Will Endless Ocean For The Wii Be A Disappointment?

Will Endless Ocean For The Wii Be A Disappointment?

January 25, 2020 Off By George

It is a question Nintendo Wii fans all have on their minds; I am sure.

Will Endless Ocean Be a Disappointment?

When I first got glimpses of Endless Ocean in magazines, and online, I was in awe. It brought me back to the days where I could waste an entire afternoon with Echo… you know, the dolphin?

The endless ocean reminded me of it in nearly every way. The majority of the game is spent in the water, but unlike the Echo, the object of the game is to just enjoy the atmosphere. There really is no objective… unless you count collecting fish and taking photos of the sea an objective.

For the most part, it is designed for everyone to enjoy. I mean honestly, if this game is executed correctly, I could totally see being relaxed by the environment, even if that environment is on my TV. For people that really like this game, they can also use elo boosting to enhance your gaming experience. 

Anyhow, after logging on to the Gamestops website to check out the game in further detail, I was slightly disappointed in some of the screenshots that they had displayed.

Some screenshots had me in awe…but then made me wonder if those screenshots were just frigging cut scenes (a lot of crappy games will only show you cut screen artwork) because in some screenshots I was not that impressed at all. A few in-game shots even looked a bit grainy, and brought me back to the day I decided that Rampala World Tour (the worst fishing game in the world) would be a good game. Narf!!!

Then I am totally left on the fence because Endless Ocean is releasing with a price that all gamers know… must mean the game sucks. I cannot stress it enough if a game is being released for the Nintendo Wii, and it is listed at less than $50.00, odds are the game is going to suck. Wii games tend to live by that rule.

Endless Ocean will be released on January 21st with a low $29.99 price tag. Yeah, that may be good for those looking for a cheap Wii game… but this price tag is a total bummer for those who were expecting a great game. I’d quickly drop $50.00 on Endless Ocean because most $50.00 games have been really great games. Anything less, and it’s not even worth using the disc as a glass coaster, most of the time. I truly hope that Endless Ocean breaks that mold. Cheap games are of low quality. So far nothing I have tried in the $30.00 range when it comes to Wii games, have been worth it.

I guess some brave soul will just have to cough up the dough, and hopefully, they write a full detailed review on it. Wii fans/Echo fans/Endless Ocean fans will be waiting.