What Is The Importance Of Surveying The Land Before Purchasing A Property?

What Is The Importance Of Surveying The Land Before Purchasing A Property?

January 8, 2020 Off By George

Purchasing land is always considered a significant investment. That is why it becomes essential for you to check various aspects before buying the asset. One of the major factors that one needs to consider is to conduct a land survey. If you find a property that you like and make an offer for it without doing a land survey might be the blunder that you are going to make. Many people face a lot of problems after purchasing an asset without inspection.

If you are going to buy a property in the future, then you must go to survey land. Here, in the guide, we will tell you its importance. Moreover, you will also come to know how to inspect the asset. Surveying land will also help you to determine whether the neighbors are intruding or not. If they are encroaching, then it will create problems in the future. Always remember without a complete survey, you can end up buying the wrong land. Let us discuss the top reasons why one should inspect the property before building anything.

  • Helps to resolve boundary issues

On the residential level, many people prefer to perform a land survey at the time of disagreement over the property. Sometimes, the neighbors take some part of the asset that you are going to purchase, and this can create a dispute. To solve this, the buyer can also take help from the land surveyor to figure out everything. If you want to sell your land and wish to look for a new one, then hiring the surveyor will be good for you.

  • Building a new home

Those who are looking to build a new home must conduct a land survey. It will help you to understand more about the place and how much you can build on it. Moreover, you can determine whether the property is perfect for building a structure or establishing drainage. If you want to create something new on the land, then you must check the type of land and hire a professional land surveyor.

  • To check price and plot size

Sometimes, the advertisements are not always right, which means you can end up buying a small piece of land by spending a huge amount of money. That is why you must go for a land survey to check whether the plot size is true as it is described in the advertisement. At the time of reviewing the property, buyers can easily bargain according to the present situation. If you purchase that asset without inspecting, then it will be challenging to sell your land in the future at significant profits.

  • Helps to reveal renowned domain takings

When you are buying an asset and the seller involves you in the eminent domain in the entire process, then it is a sign to get a survey. At the time of taking land from the eminent domain, the DOT does not require to file for the new survey. But, you have to do one to check the boundaries of the property by own. It will be a great way to inspect the property, and if you are buying a house, then you must look for the utilities.

  • Inform the legal explanation of the land

A survey provides another check of the property that you are about to purchase. If there is a real estate transaction involved at the time of buying the asset, then the attorney will need the property shape in order to process the legal description. Therefore, the older surveys are not valid in this case, and you have to conduct a new one. If you don’t know what to do, then consider taking help from the surveyor. You can ask them about how to sell your land at the best prices and how can you inspect a property.

  • What you have to look while conducting a land survey?

When you are about to inspect a property, then there is a need to consider certain things. The survey must include the following details.

  • There is a need to add a written description to prepare for the property deed. It is because the assets sometimes lack in the visual boundary markers.
  • You have to identify the building setbacks, easements, or any other restrictions that can affect the use of property in the future. If you don’t check this aspect, then it will become harder for you to sell your land.

To summarize, all these are the top reasons why one should conduct a land survey before purchasing a property. Well, the majority of inspections are free of costs, but sometimes, you have to pay for them. If you don’t understand the process of conducting a survey, then you can take help from the surveyor.