Ways You Could Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business

Ways You Could Advertise, Promote and Market Your Business

December 18, 2019 Off By George

Perhaps you are a new business looking to market your business or perhaps you are an existing business wanting to increase you number of sales or perhaps even promote your business to a new target market. Whatever category you fall into you will still want to know ways to advertise, promote and market your business, ways you can stand out from the crowd, ways you can raise and increase both interest and awareness and much more.

Well here are more than a few ways you can do all of the above:

  1. USE BROCHURES -Print these up or get them printed. Produce brochures to highlight what you offer, at what prices and so on. Hand them around or give them out at trade fairs and anywhere else you can think of.
  2. USE A FREE NEWSLETTER – Create a newsletter, be it paper based, web based or even email based, just decide what information you will include and when you will send out your newsletter (frequency – for example once a month and so on) Once you have decided on all of this information then get it out there, find and reach your target market. Remember don’t harvest or steal email addresses, always ask people if they would like to sign up for your newsletter, stress and describe both the features and benefits and reiterate how it will help them. REMEMBER that every newsletter you send out is a possible sales opportunity.
  3. USE A WEBSITE – If you haven’t got the funds to get a designer in and then why not try creating one yourself, there are lots of free materials readily available on the internet that you can utilise and apply when creating your own website. Are you looking to grow your medical practice? Well for these concerns making a website will be really beneficial for your business too. Decide how you want the site to look and what it should include, work out a budget then break it down monthly, to ensure you have sufficient moneys to cover your monthly hosting costs.If you decide to design the website yourself then you will need to compare and find suitable website hosts, possibly ones that allow you to increase your web hosting space in the future if you need it, for example if you want to increase the size or number of pages on your website.
  1. CREATE DISPLAYS – Look at attending local fairs, trade shows and so on, work out what and how you want to sell , by this I mean if you sell services such as book keeping do you just want to setup and use a stall to provide further information on your business or services, or do you want to sign up new clients?

I hope these ideas have given you a good starting point for how you can go about advertising, marketing and promoting your own business.

Good luck I wish you every success