What To Have In A Construction Bid Estimating Software

What To Have In A Construction Bid Estimating Software

May 8, 2019 Off By George

2019 marks the booming business of construction bid estimating software. Buildertrend, CoConstruct, STACK, McCormick TurboBid are the most famous names today. Before making a hasty decision in getting one we have first to take note of the functionality of these systems and what are the everyday things that people look for when they get one. Thus, this will give you an idea if you are new to these systems.

Good software should answer these few things that will make them attractive to the market. Are they easy to use? For those transitioning from the old method to the new way of doing things should not feel like they are wading through a swamp looking for solutions. They should offer what their prices promise. People are attracted to value and most often, they buy things that are more expensive because they expect that these precious things will deliver their promise.

What Should They Do?

They are designed for home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors and yes, contractors in general. The typical functionalities that they share are the following:

  • Project Scheduling. Apart from their high efficiency, they should offer traditional means of doing things like storing data, calendars, and notification for appointments. Thus, this will make time management such a breeze.
  • Project Management. How do you manage many projects with one software to go to? And this is one of the essential solutions that contractors and builders look for. Instead of too much clutter, they streamline everything for reference, and it makes the job easier.
  • Customer Management. Everyone needs to be a businessman apart from being a builder. Thus, this is where customer relationship plays a significant role when people look for software. The reason for this is that most software has built-in CRM(customer relation management), the same tool that calls center agents to use to open and update customer data.
  • Service Management. The system must make users manage the data flow seamlessly through the use of their mobile gadgets. Then, continuing the tasks with their desktops. So it makes integration flawless.
  • Single Input, Multiple Results. Another attractive feature that software should have is its capacity to answer many questions using single data. It’s like putting information using a good search engine. And it should already tell you many things you need to know. The software should be ‘intelligent’ enough in order got it to be attractive among consumers.
  • Integrated Financial Systems. Integration is the solution to ensure productivity. A system should present costs and solutions while offering customer support. Should a user have questions relating to finance? It should also allow contractors to have their pricing database, like how much they should charge customers. It should also integrate business applications like Sage, Quickbooks, AutoDesk, and Excel.


With all the usual things a useful Construction Bid Estimating Software should have; it needs to convince you to have the desire to switch from the traditional means to the new method of doing things. Using bidding software will make your job easier and will give you more customers!