Why This Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin

Why This Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin

December 21, 2019 Off By George

Everyone is so much aware about how volatile the price of Bitcoin or all the cryptocurrencies in general can be. Yet, sometimes many still don’t know what to do every time the price is at bearish.

History has been repeated over and over again, the prices will go up, then the prices will go down. Sometimes it takes time to get back to bullish period but sometimes it only happens in a glimpse. And, in the end, that is just the nature of most digital currencies. There will always be tons of predictions from people however no one could really say what will be the exact movement of its prices in the market, or when will be the prices stop from going higher or lower.

If you think about it, the unpredictability of Bitcoin could be one of the main reasons why people got so interested and hooked with this newest technology but still many become shaky in coming up with a decision on what move they have to do when they need to either sell or buy.

Have you ever heard about the saying “buy low, sell high”? Well, I bet you do, because this is the most common strategy in trading industry as a whole (whether you are into cryptos or into stock market). It sounds so easy and simple, but then again, people could not seem to follow this all the time.

Bearish Market

There are two common scenarios that can be observed among traders during the bearish period: First, it is that some would be selling their cryptocurrencies even if the prices are still low because of the fear that the prices will continually go down over time and would not be back at bullish period for a long time or ever again. Second, there are some who just let the prices of cryptocurrencies do its thing, which is to have fluctuating values; they keep their Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on hold while it is still low and they wait patiently for the prices to go up. And by that time, they will then sell the Bitcoins that they were holding at a higher price.

So, what would be the point for knowing these pieces of information? Knowing all this will allow you to have an idea on what you should really be doing during the times where other traders are undecided on what they should be doing. While they sell their cryptocurrencies at low prices, you can be taking this opportunity to purchase yours. The longer the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are at its lowest and in stagnant, the more other traders will choose to be impatient and doubtful if the price would still go high; hence, they will eventually choose to sell their Bitcoins. And if you think you are someone who is brave enough to wait until the prices is back again at bullish, then you better purchase cryptocurrencies today.


Coming with a perfect strategy is quite impossible because of the fluctuating value of Bitcoin, no one really knows what would happen next, so the least that you can do is to actually have a strategy that best fits you well as a trader. It would be best to pile up on knowledge about trading platforms like Bitcoin Circuit. This will give you the edge when it comes to your digital asset investments.