system is integrated into your door’s lock mechanism, so you can lock your doors remotely too.

What’s more, some wireless door intercoms have apps for smartphones. You can install such an app in your handheld device to interact with the system. In short, the system would treat your smartphone as another receiver unit. Think of receiving a notification directly to your phone about somebody at your door, even if you’re away.

  1. Convenient to Use

Wireless door intercoms are more convenient than wired options. Aside from its great portability, it’s easier to modify and use as well.

For example, you can’t change the tone of one receiver unit in a wired system, especially if you have more than one. You’d often get similar tones for all units. But with wireless systems, you can easily modify the tones for each unit. So, you’d easily identify which one is ringing.

Now, consider that some system allows smartphone integration. That means you can choose the best option depending on what’s convenient and comfortable for you to use.

  1. Better Aesthetics

Lastly, wireless door intercoms generally have better looks than wired systems. Not mentioning that it doesn’t come with wires which may affect the appearance of your place.  And that’s certainly a big plus for somebody who takes pride in the appearance of their home, or for companies who want to keep their place looking fabulous. It may even make your place look modern and intelligent when properly used.

These are a few of the biggest perks wireless door intercoms offer for homes and companies. Find the best system that suits your needs right away!